FIFA 22 Team Of The Year: Rio Ferdinand Chooses Cristiano Ronaldo over Lionel Messi in Stunning TOTY Selection

FIFA 22 Team Of The Year: Rio Ferdinand Chooses Cristiano Ronaldo over Lionel Messi in Stunning TOTY Selection

Voting is now open for the FIFA 22 Team Of The Year Promotion.

Rio Ferdinand, a former defender for England and Manchester United, is one of the men who has spoken out.

The FIVE podcast featured the 43-year old naming his Team of Year for 2021. It includes some surprising inclusions and one huge omission.

Premier League Defence

Rio Ferdinand is a great defender and it would be fair to say that he can pick a Team of Year backline.

Rio chose Edouard Mendy as the middle stick, citing his key moments in the pitch as a decisive factor.

strong data v-29c1645c =””>” When I covered a lot (Chelsea), he made huge saves in key moments. That’s how you judge the goalkeeper position. All the nominees are great keepers and they all could have their say to be part of the team.

Mendy is joined by Antonio Rudiger, Chelsea team-mate, and the Manchester City trio, Ruben Dias, Joao Cancelo, complete a Premier League defense in Rio’s FIFA 22 TOTY.

Mixed midfield

Rio’s Team Of The Year has room for three midfielders, with three players from different leagues being selected.

N’Golo Kane plays the holding midfield position in the side. Rio refers to him as ” one the first names on any team sheet for any manager“.

Kante is joined by Marco Verratti from PSG in the middle of this park. Marco Verratti was an Italian who led PSG to the Champions League semi finals and helped Italy win the European Championships last summer.

Thomas Muller, a Bayern Munich veteran who Rio claims is the number one choice in his midfield, is an unexpected inclusion.

strong data v-29c1645c =””>Thomas Muller is Number one. Thomas Muller is there. Let me give you a few stats. In 2021, no player from the major 5 European leagues provided as many assists in one calendar year. That’s 24.

CR7 > Lionel Messi

Despite being the Ballon d’Or Winner for a record seventh time, there is not enough room for Lionel Messi’s FIFA 22 TOTY in Rio Ferdinand.

Instead, the former Manchester United player has chosen to support his former teammate Cristiano Rojo, along with Liverpool’s Mohammed Salah, and Rio’s Player-of-the Year Robert Lewandowski.

strong data v-29c1645c =””>” My guy, the player who should’ve won all the individual awards in this year’s 2021 as the best player, was robbed in 2020. Is Robert Lewandowski the culprit?

strong data v-29c1645c =””>”I don’t know what else to say except that he has the most league goals of any European player in Europe’s top five leagues. This is all I have to say. There are so many stats that I could add. It discredits all of your teams if we don’t have him in our teams!

You can watch the entire video with Rio Ferdinand by clicking here. Watch as Joel, Ste and Rio pick their final selections to the EA Sports FIFA 22 TOTY. EA SPORTS FIFA 22, is now available worldwide.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus gets a Long Gameplay Preview

Pokemon Legends: Arceus gets a Long Gameplay Preview

Pokemon Legends – Arceus has just released a new gameplay video that explains many mechanics and makes comparisons to other entries in this series. This 13-minute video was posted on the YouTube channel and answers some fan questions.

This video will explain which items you’ll create, the missions players are taking, and how Pokemon encounters differ. Arceus features side missions, boss fights, and a greater emphasis on completing the first Pokedex. This is a different kind of RPG than the typical formula of beating gyms or winning the Pokemon League.

Side quests and open-world exploration aside, there are still aspects of older Pokemon games. While players can personalize their avatars with different outfits and hairstyles for Pokemon battles, the turn-based system still applies.

The new Quick Style/Strong Style mechanic allows players to prioritize speed and power but doesn’t alter the basic formula.

We are just a few weeks away to Pokemon Legends Arceus’ launch for Nintendo Switch. This is the most experimental main entry ever. For those who prefer a traditional Pokemon experience, the Pokemon Brilliant Diamond or Shining Pearl versions are available on Nintendo Switch.

Leaker claims Modern Warfare II could launch in October

The leaker claims Modern Warfare II could launch in October

While Call of Duty Vanguard is still being enjoyed by players, many have moved on to other shooter titles like Battlefield 2042 and Halo Infinite due to the game-breaking issues. Leaks about the 2022 Call of Duty release are continuing to surface as Season 1 for Vanguard gets underway.

The highly successful sequel to 2019’s reboot of the series sold record numbers. A leaker claims that Vanguard’s sales performance could see Modern Warfare II arrive sooner than expected, much to the delight of the community.

Tom Henderson, a prominent Call of Duty leaker, claims that the sequel to 2019’s Modern Warfare could be released as soon as October. This is due to Vanguard not achieving similar sales figures as previous installments of the franchise. According to the leaker, the official details of the game will be revealed during the summer.

Activision could be moving the release date forward to maximize its profits for the start of the fourth-quarter. Henderson said, “I would imagine that a few weeks can make all of the difference for investors.”

Modern Warfare 2: Date Revealed

Henderson mentioned that Modern Warfare II will be officially revealed at some point in the Summer. Although it is still unclear when the exact date will be, it is possible that teasers could be released for Modern Warfare II as early as Season 4, which is expected to occur in late Spring or early summer.

Check out more Modern Warfare II information, including characters and the rumoured list of multiplayer maps .


Dexter Showrunner Confirms [SPOILER] Is Dead In New Blood Finale

Dexter Showrunner Confirms [SPOILER] Is Dead In New Blood Finale

Clyde Phillips, Dexter: New Blood’s showrunner, confirms Dexter Morgan’s fate in the finale. Fans waited eagerly to see what would happen to Dexter, following Angela’s suspicions that he was the Bay Harbor Butcher, killing Matt Caldwell. The event series wrapped its ten-episode series. Harrison, his grown son, will remember Dexter, and he was a witness to his father’s murders.

Dexter was arrested for the murder of Matt in the finale, entitled “Sins of the Father.” This is a situation Dexter has been in numerous times before and has managed to escape. Dexter plans to escape by killing Sergeant Logan before running to Harrison to get away from the town and run. Harrison is so shocked by Dexter’s actions that he plans to kill him using the rifle Dexter gave him in the previous episode. Dexter is shocked by Harrison’s revelations and tells Dexter to kill his son.

Interview with Deadline: Phillips confirms that Dexter Morgan has officially died following his voluntary shooting by Harrison. Dexter, before being shot, finally acknowledged what he had done and the many innocent people who had been killed because of it. Dexter also confesses to a deep love for his son, something he had never experienced before. Before he died, his last words to Harrison were, “You did well,” with Debra beside him. Below is Phillips’ statement.

“I have three words to say: Dexter is dead…Here is no doubt that this is the end of Dexter. Dexter has died.”

In the penultimate episode, Dexter passed his code to Harrison. Harrison was in awe and thought that Dexter was using his Dark Passenger for good. Harrison appears to be having second thoughts after seeing Dexter kill Kurt Caldwell. After being an ardent defender of Dexter, Angel Batista, from the original series, also learns that Dexter is a serial murderer in the finale. Fans can find comfort in knowing that Dexter has died peacefully now that the truth is out.

Dexter’s death in the finale was his final, but Harrison’s fate remains unknown. Angela finds Dexter’s body and Harrison after he was killed. While she is looking at Dexter, Angela decides to let Harrison go. Phillips stated that he would love to learn more about Harrison’s life and character after the finale. While it is not clear if there will be another continuation to the Dexter franchise after the finale, Dexter Morgan is officially deceased. However, Harrison could always return to his subconscious, just as Deb did for him.

The Showtime Dexter season 9 will soon be over. There are many theories about how New Blood might end. The Dexter season 9 finale is expected to be a big success considering that it was originally promoted as a redo of Dexter’s hated season 8 ending. The final few episodes of Dexter could see several surprising outcomes, with Angela as Dexter’s Dark Passenger, Kurt trying to kill Dexter, and Dexter as the Bay Harbor Butcher all being part of the Dexter series 9 finale.



The Batman Trailer Edit Has Jim Carrey’s Riddler Taunt Robert Pattinson

The Batman Trailer Edit Has Jim Carrey’s Riddler Taunt Robert Pattinson

Funny fan edit of the latest Batman Trailer. Jim Carrey’s Riddler comes in to mock Robert Pattinson. Matt Reeves’ Batman is the most anticipated DC movie in a while. It was originally scheduled to debut in June 2021. The coronavirus pandemic delayed it several times, but it finally arrived in less than two months. Batman is a new take on the DC hero, with Pattinson playing the lead role. The film is in its continuity, meaning distinct from the DCEU.

In his second year, Bruce Wayne will continue to be Gotham’s controversial vigilante. Although he may not have been Batman for long, he is already facing one of his most challenging challenges. Bruce must use his legendary detective skills to find the villain. As The Batman already revealed, the Riddler is Paul Dano, and this version promises to be the most terrifying yet.

Batman’s Riddler looks very different from the one that Jim Carrey depicted in 1995’s Batman Forever. This is why a new trailer from Matthew Highton has been so funny. Highton took the Batman trailer and edited Carrey’s Riddler alongside Pattinson. This drastically altered the film’s tone. This adds humor to The Batman and makes Pattinson’s brooding seem a bit silly when paired with Carrey’s outrageous nature. It’s also a bit frightening to hear The Batman’s voice, which makes Carrey’s performance seem terrifying. It’s available below.

Joel Schumacher’s Batman Forever depicts Bruce Wayne and his universe in one of the most absurd ways, with Carrey as the Riddler the epitome of wackiness. Batman takes a darker approach to Riddler and plays up his criminal genius. It’s impossible to imagine the two Riddlers being more different, which is why this trailer edit is so funny. While fans may have mixed feelings about Carrey’s Batman rogue version, no one can deny that he was a memorable Riddler. We will see if Dano does it.

Batman is tasked with creating a unique version for Bruce Wayne after being shown so many times. It may look a little like Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, but The Batman tackles a few characters that Nolan never dealt with. Reeves’ film can stand out because of this element and the mystery surrounding the Riddler. Although it isn’t as campy or sparse as Nolan’s version, it still has many strengths. It will be fascinating to see where Batman ends up in the character’s movie legacy.



Dexter: New Blood – Season 1’s Shocking Twist Ending Explained

Dexter: New Blood – Season 1’s Shocking Twist Ending Explained

The Season 1 finale of the Dexter New Blood ended in a shockingly tragic turn that sets the stage for season 2. Showtime returned the serial killer after nearly a decade of Dexter’s infamous season 8 finale, regarded as one of the worst series finales. Dexter lived in Iron Lake, New York, under a false identity for the revival series, 10 years after his Miami death. Dexter has been avoiding killing viewers since his last appearance. Dexter, New Blood Episode 1 saw Dexter’s serial murder — and his long-lost son Harrison. Harrison was a teenager with his own Dark Passenger, which at first foreshadowed New Blood’s end.

The Dexter – New Blood finale started with Matt Caldwell’s murder being solved by his girlfriend, Police Chief Angela Bishop. He was cleverly evasive and avoided her questions. However, she concludedHarbor Butcher with Angel B,atista’s confirmation of his identity. Dexter managed to escape jail by killing Logan, an innocent, before fleeing to the woods to meet Harrison and flee Iron Lake for good. Harrison began to question his father’s motives and realized that his father’s murder cost Rita and Deb their lives. Harrison also discovered that Harrison’s Dark Passenger was not caused by the Trinity Killer, but Dexter. Harrison fatally shoots Dexter in the last moments of the series. His father guides him through pulling the trigger and allowing him to be killed. Angela arrives and lets Harrison go. The series ends with Harrison driving away from Iron Lake.

After a decade of waiting for such a dramatic finale, viewers will now decide if Dexter’s New Blood fate has redeemed the mistakes of Dexter season 8’s mysterious ending. Although it seemed inevitable that Dexter would pass away, there are still questions about the reasons for Dexter’s actions, their significance, and the impl actions for the future of the show’s future’s story coming to an end. We’ll be looking at the reasons that Dexter had to die, what Dexter’s final monologue meant, and how Dexter : New Blood’s finale sets up season 2 for Harrison.

Dexter was the Reason Harrison had to Kill
In Dexter: New Blood, the most shocking and yet logical twist is that Harrison, Dexter’s son, who had been looking for him for many years, murdered his father shortly after they had finally bonded. Although Harrison was the one who pulled the trigger was shocking, it was the only way Dexter would have his story end. Dexter’s final spelled his fate after he killed Logan. Dexter claimed that his killing sprees were vigilanteism. However, Dexter was a cold-blooded, cold-blood caused the deaths of songs, including the people he loved.

Although Harrison was unable to distinguish between Dexter being a superhero and a monster, this shift in logic is understandable. Harrison wanted to be just like his father Dexter when he taught him the Code. But when he saw the blood dripping from Kurt’s body, he was unable to stomach it. All of his memories flooded back to his mother’s death at the hands of the Trinity Killer. Dexter was not going to be Harrison, and it was only a matter time before he turned against his father. Harrison admits that his Dark Passenger was not caused by Rita dying by the Trinity Killer, but rather by Dexter’s abandonment of him and his failures as a father.

Harrison was also pushed over the edge by the realization Dexter had murdered Logan. Logan was innocent (and Harrison’s coach); Dexter had betrayed the Code by killing him to escape his custody. Dexter fled, meaning he would evade justice for the murder(s), and so he became exactly the type of killer his Code was intended to punish. Harrison realizes that Dexter doesn’t just enjoy killing. Dexter sees Harrison reach for his gun and points it at him. The insurmountable pain Dexter has inflicted on his son and many others can’t be continued. Dexter must die, because Harrison has been suffering from the sins committed by his father for far too long.

Why Angela Let Harrison Go
Angela let Harrison go at the End of Showtime’s Dexter. Harrison had just walked out of the station when Audrey asked Angela if he was still dangerous. Angela then realized that Harrison had murdered his father and was ready to turn herself in. Angela realized that Harrison did not need to be suffering from the sins committed by his father. He had been doing so all his life. Angela takes the blame for Dexter’s death as “officer involved shooting,” and tells Harrison to get on the highway and not return.



No Way Home Art Imagines Spider-Man With Laser Web Shooters

No Way Home Art Imagines Spider-Man With Laser Web Shooters

Bosslogic has released new Spider-Man fan art. It depicts Spider-Man using laser web-shooters. This is the third installment of Tom Holland’s trilogy Spider-Man movies. It sees Spider-Man go against several iconic Spider-Man villains. It is currently playing in theaters and continues its success at the box office.

The direct sequel to Spider-Man, Spider-Man is No Way Home. Peter Parker appears unmasked to the world as Spider-Man and has to deal with the consequences. In his desperate state, he turns to Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) to create a spell that will erase all traces of Spider-Man. Things go wrong due to multiverse tricks, and Peter soon discovers his world is flooded by villains from other live-action Spider-Man franchises. Peter is forced to send them back to their homeworlds to prevent their deaths and then lets Strange finish the spell. He creates his Spider-Man costume himself, forgoing Stark Tech that he relied upon for three movies.

Spider-Man – No Way Home was officially released in theaters last month. It has been a box office success story since. The film’s fan reaction has been intense. Popular fan account Bosslogic posted a new piece that depicts Peter’s web-shooters in full-blown lasers. It’s available below.

The animated fan art shows Peter in his no-way home costume, but it transforms his web-shooters into laser blasters that shoot a red beam. Bosslogic pointed out in the art that there’s no reason to replace the web-shooters with lasers. It looks cool, and it adds an interesting twist to the Spider-Man color scheme by adding more red.

All of this said, it seems that Spider-Man’s chances of trading his web-shooters with a set of lasers have become less likely after the conclusion to Spider-Man: No Way Home. Peter was able to rely on a variety of Stark Tech gadgets in the MCU Spider-Man movies. However, he’ll be using a Spider-Man costume and web-shooters just like the live-action Spider-Men. Peter is a genius, but you shouldn’t expect him to make lasers in his Home anytime soon. The red-and-blue-clad hero can be seen in Spider-Man: No Way Home at the moment.

Andrew Garfield’s improvised, heartwarming line in Spider-Man: no Way Home proved why his Spider-Man was a blockbuster hit. While he was best known for his roles in The Social Network or Never Leave Me Go, Andrew Garfield rose to stardom with his portrayal as Peter Parker/ Spider-Man by Marc Webb in The Amazing Spider-Man. He re-enacted his role in no way Home a decade after Garfield wore the superhero suit for the first time. After months of denial, he finally spoke out and revealed that he had improvised the most poignant line in Spider-Man’s No Way Home.

Months before the film was released, there were rumors that Tobey Maguire, Garfield, and Garfield would be returning to Spider-Man. The rumors were put to rest when audiences saw the three Spider-Man generations together in No way Home’s greatest moment. Maguire’s Peter Parkers and Garfield’s Peter Parkers were there to offer guidance and comfort for Tom Holland’s grieving Peter. They both shared their lives, as well as how they had fared since their last appearance on-screen.

The three Peters have formulated a plan to coordinate their attacks. Peter-Three (Garfield) pulls back the other two and says, “I Love You Guys,” which causes awkward reactions from Peter One (Holland) and Peter-Two (2 Maguire). Recently, Andrew Garfield spoke out to Variety about improvising this quote. He admitted that it was “just me loving them ,” and that he was inspired by his excitement at working with the other Spider-Man actors. The improvised part showed how grateful Garfield was to be back as Peter. It showed how much Garfield enjoyed the role and how deeply he felt the character meant to him. No way Home was the vehicle for his redemption. More people now appreciate his version of Spider-Man.



Warhammer Age of Sigmar has been delayed into late 2023

According to Frontier’s trading report, the release of RTS Warhammer Age of Sigmar is now delayed until late 2023.

It was originally scheduled to be released in the first half of 2023, but it is now expected to be released “later in this calendar year”. (Thanks Eurogamer). Frontier claims that the delay will “further improve the quality of the game and make it more popular.”

Age of Sigmar was not announced, but it was revealed in a letter to investors in 2020. Frontier has been extremely tight-lipped about this whole thing. There have not been any screenshots, gameplay trailers or trailers to look at and this delay is the only news. Creative Assembly’s Total War: Warhammer 3 will be available soon and is ready to satisfy your digital tabletop needs. It is also one of the most anticipated PC Games of 2022 by the PC Gamer Team.

Also mentioned in the trading report is Elite Dangerous: Odyssey. It was launched in a poor state in 2021. The report stated that Elite Dangerous had a difficult 2021 calendar due to the disappointing launch in May 2021 of the major Odyssey expansion. “We support the game and our passionate gamers with development updates and have seen a rise in player sentiment.”

Peacemaker Director Suggests Eating Flamin’ Hot Cheetos While Watching Show

Peacemaker Director Suggests Eating Flamin’ Hot Cheetos While Watching Show

Peacemaker’s director James Gunn recommends Flamin’ Hot Cheetos to be a snack while you watch his DC show, which debuts this week. Gunn is known for his work with Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy. He has also been the mastermind behind oddball comic book content. Last year’s The Suicide Squad unleashed DC characters like Polka-Dot Man, King Shark, and John Cena’s “douchey Captain America,” Christopher Smith/Peacemaker–who now gets his streaming series on HBO Max.

Peacemaker was last seen in Suicide Squad. Bloodsport was shot to death before being crushed by the collapsing Jotunheim nuclear reactor. In the film’s credits, it was revealed that Peacemaker survived the events of Corto Maltese. He is now needed to “save the world.” The Peacemaker eponymous vigilante/villain is joined in the film by Steve Agee (as John Economos, prison warden) and Jennifer Holland, as Emilia Harcourt’s aide to Amanda Waller. DCEU newcomers Danielle Brooks (as Leota Adebayo), Robert Patrick (as Peacemaker’s father), ChukwudiIwuji (as Clemson Murn), Freddie Stroma (a) and Nhut Le (an as Vigilante), and Freddie Stroma (a)

Peacemaker’s initial three episodes are set to drop on Wednesday. A fan tweeted Gunn asking for suggestions about snacks while watching the series. Gunn, who is known for engaging with fans via social media, responded by tweeting a picture of Crunchy Flamin’ hot Cheetos. It’s hard to believe he didn’t suggest empanadas. It’s below:

Gunn and most directed wrote peacemaker. Gunn recognized the potential of his title character from the start. A peacemaker is an oxymoronic character who cherishes peace and doesn’t care how many people, women, or children he must kill to achieve it. The series will be chaotic and filled with absurd comedy. Peacemaker is more grounded than Suicide Squad. This may be Gunn’s perfect vehicle for his trademark brand of irreverence. It could be the start of the DCEU’s MCU-Esque streaming success.

Peacemaker may be likened to a bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. Although the film didn’t do well at the box office, the film was a huge success with critics and fans. The film managed to entertain while revealing the humanity of each character. Peacemaker will flesh out its antihero further when it premieres on January 13, 2022.

James Gunn might make DCEU movies about the DC Comics villains to continue Suicide Squad. According to the filmmaker, he had several ideas about how to make DC Comics’ more obscure villains. He declined a chance at a Superman reboot and instead chose to continue working on projects that involve characters such as King Shark and Peacemaker. It begs the question: What projects Gunn is planning for the future?

After he first made it big in film with Troma Entertainment’s horror-themed films, Gunn was influenced by comic books and superheroes even before directing Guardians of the Galaxy. Gunn credits the production of an independent superhero comedy, The Specials as being instrumental in his first major studio gigs as a screenwriter. Later, he directed and wrote the film Super. This was a darkly comical take on costumed vigilantes in real life. Gunn’s love for superheroes can be seen by his fans who follow him on social media. This love and knowledge was evident in Suicide Squad which featured the greatest collection of DC Comics characters ever made and also included the first live-action appearances by some obscure supervillains. Gunn could easily continue the story of the Suicide Squad members by creating a sequel to Suicide Squad. He is also currently developing a spinoff series about Peacemaker, which will premiere on HBO Max in 2022.

The question is still open as to whether Gunn will continue to work on DCEU projects after completing his obligations to Marvel Studios and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 was delayed by Marvel letting Gunn go, but he was later rehired. Recently, the director confirmed that he was indeed working on another DC project. It’s still under wraps and in its early stages of development so fans shouldn’t expect any information to be revealed during DC FanDome 2021. Gunn replied to fan queries via Twitter that the next DC adaptation will not have anything to do with Peacemaker. This news suggests that Gunn’s movie or TV series is not related Suicide Squad,. However, he may be working on projects involving individual actors as spinoffs of the film. It is unknown what it will actually be at this time. Here’s a list of DC characters Gunn might be working on a film or TV show about. With the director’s keen eye to find underrated characters, there are many possibilities.

Crytek forces Patreon-supported Crysis Remastered photo mode mod offline

Frans “Otis_Inf” Bouma created the Universal Unreal Unlocker mod that adds a powerful photo mode for many Unreal Engine 4 games. This software is a truly impressive piece of software, allowing videogame photographers to capture far more images than traditional screenshots. He also made similar mods for Crysis Remastered 2/3 last year, which he shared (alongside the most recent version of UUU). Crytek asked Bouma for permission to remove those Crysis Mods.

Crytek PR Manager Adam Grinsell requested that Bouma remove mods from his Patreon page. Grinsell informed Bouma that both the EULAs do not allow mods. Grinsell requested that Bouma remove mods from his Patreon page and any other places they may be found. He warned that they would not be removed from the Patreon page within seven days.

Bouma countered, pointing out that the mod was built entirely from his code and did not use any Crytek assets. This is where things get confusing. Grinsell responded that the software’s main issue is that it is monetized. Therefore we request that you remove the paywall,” a reference to the fact that the Crysis Remastered photo mode mods are only available to Patreon subscribers, at prices ranging from $6.50 to $63.50 per month.

Reddit eventually brought the dispute to Crytek’s attention, prompting Crytek to apologize for its handling of the matter. Utku Cakir, Crytek PR manager, wrote that the initial message caused miscommunication and apologized to the modder. We are grateful for all the support from the community. However, we must also balance this with our copyright. It can be difficult to find the right balance, and we should have approached this situation differently in retrospect.

Crytek did not apologize for its base position. It demanded that Bouma give away the Crysis Remastered mode mods to anyone or take them down completely. Bouma chose the latter because there was no other choice.

He wrote that he had decided to remove the tools from Patreon because he didn’t have the energy nor the time to fight them. I know how much it hurts for those who want to use Crysis 2 or Crysis 3 remastered tools. They know how sorry I am. These tools took me more than a week to create, and I would love to continue using them, but Crytek will only benefit if I do so.

It’s not surprising that Bouma said that he would no longer be working on photo mods for other Crytek games.

While it’s unfortunate that the mod has been removed, the dispute raises larger questions for other Patreon-supported mod creators. Game companies don’t tend to worry too much about mods as long as they aren’t making any money. Sometimes, they will even give them an official blessing. Installation 01 is an example of a fan-made Halo video game. It was granted a noncommercial license that required the developers not to accept any money for the work, including donations. Bouma’s monetization was obvious. Even though his claim that it was entirely his code is valid, it doesn’t matter if he refuses to contest it in court. This is something most mod makers are unable or unwilling to do.–Generator–UvsDlcy7XPB