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EA Set To Drop FIFA Name And Rebrand, New Trademarks Suggest

EA Set To Drop FIFA Name And Rebrand, New Trademarks Suggest

Publisher Electronic Arts may drop the FIFA brand and rebrand its annual football sim.

Recent trademark listings reveal that EA has filed numerous applications for EA Sports FC. This could be the name for the FIFA videogame series moving forward.

Cam Weber, general manager of EA Sports Group, suggested earlier this month that the company might rename the franchise and that it was “reviewing its agreement with FIFA.”

“The depth of our partnerships, our ecosystem of licensed content, will allow us to continue to offer unrivalled authenticity to our EA Sports Football games, now and in the future,” read a statement.

“We invest continuously in the partnerships, licenses that are most important to players. Because of that, our game can only be authentically played in the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League, CONMEBOL Libertadores and Premier League, Bundesliga and LaLiga Santander, respectively.


“As we look forward, we are also exploring the possibility of renaming all our global EA Sports soccer games. We are currently reviewing the FIFA naming rights agreement. This is independent from all other official licensing and partnerships in football.

It has been revealed that EA filed the name “EA Sports FC”, with the UK Intellectual Property Office and European Union Intellectual Property Office. (Thanks, VGC).

Since then, it has been revealed that the company had filed video game software trademark applications under the UK Intellectual Property Office as well as the European Union Intellectual Property Office.

FIFA 22launched on October 1, for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One.

One gaming brand might come to mind if I say “loot box”. There are many games that add loot boxes to enhance the aesthetics of their games. However, there are some loot box that can have a significant impact on the game being played. These include EA’s huge FIFA 21. Players can pay to be able to play with famous footballers. This has been a source of frustration for many gamers.


Prime Icon Moment cards are used to commemorate the greatest performances of FIFA players in Ultimate Team. One FIFA fan decided to calculate how much music money and/or how long it would take to get a complete set of these cards for his team. EA claims that you can buy all the items in the game, and purchases are completely optional. It’s now time to see if that theory is true.

ScudzTV’s content creator revealed some calculations that could be used to calculate the time it would take to build a 100-million coin team. This team would include Prime Icon Moments such as Ronaldo, Ferdinand and Maldini. According to the creator, if you played 1,500 games per game, you would need to play 66,666 games in order earn this amount. Each match will take 20 minutes, which would translate to 916 games. It seems a bit steep to expect two and a half years worth of constant gaming.


Scudz said that trading to get there would take 1,650 hours, assuming you made 10,000 profit per trade. This is about 69 days of continuous trading. How about money? Scudz estimates that to acquire the team of his dreams, Scudz would need to spend PS79990 on FIFA points. This is, unsurprisingly enough, well above the average player’s budget.

The thread of stats circulated last week. People discussed how surprising it was that EA could claim that the game’s content is free. However, it seems to encourage spending. Now, the developer responded to the viral thread by making a second statement to The Mirror in which he challenged the notion that the average usage of Scudz might be lower than that of a skilled player.


Their statement stated that they were aware of recent speculation about what it takes for a great FIFA Ultimate Team in EA Sports FIFA. We appreciate the creativity and effort that went into mapping out paths to greatness. However, we question the validity of these theories. The calculations are based on a lot of assumptions.

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‘Battlefield 2042’ Insider Explains Why The Beta Was So Rough, Warns Of Troubled Development

‘Battlefield 2042’ Insider Explains Why The Beta Was So Rough, Warns Of Troubled Development

Battlefield 2204′s closed beta ended last week. It’s safe to assume that players are still concerned.


There have been many complaints on social media about matchmaking issues, visual glitches and severe lag. Although beta tests aren’t perfect, many people were so stunned by what they saw that they began to question whether DICE or EA’s upcoming shooter will be available for launch on November 19.

This is where trusted Battlefield leaker Tom Henderson, an insider in the Battlefield community, has created a detailed report to provide some insight into Battlefield2042‘s “troubled growth” and “identity crise”.

Henderson accurately reported on nearly every aspect of Battlefield2042in the months prior to its official unveiling. He also addressed many beta concerns in a piece that Gaming Intel wrote.

EA Forum post stated that the divisive open Beta is actually a build that was “several month old”, which implies that many of the issues are already fixed or will be soon.


Henderson heard from at least two regular sources at DICE, that the build we used last week was a September build. He was able to locate the build settings in the beta build. This was just one day before the beta was supposed to launch.

Henderson writes, “This seems to match up with what I have heard for months: That DICE is experiencing major stability problems with builds of the games.”

DICE has been hesitant to release new footage of the game since the Beta. They can’t release new footage of the game because they are unable to.

According to Henderson, many of Battlefield2042‘s problems are due to management figures who “not committed enough”. According to some sources, management has not been able to address development issues that have been raised with them. This could lead to problems that are further down the chain that DICE could have sold earlier.

According to the report, development was further hampered by Activision’s 2019 Call Of Duty Modern Warfarereboot bosses. DICE was then asked to create something similar. It is unclear in which areas Battlefield2042 will, or should, be similar to Infinity Ward’s last Call Of Duty.


“Signs of troubled development in the past few months have been evident. Henderson concluded that the Battlefield 2042 Beta was unmistakable proof.

“Even though the Beta may only be a few months old, it is the result of more than two and a quarter years of development.”

One member of the Battlefield 2204 team pointed out toxic players as the reason studios don’t want to have a conversation with their fans.


The Battlefield2042 beta is now available for all players across all platforms. It features the classic Conquest mode, which can be played by up to 128 players on both new-gen consoles as well as PC. Phil shared his experience, saying that the game exceeded all of his expectations in a short time. “EA and DICE have harnessed cutting edge technology to take Battlefield 2042’s gameplay up to new heights never seen before in this franchise.”

Ben Walke, one the DICE producers, visited Reddit recently to speak with players about the beta and how the team responds to fan feedback. The beta was taken from our main build a few months back, and then you go into hardening mode. He explained that this is where you should focus on bugs and stability, and no additional work should be done.

Players enter the beta and discover new issues which are not yet discovered by the developer. These inform the “launch build”, which is then improved simultaneously. We don’t want the launch build to be stopped, so we need to “cap” the beta branched build at a time.

The beta was sourced at an earlier stage in the game’s development. This means that it will contain bugs and errors. However, that is part of what makes the game what is. While it is understandable to be frustrated about the state of beta, Walke clarified what acceptable ways are available to tell the team what you dislike about the game.


“Day one of beta, and we’re already in territory of people losing jobs.” Ever wonder why there aren’t more developers interacting with industry players? The producer agreed.

Walke stated that feedback is a valid method of giving feedback and that everyone on the team should be open to receiving constructive feedback. “But I am disappointed by the number of personal attacks that I have seen in the first few hours after it went live.”

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