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Gamer Celebrates One Year Waiting For RTX 3080 By Sending Retailer A Cake

Gamer Celebrates One Year Waiting For RTX 3080 By Sending Retailer A Cake

Sometimes, despite the chaos caused by the pandemic across different countries and industries you need to find a sense of humor about your setbacks. This guy sent a cake directly to the retailer he purchased his RTX3080 from to celebrate a year.

Although the GeForce 30 series was announced in September 2020, it doesn’t necessarily mean that components are readily available. The global chip shortage had a huge impact on the technology industry. Big-names like Apple, Google, and Samsung bought the semiconductors that Sony left Microsoft and Vidia without.

Due to the popularity of cryptocurrency, a lot of GPUs were used in dedicated hardware instead of being used on the intended platforms. Now, we’re in September 2021 and still have many grumpy gamers who don’t have the graphics cards to elevate their games.

The guy who sent a sweet anniversary cake to the shop where he purchased his RTX3080, however, didn’t let the international issues rain on his parade.

This incredible, but very expensive PC build will cost you $15,000. Cor. Skyrim should have giants who actually batter me into space for that amount of money.

This story is actually from ETorty in Poland. They deliver confections for any occasion and all types. Although most of their customers use them for messages of congratulations or birthdays, one gamer requested that they send a cake to the shop where they bought their RTX3080.

The order for the graphics cards had been placed exactly 365 days ago, but the gamer still didn’t have it in their hands due to the aforementioned issues. The post was translated to read: “He decided that he would look back at the company, and sent them a cake. It had ‘One Year Together’ printed on it, along with an order number and a photo.

E-Torty stated that this was one the most hilarious custom orders they’ve ever received. Amazingly, the cake was only a few weeks after it was sent and the gamer received his RTX3080. There’s a strategy. Send a gift to Sony and you will get a PS5. It’s worth it.

China imposed a blanket ban last week on all cryptocurrency transactions, and any mining. This could be good news for anyone still searching for the best graphics card on the market to use with their computers.

Nvidia’s next generation graphics cards was revealed in late 2020. However, customers are still struggling to secure their hands on the RTX 3080 and RTX 3070 as well as the mighty RTX 3090. These zippy gizmos are used by cryptocurrency miners to mine their chosen coins. There are many reasons for this.

Additionally, cryptocurrency is extremely lucrative in China with an estimated combined value $150 millions stored in crypto wallets throughout the country. In fact, 300 NVIDIA 30HX graphics cards from NVIDIA CMP30HX were seized by smugglers in January. This would have earned them around $250,000 if the cards had made it to China.

One time, a man had $240 million worth of bitcoin on his hard drive. He lost his password to the hard drive, and the whole lot. If you have the guts to listen, here’s his story!

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‘Riders Republic’ Is Currently Free To Play, But You Have To Be Quick

‘Riders Republic’ Is Currently Free To Play, But You Have To Be Quick

Riders Republic is now available for free, so hop on your bike! It was necessary. It would have been a missed chance and I would have thought about this for weeks.

Ubisoft Annecy, the creator of Steep is bringing extreme sports to stunning and accurately reconstructed recreations of American national parks. In an interview with theGamer, Thomas Geoffroyd, content director, stated that “I have never experienced the outdoors so well as when it’s with my friends.”

We live in a hectic world and are used to lots of stimuli. Nature sometimes does not move at the same speed. We wanted to mix them so we could share the fun and exciting moments in the great outdoors together. We believe that outdoor activities with friends are the best way to enjoy the great outdoors.

The trial Riders Republic is available to anyone who wants it. This is only available to PC players via Uplay. It pulls you into five careers in the game: Bike Freestyle (Bike Racing), Ski Freestyle (Ski Racing), Wingsuit, Rocket Wingsuit.

You can also choose from four multiplayer modes with:

  • Mass Race: There are three multisport races that have more than 50 participants. Every 30 minutes, new races are added to the map.
  • Versus Mode: Get five of your friends together at any career event to see who is the best.
  • Tricks Battle: Take part in 6v6 matches and try to score as many tricks on as many modules as you can. This will earn you points and help capture the modules. The team with the most points wins.
  • Free for all: Take on up to 11 competitors and show them how it is done with a selection of events.

The trial ends October 13th at 8.00 AM BST. Two weeks later, the game will be available for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S on October 28th.

Ubisoft announced Ghost Recon Frontline as a free-to-play, class-based shooter in the tradition of its tactical military series.


According to Frontline, there will be many modes. However, Expedition will be the first mode that is available. This game is a large-scale, 102-player with shades of battle royale. Teams of three complete objectives on an extensive open-world map before calling for extraction.

Control is also available as a secondary mode. This 9v9-style shooter simulates a deathmatch. Ubisoft also revealed a “traditional arena shooter” and promised that more modes would be added to Frontlineseason on season.

Frontline will offer three classes at launch. Assault Class is for those who want to be in the action. With its excellent fortification capabilities, Support Class can stand firm. Scout Class can pose problems from afar and flag enemies for their teammates.

Ubisoft teases that you can switch between contractors even during battle. You can shape the battlefield around yourself by calling in tactical reinforcements like deadly auto-turrets or smokescreen drones. There are many ways to win and it all depends on what strategic approach you choose.

What about the battlefield? Frontline will take place on Drakemoor Island. Ubisoft describes Drakemoor Island as “an open world full of diverse environments” with multiple landmarks, distinct biomes and weather conditions.

Frontline will evolve slowly over time, adding new maps, modes and weapons as well as classes and characters. Although there is no official launch date, a closed beta test for PC players will be held October 14-21. If you fit the bill, you can sign up at ghostreconfrontline.com,

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Half-Life: Alyx No VR Mod Looks Promising in New Update

Half-Life: Alyx No VR Mod Looks Promising in New Update

Half-Life: Alyx was created to show what VR can do. However, some people find it difficult to use. A team of mod developers has created the game to be more accessible for all players by making it more similar to the classic Half-Life games.
Half-Life: Alyx, a VR title is meant to be used with two track controllers that simulate the hands of players. While they are great in VR, the hands do not work in VR. They also remove the game’s control scheme from its keyboard and mouse.

A group of modders known collectively as SoMNst released a video showing improvements to the “No VR Mod” for Half-Life. This video features 37 minutes of gameplay, and highlights important changes made to make Half-Life classic gameplay available for non-VR. The UI and puzzles have been redesigned to allow for traditional first-person shooter gameplay. Each change seems to have been inspired by Half-Life 2. The UI design is very similar to the original titles. Additionally, the process of picking up physics objects has been reworked to be very similar to previous games.

Half-Life: Alyx was praised for its VR format. Taking it out of its context gives you an interesting perspective on what VR needs to change. It is a great simplification that makes VR feel more meaningful than a flatscreen format. The emphasis on upgrading weapons rather than the various arsenals from previous Half-Life games is a fascinating one. VR is still in its infancy, so Half Life: Alyx’s design allows for players to feel at ease as the format changes.

Half-Life: Alyx is more horror-oriented than the rest of Half-Life. Despite the gameplay shift, the No VR mod makes Half-Life: Alyx accessible without the need for expensive VR equipment. It also serves as an interesting case study on how VR affects game design. It can also be used as a parallel to convert existing games to VR formats as demonstrated by the BioShock: Return to Rapture Mod.

Valve has been known for their modding skills. Major esports titles such as Counter-Strike or Team Fortress started out as mods for Half-Life. Modders can create custom maps and campaigns for Half-Life, Alyx, and they can even integrate haptic suits and complete conversions to make this a completely new experience.

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Elden Ring Is In Final Stages of Development

Elden Ring Is In Final Stages of Development

The highly anticipated title Elden Ring from studio FromSoftware is a highly-discussed title. George RR Martin, a critically acclaimed fantasy writer, only adds to the excitement. Although the game did not make it to the Tokyo Game Show, fans who had been eagerly awaiting its arrival were given an update through another show. Manager Yasuhiro kitao, who is launching the game early next year, made a brief appearance and answered some questions about the game.

Famitsu hosted a short appearance by Kitao on a video show. One of the questions was about Elden Ring’s content. Kitao reaffirmed what type of game it is. It is FromSoftware’s culmination in dark fantasy action, with fans expecting the same level of adventure and difficulty as Dark Souls. He also spoke about the large number of dungeons in the game’s open world.

Elden Ring’s map, fast travel functions and other details were also discussed. This will be a major departure from previous games by the company. Kitao explained that the map would be larger than usual and more unconventional. The player can piece together their locations by finding pieces of the map in the overworld. This allows the player to choose how they want to explore.

Kitao stated that the game is in its final stages and is moving along quietly. He addressed the eagerly awaiting fans with a touch of humility and a message. He began by addressing the gap between Elden Ring’s E3 2019 announcement and the June video. He said, “I thought it would go forgotten until then but there were many people who were waiting for it, so I want to thank them again.”

After his brief appearance, he said that he hopes fans’ expectations are met as the team develops Elden Ring. Kitao was only able to appear on Famitsu for ten minutes due to his busy work at FromSoftware. However, his appearance highlighted many features that fans should be excited about for the upcoming title.

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Atelier Sophie 2 Officially Announced By Koei Tecmo with February 2022 Release

Atelier Sophie 2 Officially Announced By Koei Tecmo with February 2022 Release

Rumours about Atelier Sophie receiving a sequel have been floating around the fanbase for a while, but they gained credibility after the game was ported over to the Switch at beginning of this year. It was also rated for Australian audiences earlier in the month. Many Atelier games have been ported as digital games to the Switch since the original 2015 release of the game, including the Atelier Mysterious Trilogy which includes Atelier Sophie. A sequel has been confirmed.
The Atelier franchise keeps the same beloved art style as the original Atelier Sophie, but with high-quality graphics. The RPG elements, as well as the core mechanics for creating alchemical synthesis and gathering material, are all still the same. The trailer below shows some elements returning with minor changes. Similar to Atelier Ryza 2, players will have a wider world for collecting material, fighting monsters, or launching character combination attacks.

As they travel to Sophie’s home, Plachta and Sophie discover a tree that is identical to the one Plachta had hoped for. The pair are drawn into a strange vortex when they look closer. Sophie wakes up alone and hears about Plachta, an alchemist who lives nearby. Sophie doesn’t recognize Plachta, despite her name being the exact same. This mysterious story unfolds in the new Atelier game as Sophie searches for her friend. She meets new friends along the way and creates new synthesis.

Common turn-based elements will be found alongside an updated system. They will be able to start battles immediately after their initial encounter. This is a first for the series. A pair of three-man battle parties has been added, which allows for multi-linked turn-based battles between two teams. This allows gamers to use a wide range of combat strategies to defeat their enemies.

There are many mechanic-based updates in the new game to look forward to. Fans speculate that Sophie’s success with Atelier Ryza 2 may be responsible for her own sequel, as sequels are very rare in the franchise. Atelier Sophie received one of the highest-performing franchise receptions at the time of its release. It is not surprising that her story will continue, despite the seven years gap.

NIS America has pre-orders available for the Limited Edition set. It includes an Atelier book, background music and a fabric poster. A keychain for Sophie’s whale necklace is included as well as a code to download Sophie’s “My New Look” costume and a collector’s set. Fans should not be disappointed if they get a different edition.

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Marvel’s Avengers Player Shares Skin Concepts for Iron Man, Captain America, and More

Marvel’s Avengers Player Shares Skin Concepts for Iron Man, Captain America, and More

The game’s community is very concerned about the cosmetics used by Marvel’s Avengers. Fans are vocal in their requests for alternate outfits for their heroes. This is why the discussion about skins is a constant topic of conversation within the Marvel’s Avengers community.

Fans continue to create new cosmetic designs, regardless of whether they are inspired from comic books or television adaptations. BrockSolid Designs, a fan of the game, has created elaborate concepts that let them share their passion for the iconic characters.

BrockSolid Designs offers custom skin cosmetics concepts that they wish to see in Marvel’s Avengers. Skins have been created for Captain America, Iron Man and Hawkeye as well as Wolverine. BrockSolid Design offers two different Captain America cosmetics. The first is the 1941 Captain America appearance, while the second is the zombie Captain America, as shown in Marvel’s What If …?. Anthology. The 1941 classic look is striking, with bright pops in blue, red, and white. While the zombie look shows a blue discoloration to his skin underneath his MCU gear.

BrockSolid Design’s models for Iron Man include a Model 51 Prime and a Proto-Classic cosmetic. The latter is an alteration to Marvel’s Illustrious skin, which BrockSolid Design designed for Iron Man. Marvel’s What If is another Marvel’s. A skin featuring a zombified Iron Man wearing no helmet is also included. Clint Barton’s Hawkeye is not given an original or unusual outfit. Instead, he gets the Civil War-inspired Civil War skin.

Spider-Man will still be able to visit Marvel’s Avengers in 2019, but it is not clear what his default look will be, nor which cosmetics he may wear. While players may be able predict MCU-inspired skins that look similar to those in Marvel’s Spider-Man comics, it is not clear how the character will look. BrockSolid Designs has however created a classic look for the web-slinger with Marvel’s Spider-Man’s Classic Suit. However, they have added large silver web-shooters to his wrists. You can also get larger mask lenses.

Additionally, Wolverine is not yet announced for Marvel’s Avengers. This makes Wolverine a fan-requested character that could or might not be considered for downloadable content post-launch. BrockSolid Designs’ Wolverine cosmetic design was modeled after the Sideshow character in his iconic yellow and blue outfit.

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New World Players Worry Endgame PvP Is Too Exclusive

New World Players Worry Endgame PvP Is Too Exclusive

Many of the thousands of new players who are entering New World’s Aeternum setting are not sure what awaits them. New World has a wide variety of content, including crafting, questing, and PvP. However, many of the more difficult content in New World requires players to find it themselves as they progress. As New World’s most committed players reach higher levels they are sabotaging the game’s PvP endgame.

New World players see the most thrilling systems when they open their maps. New World’s equivalent of guilds, companies can claim territories and then fight for them in a territory war. Although territories are New World’s most important resource, it is not possible to defend them in the massive 50v50 Wars. This raises the question of New World players not being able to participate in any War, no matter how much they may want to.

New World has 15 territories, but only 11 can be claimed by any one Company. A single Company can claim multiple territories. This means that eleven Companies can have a territory at a time, but it is likely to be less with larger Companies claiming multiple territories or Companies unable to wage war against their New World faction. Each company can only have 50 members participate in the Company’s Wars. This should give you an idea of how exclusive and unique this part of the game.

A New World player must not only join a major Company but be favored by the Company’s leadership in order to take part in the MMO’s most important endgame PvP features. This is because Company leaders have the power to remove players from Wars sign-ups.

Players are concerned that the current system of territory control and the Wars that play a crucial role in it are unfairly exclusive. Only a small percentage of New World server players will be able participate in the system. Moreover, most players will not realize that they’ll be excluded from the system until they reach New World’s endgame.

There is no obvious solution. Many New World players think that each server should have a minimum of 12 smaller territories that smaller companies can also fight for. There are other solutions that could be considered, such as making Wars bigger or being part of the New World’s open-world. Both have their positives and disadvantages. This is a topic that will likely be a bigger issue in the months ahead.


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Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Player Spots Haunting Teaser In Nuketown

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Player Spots Haunting Teaser In Nuketown

Activision and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s developers introduced their first major crossover Halloween event in October 2020. Between October 20 and November 3, 2020, The Haunting of Verdansk transformed Verdansk into an eerie setting filled with holiday terrors. Call of Duty fans are eager to hear about The Haunting of Verdansk’s return in 2021. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War suggests that this event may be imminent.
One of Activision’s Halloween plans has been discovered by Watchful Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War gamers. One of the Nuketown maps’ garages contains a Halloween bucket containing lollipops and candy. It is an orange bucket that has a jacko-lantern face and a weathered exterior to fit Nuketown’s aesthetic. Although it isn’t interactive, and there are no other Halloween clues nearby, the bucket has sparked speculation.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War gamers believe the Halloween candy bucket is a nod towards Season 6’s scary event. Some believe that Activision is sneaking out information to players about upcoming events by using the bucket. Players are speculating that a Halloween-themed Nuketown map may be released. This is similar to the Christmas-themed map that was released late last year. Activision will reveal the details, but players will have to wait.

This is Activision’s first evidence of Halloween’s return in the Call of Duty universe. However, this information is not the only one Activision has provided about its plans. A seasonal event called The Haunting was announced in a Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War roadmap and Call of Duty; Warzone roadmap. It is expected to start on October 19. This event will offer new modes and rewards that are only available for a limited time, as well as other perks. This is the entire reveal.

There is much speculation about whether Activision will bring back The Haunting of Verdansk’s dark map changes for this years’ seasonal event. Players are hoping for a surprise return to the nighttime setting in the updated Verdansk’84 battle royale map.

Activision will launch Season 6 of Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War this week. This update will be available on October 7, and it is likely to grab Call of Duty players’ attention for quite some time. Although a revelation for the Haunting event in 2021 may not be forthcoming for a few weeks, there might be some teasers in Season 6.

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Destiny 2 Glitch Gives Infinite Heavy Ammo But Isn’t Easy

Destiny 2 Glitch Gives Infinite Heavy Ammo But Isn’t Easy


From the beginning, Destiny 2’s combat has required players to keep a steady supply of heavy ammunition and still have stronger weapons to deal with difficult enemies. However, some players have discovered a way to avoid the need to keep ammo in check. This allows them to use heavy and special weapons unlimited, including some of Destiny 2’s most exotics.

The culprit is an animation glitch that’s tied to relics. However, this exploit doesn’t work on all relics in Destiny 2. This means that some players might have difficulty activating the glitch during activities like Crucible. However, Titans have the ability to activate the glitch at will and can provide unlimited ammo for their fireteam.

Players should watch the Cheese Forever video to activate the glitch. Players will need to have enough ammo to activate the glitch. They can also pick up one of the relics that allows them to switch to third-person mode. The game will replenish the magazine by picking up the relic and reloading. If done correctly, it can even give you more reserve than the weapon can hold. The glitch will activate in many activities that use relics such as Destiny 2: Last Wish Raid. However, there are occasions when it doesn’t.

Stasis Titans can activate unlimited ammo in areas without a glitch relic. They do this by using a Diamond Lance and any stasis kill for some builds. The Diamond Lance relic can be picked up by other players, so that Titans can act as an ammo reserve for their fireteams or raid parties across multiple encounters. Although there is a limit to how much ammo can still be duplicated depending on the skill of each player and how many stasis kills a Titan can manage per encounter, it can provide substantial more heavy use than what is usually intended.

This glitch can cause certain activities to be broken, such as raids or strikes. This can be fun for players who have already won these encounters several times. The infinite ammo can also impact competitive activities such as Destiny 2’s PvPvE game Gambit. This could make it difficult for players to enjoy this multiplayer content. Players may be tempted to use this glitch less frequently in situations that could attract more attention from Bungie, and force Bungie to fix it sooner than expected.

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Talented Skyrim Player Shares Breathtaking Alduin Painting

Talented Skyrim Player Shares Breathtaking Alduin Painting

Skyrim has been explored by gamers for the past 10 years. These explorations have led to the discovery of many dangerous and rare creatures in Skyrim’s open world. The wilderness is home to many strange creatures, such as the three-eyed trolls and the terrifying humanoid-looking Hagravens. There are many vicious creatures in the game but some are more dangerous than others.

Dragons are one of the most dangerous creatures in Skyrim, among the many wild animals. Skyrim residents fear Alduin, also known to be the World-Eater. This dragon is one of the most powerful creatures in existence and was prophesied to bring down the world by the Nords. This monster is the main antagonist in the main quest. Many players have met it. One fan created a piece of art inspired by this famous character.

Reddit user alqin2s_art posted a picture of Alduin, the evil dragon. They created an amazing image of the dragon flying across the night sky using acrylic paint. An aurora was painted in the sky by the artist using many colors, much like the one found in Skyrim. The design also featured a bright moon above a silhouette of the dragon and several pine trees around the edges. The most remarkable aspect of the picture is the way the artist was able to paint one of Skyrim’s most destructive and powerful creatures and create a serene scene. Alqin2s_art also revealed that the entire painting process took approximately 5 hours.

Reddit’s Skyrim community has been embracing this new painting by alqin2s_art. Fans agree that the artist has captured the beast’s look perfectly against the night sky, with nearly 11,000 upvotes. Many appreciated the idea of making the dragon silhouetted against a moon, while others thought that the combination of colors looked like a screenshot from the video game.

Alduin’s fan art is just one of many impressive pieces of fanart created by Skyrim members. Another gamer recently recreated Bleak Falls Barrow using LEGOs. There are so many other creatures and places to explore. It will be fascinating to see what talented artists like alqin2s_art make next.

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