DICE is working on a fix for Battlefront 2’s invincibility glitch

In October of last year, Star Wars: Battlefront 2’s blasters-and-lightsabers power fantasy started degenerating into something out of a bad dream. Sometimes all of the match participants would find themselves in an impossible situation. They are stuck at 1hp for as long as they continue to deal damage. This is like being in Buddha mode. Even the game’s out-of-bounds triggers will not kill them. Players can then have immortal lightsaber dance parties beneath the world geometry.

According to IGN, this problem is not limited to PC and could be increasing in frequency as time passes. DICE seems to be aware of the problem and address it. Kevin Johnson, a community manager, stated that progress was being made toward putting a solution in place after responding to a Battlefield 2042 subreddit thread. However, we don’t know when the fix will be available.

This is not clear if this was a bug or a user-made exploit. The hacker forum post cited in the Reddit thread states that activating an exploit in one lobby activates it on the same server. This could explain the widespread nature of this phenomenon. Johnson stated that DICE would share information on the status of this fix as soon as possible, although we don’t know for certain.


God of War Director Says PlayStation Studios Pushed for PC Support

God of War Director Says PlayStation Studios Pushed for PC Support

According to Cory Barlog, God of War (2018) Director, it may have been PlayStation’s original-party studios that initiated the push for PC ports. Although Sony has tried PC publishing in the past with Arrowhead’s helldivers on Steam, Horizon, and Zero Dawn’s PC port sparked the interest of the hardware maker in this space. The Guerrilla Games-developed RPG saw a 250 percent return of investment seven months after its PC launch, making the market even more attractive for Sony.

Two other PlayStation exclusives leaped Horizon’s migration last summer of 2020 – the 2019 sleeper hit Day Gone and the award-winning God of War (2018). The latter was released on Steam and Epic Games Store today, January 14. Uncharted. The Legacy of Thieves Collection features Uncharted4 and The Lost Legacy. A PC release is expected sometime in the next calendar year. Rumors suggest that a Ghost Of Tsushima PC port might also be released, further evidence of Sony’s continued investment in its PlayStation PC label.

Cory Barlog (2018 title’s Creative Director) spoke to Game Informer (via Benji-sales) about how the 2018 title’s God of WarPC version. He explained why he believes Sony finally decided to release first-party titles on another platform. Barlog explained to the publication that PlayStation’s collective studios pushed for PC support and often suggested the idea when Sony opened the floor for suggestions. It’s a process, he said. As a company, and as studios, we are still trying to figure out how and what the strategy and function will be. The developer was asked when and if God of War Ragnarok would launch on PC.

It makes sense that PlayStation’s inside teams advocated for such an organizational shift. Developers want their work to be experienced by as many people possible. Horizon, Day Gone, and God Of War deserve wider exposure.

God of War just launched on PC digital storefronts. It has received rave reviews and is just as popular on PC as on PS4 almost four years ago. This new title has a few more bells and whistles. It’s true 4K, 60fps, and NVIDIA’s new DLSS technology. It also supports ultra-widescreen support.



Dead Space Fan Shows Off Real Robotic Plasma Cutter

Dead Space Fan Shows Off Real Robotic Plasma Cutter

A stunning replica of the Plasma Cutter in Dead Space showcases engineering skills and a commitment to sci-fi survival. In this terrifying, third-person shooter series, Isaac Clarke plays the role of an outer space engineer fighting Necromorphs, a horde of undead aliens. The Dead Spaceseries’eseries’Cutter handgun, which can fire in various configurations, is Isaac’s Isaac’smous weapon.

Dead Space was released in 2008. It combined intense survival horror gameplay with third-person shooter mechanics and a grounded sci-fi world. While the beloved Visceral Games title was inspired by Resident Evil4 and Silent Hill games, it also innovated to create an entirely new experience. Although the Necromorphs are highly durable at their center mass, skilled players can remove their limbs to defeat them quickly. The 2011 Dead Space 2 sequel emphasized action but maintained a tense atmosphere with elements of psychological horror and a consistent atmosphere. Dead Space 3’s focu3’spon microtransactions, generic combat, and Dead Space 3 disappointed fans. Quiet Space 4 was therefore canceled.

Reddit user Peep_cosplay has recently shown off a physical recreation of the Plasma Cutter in a touching tribute to Dead Space. Isaac Clarke uses the trusty mining tool as an improvised weapon, and it is often the first item he acquires in every installment. Peep_cosplay is incredibly authentic in its build. The handheld cutter can switch between horizontal and vertical firing directions with battery-powered mechanisms. The tool’s tool’s wear is isalso evident in the paint job. YouTuber static65 first created and assembled the Plasma Cutter. A build tutorial is available on Instructables. Peep_cosplay gathers the complicated design on their own. The Redditor sells pre-built replicas of the sci-fi weapon on Etsy.

The original Dead Space survival horror classic is still a great choice, but Visceral’ssceral’sash will soon get a new coat of paint. The upcoming Dead Spaceremake will improve the original experience and provide modern graphics. Some gameplay features will also be improved. Certain zero-gravity areas in the original game required players to jump between walls. This led to somewhat awkward gameplay. The upcoming remake will allow players to freely fly around these zero gravity areas, using a popular mechanic in Dead Space 2 and 3.

Dead Space has become a game staple for both horror and space fans thanks to its immersive sci-fi settings and frightening undead foes. The series’ series’s the Plasma Cutter. Its industrial design and variable shooting directions complement the series’ series’s on dismembering aliens within claustrophobic spaceship hallways. The real-world Plasma cutter is a valuable tool for any Necromorph encounter, thanks to its intricate design and flawless build by Peep_cosplay.




Hot Wheels Unleashed Contest To Turn Fan Design Into Real Die-Cast Car

Hot Wheels Unleashed Contest To Turn Fan Design Into Real Die-Cast Car

The Hot Wheels unleashed design contest will turn the winning vehicle’s in-game vehicle into an actual die-cast car. Milestone’s 2021 racing game is based on Mattel’s famous model cars brand. It lets players race around miniature tracks in their homes, such as bedrooms or kitchens—Hot Wheels Unleashedfeatures 66 vehicles based on the brand’s line of miniatures.

Hot Wheels Unleashed doesn’t aim for realism but offers various content, including vehicle customization, unique locations, and game modes. There is a Career Mode as well as a Time Trial mode. Races are set in familiar places like the kitchen or bedroom. The track editor allows players to create their tracks, while extensive vehicle customization will enable them to paint and add accessories to all 66 vehicles. Split-screen multiplayer, online multiplayer, and single-player are all available. This allows up to 12 players to compete in the mini races. A Hot Wheels UnleashedDLC roadmap has been revealed before launch. It teases even more additions to this title, including crossovers with Batman and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

The Hot Wheels UnleashedDesign Battle has been announced. The winner’s car design will become an actual Hot Wheels toy—the conteswinner’srom from January 14 through February 14. Participants are required to customize the Hot Wheels Rodger Dodger with the in-game Livery Editor. The winner will receive a die-cast toy made from their Rodger Dodger design by a panel. It will be available worldwide in December 2022. From now through February 14, you can access the Design Battle from the Hot Wheels Unlimited Livery Editor menu.

Hot Wheels Unlimitedlaunched with many miniature cars, but post-launch support has increased the range of small cars. Hot Wheels Unleashed added the Batmobile, Bane, and Batcave to create a fast-paced crossover with DC’s Dark Knight. Five vehicles were introduced to Gotham by the DLC, each inspired by Batman, Robin, and Bane. The game adDC’sthe Batcave as a race track and offered customization options such as the Joker Funhouse Split.

Hot Wheels Unleashedlets lets players race around in their customized miniature cars with various vehicles and customization options. Milestone and Mattel will now bring to life one fan-made creation in the form of a die-cast Hot Wheels model. Digital design enthusiasts who want to be part of the Design Battle should hurry. The contest is only open for one month.




Thor’s Mjolnir Gives the God of Thunder a Hilariously Relatable Problem

Thor’s Mjolnir Gives the God of Thunder a Hilariously Relatable Problem

Thor is Marvel’s God of Thunder. However, he also has to deal with the daily humiliations of life, just like the rest of the mortals of Midgard. Thor isn’t afraid to do this because he has spent a lot of time on Earth and is familiar with human culture and customs. Thor #12 is where the so-called strongest Avenger encounters an unexpected barrier: a muscular security guard.

Thor is more familiar with the customs of humans than his Marvel Cinematic Universe counterpart. His comics history began as Doctor Donald Blake, an average human who stumbled upon a stick hidden in a cave. The post turned the average staff into Mjolnir (Thor’s hammer), and Donald Blake was transformed into Thor. Readers eventually learned that Blake was Thor. His father Odin sent him to Midgard to teach humility and change his memories to fit the story.

After dealing with the events outlined by Gorr, “God Butcher,” Thor returns to Midgard. Thor enters prison to offer a condemned criminal his last meal. He is carrying a Kandelar tree, a valuable fruit native to Indigo. Thor walks through the metal detector before he can get into the prison. His hammer is ringing, and the alarm sounds. A junior security guard asks Thor to drop his hammer, but his superior permits him to go. The junior guard protested, but the supervisor allowed Thor to pass. ”

Thor going through security rather than just flying into the prison yard shows that his character is mature. The senior security guard is correct: No one in prison would be able to so much as move Mjolnir. This is death row, and Thor will see Fulton (the prisoner) right before his execution. Mjolnir was held high by criminals in the past (Thor has also killed many enemies), but it appears that the hammer can also be used to determine crime and guilt.

The prisoner “found God” at his death, perhaps more literal than many. Thor did not even dispute with the security guard, which underlines the seriousness of his task. Thor may be the most humorous character in the MCU, but he is a noble comic character.



DC’s Darkest Comic, Arkham City, Captures Plight of Healthcare Workers

DC’s Darkest Comic, Arkham City, Captures Plight of Healthcare Workers

The real world is reeling from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Gotham City continues to cope with the aftermath of A-Day, Fear State, and other factors. DC’s Doctor Jacosta Joy struggles to keep her survivors safe in an increasingly hostile environment. Her plight in Arkham City, The Order of The World vividly illustrates the emotional and mental stress healthcare workers face from all walks of society.

In Arkham City, Dani and Dave Stewart present the Order of the World. A former Arkham Asylum psychiatrist scours the city looking for former patients. Many of her former patients have fled Gotham after the events of A-Day. This poses a threat to their safety and that of others. Dr. Joy teamed up with Detective Stone and The Ten Eyed Man to ensure the safety of her patients. Dr. Joy tries to securely apprehend her patients, get them the care they require, but Azrael and The Ten Eyed Man, one of her former patients, track her down. Azrael is a city that wants to “get revenge” on the “freaks,” who have terrorized the town for so many years.

Dr. Joy rAzrael’sothamites that Arkham’s various inhabitants are sometimes responsible for the Arkham’sgedies that have befallen Gotham. However, Dr. Joy also reminds them that they are often victims. For example, Phosphorus was subject to high radiation during a freak accident and has since become a walking nuclear meltdown, with a fractured mind. Dr. Joy believes these people should be supported by society and not left to their fate. Her deep concern for her patients predates the terrible events of A-Day. This is evident in her office decor, which serves as a stark reminder about how society has treated neuro-atypical people historically. Although the series isn’t over, it is clear that Dr. Joy is going above and beyond isn’t patients. Her actions have made her unwell, made her a target of a bloodthirsty Azrael and hindered police efforts to rescue the Arkham Asylum inmates. Although her heart is right, Dr. Joy isn’t just playing with fire. She is also courting the entire iisn’to.

Tragically, Dr. Joy’s path from caring professional to gloomy caretaker mirrorsJoy’s of many healthcare professionals today. Healthcare workers of all backgrounds face many threats as the pandemic threatens the health and safety of healthcare systems. One of the most common problems healthcare workers face in the wake of the pandemic is compassion fatigue, also known as empathy burnout. Healthcare professionals suffer greatly from compassion fatigue caused by caring so much about others and sharing in their trauma. Poor judgment, sleep disturbances and anxiety are all signs of compassion fatigue. Dr. Joy continues her mission to save her patients. Many interventions can help healthcare workers who suffer from compassion fatigue. But Dr. Joy is feeling more isolated than ever. In her case, the only solution is to endure the Fear State storm, hoping she doesn’t lose too much.

Gotham City, the DC Universe, may be prodoesn’tfrom the harsh realities of reality, but the constant struggle healthcare workers face with death and trauma and their own mental health is not. Dr. Jacosta Joy does not only want to save the bodies and minds of her patients, but she is also fighting for her well-being. This grimly mirrors the reality faced by healthcare workers all over the world.






Halo Infinite’s cosmetics are about to get cheaper

The microtransactions in Halo Infinite’s multiplayer section were not well received by players when it launched last year. Cosmetic items were expensive, and customization options available in previous Halo games were restricted to those who paid. Cosmetics can be earned by completing challenging tasks, but those who want them tend to focus on the challenges and not the objectives. This frustrates other players. It was quite messy.

This is about to change, as Jerry Hook, 343 Industries’ head of design, stated on Twitter. The Shop experience will change from week to week starting Tuesday. We’re focusing on pricing reductions across the board, stronger bundle values, and starting to place individual items outside of bundles.

Hook provided further clarifications in his replies. Hook responded to one complaint that “you wouldn’t have to do this if there were ways to earn credits in the game” and said, “I think it is necessary to do both.” Hook replied to the question, “Are you able provide more into formation on the new prices?” Hook stated, “Lower.”

These changes should be made to the shop just before the Big Team Battle hotfix. The complaints about the cosmetics being dull were partially addressed last month with the introduction of cat ears. Because who wouldn’t want to look like a Puma in Halo?


My Hero Academia’s Deku Becomes Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in New Fanart

My Hero, Academia’s Deku, Becomes Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in New Fanart

In a stunning piece of fan art, Deku, the main character of My Hero Academia manga, is transformed into Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. This is an appropriate pairing as both characters have extraordinary abilities and are on the verge of becoming heroes. Although Spider-Man has been around for a while, Tom Holland’s Spider-Man still needs to learn the ropes of being a superhero. This is evident in his many appearances within Marvel Cinematic Universe. Both heroes-in-training is now one in a piece of jaw-dropping fan artwork that is both comic and manga fans will enjoy.

Deku, also known as Izuku Midoriya, made his debut in chapter one of the manga series My Hero Academia written by Kohei Horikoshi. After being discovered by All Might, Deku learned that he was a hero and went to school to improve his skills to become a professional hero. Deku’s skills have been combined with Spider-Man to create a unique version of both characters.

In a tweet by detuning, with suit credit to noodles_and_tea, the artist shared an original piece inspired by Deku and Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. This image is more like Deku’s original manga than the realistic approach required when drawing live-action characters. The overall feeling is more like Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, with elements of Deku thrown in. The character’s hair is straight out of Deku, but the face is more MCU Spidey-like. The suit is a mix of both the two styles. While the style is fully Spider-Man, the color scheme is entirely Deku.

This mashup is notable for the combined physical characteristics that MCU’s Spider-Man has and Deku. But the characters’ looks are not the only reason this piece is essential. Both Deku and Tom Holland’s Spider-Man have very similar personalities. After being mentored by older men, both strive to be better heroes. Deku’s mentor was All Might for MCU’s Spider-Man, while All Might was the established hero who discovered him.

From personal superhero-in-training experiences to physical characteristics, Tom Holland’s Spider-Man and Deku are the two characters perfect for a mashup. The combination of Deku’s unique quirks and Spider-Mans incredible abilities would make a formidable team. It would also be a great idea for fans to consider an alternative possibility. My Hero, Academia’s Deku, is transformed into Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in all-new fan artwork. This combination is perfect in many ways.




Ridley Scott’s The Last Duel Is Now Streaming On HBO Max

Ridley Scott’s The Last Duel Is Now Streaming On HBO Max

Ridley Scott’s The Last Duel is available now on HBOMax. Jodie Comer and Ben Affleck star in The last duel, a period drama that is telling a real-life medieval French contest. After a squire (Driver) is accused of raping a woman (Comer), a knight (Damon), and a judge (Trial by Combat), the duel takes place.

The last duel was released in October 2021. It was a box-office failure, even though it received positive reviews. The film grossed only $30 million worldwide, despite having a $100 million budget. It also suffered theatrically. However, it was up against bigger competitors like No Time To Die and Venom. Let There Be Carnage which both did better at the box office. Director Ridley Scott stated that The Last Duel failed because of a lack of attention from Millennials.

The last duel now has another venue. The film dropped on HBO Max, which is streaming the movie on the platform. Disney released the 20th Century Studios movie. This was due to “an amendment agreement between Disney and WarnerMedia ” (via The Wrap), which stipulates that 20th Century Fox films will be available onwhich Marxx for ten years. The agreement, which was signed in 2012, the Centurstx films would only be allowed to air on Pay 1 TV (first window in which a film is licensed to play on TV). The deal will be unlikely to be renewed as Disney will undoubtedly push for future titles to Disney+ and Hulu. But audiences can still catch The Last Duel on HBO Max or Hulu beginning February 23.

In 2021, Scott released House of Gucci, which did slightly better at the box-office, pulling in $127 millions worldwide. Scott has been vocal in defense of The Final Duel as well as House of Gucci against criticisms, whether it be for authenticity, box office, or general opinion. Scott is currently in production on Kitbag his next film of epic proportions. It stars Joaquin Phoenix and will be a biopic about Napoleon Bonaparte. Scott plans to direct a sequel of his Best Picture-winning Gladiator. This film will be about Lucius, the child Russell Crowe and Connie Nielsen.

Movies that fail at the box office often find new life streaming and home video. The Final Duel is almost sure to do the same. Scott is a prolific producer with many hits, but he also has lesser-known films with new audiences. The Scott’s Kingdom of Heaven, starring Orlando Bloom, has become a cult favorite, especially with the more extended director’s cut that is now in circulation. The Last Duel offers a refreshing change from the big-budget spectacle fare, and gives viewers a palate cleanser amid the dopamine hit of spectacle films.





Why Brian Cox Turned Down Game Of Thrones King Baratheon Role

Why Brian Cox Turned Down Game Of Thrones King Baratheon Role

Brian Cox explains his reasons for refusing the role of King Robert Baratheon in Game of Thrones. For decades, the Scottish actor has been a prominent presence on screen and stage. He was the first actor to portray Dr. Hannibal Lecter’s 1986’s6 Manhunter. This was years before AnthoHopkins’ns’ famous portrayal in Silence of the Lambs. Cox was also a guest star on the hit sitcom Frist. These are just two of many roles that the veteran actor has played over the years, which show his incredible versatilitCox’sx’s Emmy-nominated portrayal as Logan Roy, Waystar Royko founder, on another critically-acclaimed HBO series has helped his career to rebound. Succession concluded its third season with a dramatic finale in which whiCox’sx’s character defeated his subordinate children who attempted to take over the family business. Logan is surrounded by his clan, which includes Kendall (Jeremy Strong), Roman (Kieran Culkin), and Shiv (Sarah SnookCox’sx’s new memoir Putting the Rabbit in the Hat (via ) reveals the reasons he declined a role in Game of Thrones Kings Robert Baratheon. This role eventually went to Mark Addy. Cox had a simple explanation for his decision” ” The monwasn’tn’t all that great”t.” George R.R. George R.R. Martin’s source material. He also knew that the rowouldn’tn’t last beyond the first season. King Robert is out hunting while heavily intoxicated and is gored by a bear, eventually dying from his injuries. Below is an excerpt from frCox’sx’s memoir.

Game of Thrones was a great success, and everyone involved made a fortune. The money offered was not very generous at the time. Plus, I was going to be killed off very early on sowouldn’tn’t have any of the long-term benefits of a successful series where you get higher wages with every season. It was too much for me.

Cox is a well-respected actor who has a lot of experiencIt’st’s not surprising that he may have to decline roles that do not fit his criteria. It is difficult to imagine what whCox’sx’s performance as the drunkard king and wisecracking drunkard would have looked like, even if it was for just one season. But, we can only see the future, and we Cdidn’tn’t know Game of Thrones would become a massive hit after its pilot.

Although he could not appear in HBO’sO’s fantasy series, Cox is now the face of Succession. This has been compared with Game of Thrones. Cox also appeared in two films by Game of Thrones director David Benioff, 25th Hour and Troy. Maybe Cox will seize the opportunity to participate in one of the many Game of Thrones spinoffs.