SNL Parodies Bel-Air Trailer With Gritty Urkel Reboot Sketch

SNL Parodies Bel-Air Trailer With Gritty Urkel Reboot Sketch

SNL has parodied Bel-Air’s upcoming Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Re-Imagining. It features a gritty version of Jaleel white’s Steve Urkel character. Urkel was the most well-known character on the Warner Bros. sitcom Family Matters. His ridiculously tall trousers, large glasses, and nasally twang helped define the series throughout the 1990s. Although Family Matters ended in 1998, Urkel’s character is still instantly recognizable by fans of ’90s television.

Urkel’s catchphrases were not unique in his physical appearance but also impacted American sitcom television. They often elicited a lot of canned laughter and a lot of laughs. “Did you do that?” “Got any milk?” and “I fell and can’t get back” were common phrases throughout the nine-season run. This created a division between people who loved Urkel’s light-hearted, humorous character and those who couldn’t stand him. Family Matters wasn’t for everyone. It was certainly not the most popular sitcom of the 1990s, The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air. However, it did have a lot of success in later years. Although Urkel’s bizarre legacy is still evident, it’s not surprising that there’s a strong demand for Urkel in updated versions.

A new season of The New Prince is about, to begin with, the more dramatic Bel-Air. As the series launched, the cast of SNL began to make fun of it and imagine what it would be like to have a drama series that revolved around Urkel. Urkel is filled with all the moments you would expect from an inner-city drama. The character is armed and full of attitude while remaining in deep love with Laura Winslow, the next-door neighbor. You can see it below via the official YouTube channel of SNL.

Jaleel White, who has confessed that he does not miss Urkel, says that people will remember him for his acting skills and not the character he played. ItsPurpl, his cannabis brand, is something White has done away with. California-based company itsPurpl offers its version of the Purple Urkel strain. White even donned the role of Urkel to promote the launch. He was seeing Urkel enter the marijuana industry iisn’tquite as absurd as what SNL made in their latest parody.

SSNL’sre-imaginings of the Urkel character are funny, but it is not much more than what NBC will do with the Will Smith character in Bel-Air. The Fresh Prince used comedy during its run to deal with the harsh realities Smith had to face growing up in inner-city Philadelphia. Some people think BBel-Air’sdramatic turn is a bit too extreme. It would be much the same as a dramatic take of Urkel. IIt’spossible that Urkel might one day return to television screens, even though it seems unlikely. IIt’snot impossible for Hollywood to do strange things.




James Gunn Reacts to Funny Peacemaker & Guardians of the Galaxy Comparison

James Gunn Reacts to Funny Peacemaker & Guardians of the Galaxy Comparison

Director James Gunn responds to a fun and clever comparison between his new show, Peacemaker, and his Marvel Studios film Guardians of the Galaxy. Peacemaker, the first DCEU show, was released on January 13th and had three episodes. It has been highly rated so far. John Cena plays Christopher Smith (a.k.a. Peacemaker returns to the screen, his first appearance since his debut in The Suicide Squad, also directed and produced by Gunn. The film’s ending credits show Peacemaker, a patriotic vigilante, waking from a coma following his neck shot by IdrisElba’s Bloodsport.

Gunn began his superhero comic book journey in 2014 when he directed the Guardians of the Galaxy film. Fans have been eagerly awaiting the third installment of this trilogy, three years after the second film’s release. There were some issues with the third film, and Disney fired Gunn in 2018. Marvel fans are happy to report that Gunn was rehired to continue his beloved trilogy. It is now entering Phase Four in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The third film will be set after Avengers Endgame and Thor. Love and Thunder.

Gunn, an active Twitter user, responded to FandomWire’s tweet. The tweet contained a photo that included two photos, one from Guardians of the Galaxy and one from Peacemaker. Both photos look very similar. Gunn noticed the comparison and immediately retweeted it. He also added a humorous response to the picture. You can see it below.

Gunn has completed Peacemaker season 1, so he is now focusing on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. The quick move to another property and the intense directing workload will likely cause Gunn to take a break following the completion of the third film. Gunn expressed an interest in making Peacemaker season 2 if given the opportunity. Regardless of the outcome, fans will know that Gunn will continue to use his winning formula for entertainment in his future projects.

DC fans are excited to see what the second season of Peacemaker has in store. There have been many clever Easter eggs in the DCEU and DC comics. Gunn’s Twitter presence has provided much interesting behind-the-scenes information about Peacemaker. He will hopefully provide the same for MCU viewers once production begins on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is on the rise.



Spider-Man Characters Play Family Feud in Hysterical Fan Edit

Spider-Man Characters Play Family Feud in Hysterical Fan Edit

A new YouTube version of “Bully Maguire: Family Feud” has been released in the wake of Spider-Man’s December release. Tobey Maguire was the famous Peter Parker/Spider-Man role in Sam Raimi’s sometimes silly Spider-Man trilogy. After the abandonment of plans for Spider-Man4, Sony revived the franchise in 2012 with Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man with Andrew Garfield as the lead. After The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014), when Sony and Disney/Marvel Studios signed a deal to bring Peter Parker/Spider-Man into Marvel Cinematic Universe through Tom Holland, the franchise would be relaunched.

Maguire and Garfield played their web-slinging roles in the MCU movie Spider-Man No way Home. The film’s main character, Maguire, seeks the assistance of Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), a friendly neighbor sorcerer. This helps to undo Mysterio’s identity reveal in 2019’s Spider-Man Far From Home. After the spell goes wrong, characters from past franchises are introduced to the MCU. These characters include Doc Ock (Alfred Molina), Green Goblin, Willem Dafoe, Electro (Jamie Foxx), Sandman, Thomas Haden Church), Lizard, and Lizard (Rhys Ifans). Maguire’s was not the Venom-enhanced “bully” version Spider-Man 3.

YouTube’s creator of many Tobey Maguire/Bully Maguire edits recently shared the continuation to his “Bully Maguire On Family Feud” video. It has been viewed over six million times. “Bully Maguire: Family Feud 2” sees Ditkovich as a landlord. Mr. Ditkovich (Sergei Ditkovich) appeared in Spider-Man 3, and the eponymous Peter trouble Steve Harvey (Kirsten Duncanst) as Mary Jane (Kirsten Dust) watches. It’s available below.

This parody video, one of many dedicated to the famous “emo” Peter Parker sequence in Spider-Man 3, can be found here. “Bully Maguire On Family Feud” is a parody video that uses original footage and audio and then slices it with another to create a completely new experience. Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy remains one of the most popular and meme-able comic-book movies. However, the inclusion of Maguire & Garfield in Spider-Man No Way Home has renewed interest in previous iterations.

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige and Sony Executive Amy Pascal stated that they are currently working on Spider-Man 4. Holland is not under contract to do another trilogy. Holland has not yet indicated that he is considering leaving the role of Spider-Man, but it seems more likely that Holland will continue to be Spider-Man. However, fans are keen to see Garfield’s Spider-Man and Maguire in films other than Spider-Man. Rumors persist that Garfield’s Spider-Man is in Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters. However, there are theories Maguire could appear in Raimi’s Doctor Strange. Maguire may bother Cumberbatch. However, he should not tell him he’s going to “put some dirt in [his] eyes.”




Yellowjackets Creators Confirm Jackie’s Fate Could Be Shauna’s Fault

Yellowjackets Creators Confirm Jackie’s Fate Could Be Shauna’s Fault

Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson discuss how Shauna may have caused Jackie’s fate in season 1. Yellowjackets have concluded its first season on Showtime. The series is a huge success with both critics and viewers. It quickly gained a following thanks to word-of-mouth and fan speculations about the story’s future.

Yellowjackets are a 1996 high school soccer team that crashes into the wilderness. They are left stranded there for 19 months and the lives of their survivors 25 years later. Shauna (Sophie Nelisse, Melanie Lynskey) is one of the central relationships. She and Jackie (Ella Purnell) have a falling-out in the forest after it is revealed that Shauna was pregnant by Jeff (Warren Kole), who Shauna is shown as being married to in 2021. Jackie tries to kill Travis (Kevin Alves) in season 1, leading Jackie to be sent outside the cabin, where she freezes to death.

In an interview, Lyle, Nickerson, and Purnell discuss Jackie’s funeral and what it means for the survivors. They talk about Shauna’s responsibility for Jackie’s death and how that’s ” that could be her fault. This guilt is still felt by Shauna in 2021 when she has visions of Jackie. They also discuss how Jackie’s abandonment by the team was prefigured during Yellowjacketsfirst Season by her refusal to help with survival efforts and her sleeping with Travis.

Purnell briefly mentions what might happen to Jackie’s body in the interview. Purnell said that she does not know what will happen to her body but knows that ” it will happen at some point,” which refers to their turning to cannibalism. The finale officially marks the beginning of winter. It also raises the question of whether the remaining characters will eat Jackie’s body. Purnell expressed his enthusiasm to play Jackie again in season 2, as either a ghost or a hallucination.

The Yellowjackets finale raised many more questions than it answered. There are still questions about the mysterious group that kidnaps Natalie (Juliette Lewis) or the possibility of new adult survivors. Or the fact that Misty (Christina Ricci, Sammi Hanratty) continues to poison people. With Jackie’s death, Shauna feels a lot better. Season 2 of Yellowjackets will be as captivating and twisty as the previous season.




Betty White’s Assistant Shares One of the Last Photos Taken of Late Actor

Betty White’s Assistant Shares One of the Last Photos Taken of Late Actor

Betty White smiles in one of the final photos of the actress. The legendary actress started her career in the 1950s. She starred in many other TV series and rose to fame in the 1970s and 1980s. White is best known for her role in The Golden Girls’ sequel, The Golden Palace. She also appeared in the spinoff Empty Nest.

White died on December 31, 2021, just before her 100th birthday. White had a distinguished career that included over 100 credits, five Primetime Emmys, and a Daytime Emmy. She also received a Grammy Award and two Screen Actors Guild Awards. In 1995, White was awarded a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame and the honorary title of Mayor of Hollywood. White died in her Los Angeles home after suffering a stroke on Christmas Day.

Kiersten, Betty White, was the assistant to the Golden Girl and shared a photo of her on Facebook. It was taken 11 days before her death, on December 20, 2021. The 99-year old is wearing a bright green top and white pants while smiling at the camera with her signature red lipstick. Kiersten wrote, “It’s one of the final photos of her,” and wanted the photo to”It’sared on the “special” which re”ers to WWhite’s100th birthday (1 January 17″She also,” said that was as White’s, beautiful and happy as ever. See the photo below.

White was a beloved icon in TV and film entertainment history. This is evident by the overwhelming support for the post on Facebook, which has more than 682,000 responses and 39,000 comments. White is well-known for her passion for animals. Many organizations, such as JuJuno’slace or Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals, have reportedJuno’sththey’veeceived donations in WhWhite’same. Others comment on hthey’veuence on their lives, wWhite’soves that WhWhite’sositive outlook and goodwill is not just a part of the theWhite’sters she played throughout her life.

WhWhite’seath was a sad day for many, but the photo sWhite’shumanity’sompassion and support. Fans often commented that BehumaniWhite’song life was a sign to hope in the face of disasters site’s global pandemic or other natural disasters. WhWhite’slatant goodness lifted pepeople’spirits. She continuesWhite’sthis by showing that happy people are in the photo, just days before her death. A particular scene from The Golden Girls has been viral. It highlights her comedy prowess as well as acting abilities. The show will be part of a Betty White tribute marathon, which runs until Ja January 18t 5 a.m. ET/PT.




GTA Trilogy’s Many Issues Dismissed As Simple Glitch By Rockstar Owner

GTA Trilogy’s Many Issues Dismissed As Simple Glitch By Rockstar Owner

Strauss Zelnick, Take-Two CEO and Rockstar Games boss, has downplayed Take-Two’s disastrous launch of the Grand Theft Auto trilogy. Rockstar’s launch of the GTAtrilogy was seen as a low moment. Rockstar is well-known for creating some of the most acclaimed games ever made. They almost always deliver them at a level that isn’t available to many large developers. Because of its reputation, the company can take its time with its games, which results in better products.

The same cannot be said about the trilogy. Players have been experiencing a variety of game-breaking bugs since November’s release. Rockstar tried to resolve these issues, but many felt the release was rushed and messy. Players experienced issues with rain, invisible surfaces, and lack of detail. Many fans were disappointed by the decision, as the original trilogy is beloved and memorable. The GTAtrilogy still has some problems, but it is better than in November.

However, Strauss Zelnick appeared to downplay the headache-inducing launch of GTAtrilogy in an interview with CNBC’s Jim Cramer. Cramer noted that Take-Two and Rockstar are notorious for not publishing titles until they’re ready. However, Strauss Zelnick countered this by saying that the GTA trilogy was not new. It was a remastering of existing titles. Although there was a small glitch at the beginning, it was fixed. It is not fair to say that there was one glitch. Players continue to report issues, such as the GTA3glitch that stops players from unlocking the final achievement.

Zelnick could be referring to an issue that forced the game from PC soon after its release. Rockstar was required to delete files from the game, although it was believed that the developer did not confirm this. However, this was only one of many problems with the launch GTA trilogy. This was not a particular issue. GTA gamers would likely point out other major issues present during the launch of the remastered trilogy.

The problems were so widespread that Rockstar offered GTAtrilogy users free games. This was because the developer felt the need to make amends to its community. The trilogy was developed largely by Grove Street Games. However, Rockstar had control over the product and its name on it. The GT trilogy was a tribute to the franchise. It felt like a shadow to what Rockstar fans have come to expect.




Resident Evil: Real Life Raccoon City Police Car Is Scary Accurate

Resident Evil: Real Life Raccoon City Police Car Is Scary Accurate

Recently, a Resident Evil fan spotted a Raccoon city police car parked at Best Buy in Arizona. The authentic-looking vehicle even had a minigun hidden away for safekeeping. The Raccoon police department has a fascinating history in Resident Evil legends. It is believed that the higher-ups took bribes to Umbrella to ignore their nefarious activities. R.P.D. Played a significant role in the T-Virus contamination that decimated Raccoon City’s drinking water supply.

Raccoon City’s best rest in Resident Evil in many other ways. The franchise’s most beloved playable character is Leon S. Kennedy, a rookie cop. R.P.D.’s Special Tactics and Rescue Service (or S.T.A.R.S.) often takes center stage, with members like Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine as the lead characters in the original Resident Evil episode. At the same time, many fans enjoy cosplaying as the iconic R.P.D. One fan took heroes and others a step further by creating RE.

Redditor posted photos of the real-life Resident Evil-inspired Raccoon city police cruiser that he found outside of a Best Buy. George responded to Reddit users who claimed they had seen similar cars. He confirmed that the police car is available on the streets of Arizona. The S.T.A.R.S. is emblazoned on the specially-designed black and white cruiser. The S.T.A.R.S. name is displayed on the side. R.P.D. Logos are located over the rear tires. The trunk also contains a fake minigun and two airsoft pistols, as well as a pair of revolvers. An airsoft shotgun is also included, mounted on drunken people. See the photos below of the R.P.D. Cruiser.

Reddit user suggested that the “OUT OF STOCK” cover for sirens might have been required by local or state law to keep the car street legal. This suggests that the owner had to go through many hoops to get his R.P.D. Cruiser road-ready. However, such efforts appear to have been worthwhile.

Resident Evil continues its success after the brand’s revival with the 2017 launch of Resident Evil7. Remakes for RE2 and 3 followed the highly-acclaimed entry. The latest installment of the franchise, Resident Evil village, is a direct sequel. It stars series newcomer Ethan Winters.





Why The Expanse Game Has You Play A Belter, According To Telltale CEO

Why The Expanse Game Has You Play A Belter, According To Telltale CEO

Telltale Games’ storytellers are incredibly talented and reveal why Camina Drummer was chosen as the main character in their upcoming Expanse: A Telltale Game and why her backstory might make it a must-play fan of The Expanse books or Amazon series.

Many people credit Telltale with bringing back the adventure game. Telltale Games enjoyed a huge fanbase and excellent reviews during its peak. In the early 2010s, The Walking Dead was a hit, and The Wolf Among Us was a popular episodic game. This episodic format allowed Telltale Games to release in smaller chapters rather than one large experience. Players’ choices and progress are carried over from each chapter. Between 2013 and Telltale Games’ sudden shutdown in 2018, eleven series contained over 60 chapters of episodic content. The announcement that The Wolf Among Us 2 would be released by the company, a prequel to the Amazon series and the space-opera book series The Expanse, heightened the excitement.

Instead of taking control of one of the Expanse’s spacefaring main characters, the players will instead take control of Camina drummer, a Belter who was not born on either the series’ human homeworlds of Earth and Mars. Game Informer reported that the developers wanted to tell a characterless familiar with sci-fi series. This allows the team to tell their own story. Jamie Ottilie, Telltale’s current head, stated that Drummer isn’t in the books, so she was the ideal character to focus on for the game. As they explore places and the mysteries of The Expande’s Solar System, fans will be part of a strong team of personalities.

Telltale Games’ developers felt initially apprehensive when they pitched the idea for a game that would take place before the events of the series. These doubts were squashed by Telltale Games, who saw an opportunity to expand The Expanse’s lore by adding backstory to characters that have not yet received one. Fans will have to wait and see what the game developers plan to do with the characters from Expanse.

Many are happy to see Telltale Games return, but others will not forget about the developer’s buggy engine and canceled projects such as the Telltale Stranger Things and the Game of Thrones. Telltale Games is making a strong comeback with new management, a game engine, and partnerships. If Telltale Games can create compelling new stories with The Expanse: A Telltale Game, it may be history again.




Steam games are finally starting to get their ‘Deck Verified’ status

Valve stated in October 2021, it was going through “the entire Steam catalouge” to ensure that each game was compatible with the Steam Deck handheld. The Steam storefront would display a “Deck verified” indicator that indicates a game’s status. This indicator shows that the game is Verified, Playable (with certain limitations), Unsupported or Unknown. It has not been tested.
Valve is beginning to see results from its efforts. SteamDeck members have noticed that certain games have been given Deck Verified status. While it isn’t currently shown on Steam store listings (but you can see it on SteamDB), there’s a way to see them. This list only covers 67 of the more than 60,000+ Steam games. Further complicating matters is that not all games on the list have been verified. You can only check the individual listing to verify a game’s current status.

Cuphead is one example.

Some limitations are minor. For instance, the Witcher 3 is fully functional with the Steam Deck controller setup. It “performs well,” but it is not rated “playable” due to some small text in the game that may be difficult to read on Steam Deck’s screen.

The list contains a few “unsupported” games, but Steam Deck stans are happy to report that all but one of these VR games are supported (Steam Deck does not support VR). Persona 4 Golden is the only standard game that isn’t supported on this list.

Redditor Priception_Official has a method to view these listings via Steam. It works, although it is a bit shaky. I tested it using the Firefox browser.

Here’s how it works:

On an open tab, press CTRL + Shift +M. This puts the browser in “Responsible Mode.” This allows you to mimic different displays so that websites will work on different devices.
Change the resolution to 900×800.
Click the Settings icon in the top right to enable “Show user agent.”
In the “UA” field, type “Valve Steam Gamepad.”
Make sure that “Touch Simulation” (next to the UA) is disabled
Go to and look at some games
The Steam Deck Compatibility indicator will be displayed in the upper-right corner if you have followed all the steps correctly. You can find out more about compatibility points by clicking the “learn More” button.

morehough it isn’t the best browsing solution, it works. It also shows that Valve is making some progress in this area. Small progress, yes, but great journeys and single steps. The process for getting games verified will likely be speeded up soon. The Steam Deck is expected to start shipping in February.

Although there is no information on when verification results will start appearing on the standard Steam store pages at this time, Valve did confirm that it has begun rolling out Steam Deck Verified results for a few games in an e-mail sent to PC Gamer.

A Valve representative stated that these early rounds were made to test different parts of the Store and Library on Steam Deck. “We’ll be conducting these tests in the coming week before we ramp up towards (and past!) launch.

Fable Art Director Paul McLaughlin Dies at Age 57

Fable Art Director Paul McLaughlin Dies at Age 57

Paul McLaughlin, the art director of many other loved games, has passed away at 57. After a long battle with cancer, he passed away on December 20, 2021.

McLaughlin, a 30-year industry veteran, began his career at Emerald Software in 1988 as a game developer. He then moved to Bullfrog Productions (1990). He was a key part of many acclaimed classics such as Populous II and Syndicate. McLaughlin was the art director of Black & White when Lionhead Studios was established as an offshoot from Bullfrog. He also served as the original Fable’s art director in 2004. McLaughlin was an integral member of the studio’s staff until Lionhead’s controversial closing in 2016. McLaughlin then became the head of art for independent developer 22cans.

Following the tragic news of McLaughlin’s death, the UK game development community paid tribute to him. Eurogamer collected these tributes from close friends and colleagues. McLaughlin was honored by Peter Molyneux as the co-founders of Bullfrog and Lionhead. “Paul was an important cornerstone of my life,” Molyneux stated. He was funny, professional, and moral. He could see the right and fair approach to any situation. He will be missed by me every day. His legacy will be felt for a long time.” Many fans have expressed their sorrow and condolences. Some cited Fable as a favorite game alongside McLaughlin’s other works. His wife Evie, Conor, Evy, and his two daughters Louise, Evy, and their son Conor are his survivors.