Xbox’s Phil Spencer Says PlayStation Game Pass Rival Is “Inevitable”

Xbox’s Phil Spencer Says PlayStation Game Pass Rival Is “Inevitable”

Phil Spencer, Xbox’s head of Xbox, has heard rumors about a PlayStation version of Xbox Game Pass. He believes that such a service will be available. Xbox Game Pass was first launched in 2017. It allows subscribers to access a large library of titles and download them for a low monthly fee. New games are added each month. These games include big-name titles such as the Hitman series and smaller titles like The Good Life. The service has recently increased membership numbers thanks to new releases like the Halo Infinite’ssingle player component.

Rumors are already circulating that Sony is working on its solution to Xbox Game Pass for PlayStation Consoles. This was suggested by David Jaffe, former God Of War and Twisted Metal creator. Although details of this subscription service are not yet available and are being developed under the working title “Spartacus,” rumors suggest that it will include games from older PlayStation consoles. This would make it easier for players who want to play games from the past but cannot due to the PlayStation 5’s inability to be backward compatible with those games. In recent months, Sony has been pulling physical gift cards from countries like the US and UK, fueling speculations that a new subscription service will replace it.

Recently, Xbox’s head Phil Spencer spoke toXbox’sding rumors about a PlayStation Game Pass alternative. He believed its imminent arrival was a certainty. Backward compatibility and the desire to play all games at once are some of the reasons that services such as Xbox Game Pass and the tentatively-titled Spartacus appeal to gamers. He also states that Sony’s willingness and ability toSony’sGame Pass is an indication that such services will be the future of the gaming industry. I believe the best answer is to ship great gaming products, ship them via PC, console, cloud and make them available as part of your subscription. That’s what I believe our competiThat’sll do.

Xbox Game Pass has seen a lot of success in recent years. While the total number of subscribers to the service fell short of Microsoft’s goals in 2021, it stiMicrosoft’snd 18 million members. Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming serMicrosoft’sd Ultimate subscribers to download and use Game Pass titles on Android-powered smartphones. This trend will likely continue in 2022, with Xbox confirming that there will be approximate 31-day releases of Xbox Game Pass titles in the next year.

Phil Spencer has been open about the future gaming. He doesn’t care if it’s about Xbox Cdoesn’tming’s poit’sial on the Steam DGaming’sthe growing roster of Xbox Game Studio’s talented developers likeStudio’sa. Subscription services such as Xbox Game Pass are a key part of this future. He also believes it’s only a matter of time before thit’sval console maker PlayStation launches its game collection service.



E3 Could Be Cancelled Altogether Rather Than Held Online, Per Insider

E3 Could Be Cancelled Altogether Rather Than Held Online, Per Insider

One insider claim could be canceled outright and not held online. In 2020, the long-running gaming show was closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This caused shockwaves throughout the industry and impacted almost every other aspect of the gaming industry over the years. E3 returned last year in Livestream format. There was also hope that the event would return to a physical stage in 2022, thanks to COVID-19 vaccinations.

The emergence of new COVID versions has questioned these plans. The Entertainment Software Association, which organizes E3 every year, expressed concern that E3 could be held online in 2022 because of ongoing COVID concerns. Jason Schreier and Mike Futterish, both gaming journalists, speculate that the ESA is using E3’s pandemic to change the format of E3 from a physical venue to one that is virtual-only. New rumors suggest that E3 may not take place this year.

According to Game Rant Jeff Grubb, VentureBeat reporter recently stated that E3 2022 may be canceled in a TikTok clip (later uploaded onto YouTube by Jeff Grubb’s Game Mess). Instead, publishers and developers will make major announcements about gaming at other venues, such as Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest or their in-house events. ESA has not yet confirmed the cancellation of E3 2022.

Summer Game Fest and Sony’s PlayStation Showcase were live-streamed to fill the gap left by E3 2020. They gave players a glimpse at upcoming titles such as Halo infinite and even revealed the PlayStation 5 console. Major companies such as Sony and EA decided not to attend the E3 2021 event. Many fans felt that last year’s reveals were lackluster. Many feel that HTML3 is losing its relevance within the gaming community. This sentiment has been growing since before the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ESA could cancel this year’s event despite the COVID-19 variants causing havoc worldwide and E3 losing in fan excitement and support over the past few decades. However, nothing has been confirmed. Even if 2022 continues, it’s not clear what form it will take or if it can regain the luster that many feel it has lost in recent years.



Genshin Impact Leak Details Yelan, Heizou, Ayato & More

Genshin Impact Leak Details Yelan, Heizou, Ayato & More

A Genshin Impactleak indicates that there may be new characters joining the game’s roster. The beloved action role-playing game miHoYo features a growing cast of characters. New heroes can be unlocked using a gacha vending system. Fans love new heroes. Genshin Impaircharacter leaks frequently predict who will be included in the next title.

Genshin Impact continues to expand its roster with unique heroes thanks to post-launch support by miHoYo. Version 2.4 added two polearm-wielding fighters to Cryo user Shenhe and Geo user Yun Jin. Each of these heroes brought unique talents and personalities to the Genshin Impactcast. Gamers now look forward to the next update and all its new additions. Many of the game’s non-player heroes are already in the game, thanks to leaked information. Genshin’s Impairupdate leaked information suggests that Ayato and Yae Miko will be the title’s next two warriors. The duo is expected to arrive in Version 2.5.

Twitter user Matfacio shared this image and reported it. An alleged Genshin Impactleak claims that several playable characters are revealed. In-game data is available about the skeletons of each figure, which confirms their identities and body types. Ayato has been given the male body type, which confirms that Ayato will be included in Version 2.5. The leaked data also includes heroes named Yellen, Heizou, and Kuki Shinobu, which suggests that they will also be introduced shortly.

Although very little information is available about the future of Genshin Impact, some recent leaks support the claims. In December 2021, a previous Genshin Impactcharacter leaked information about Kuki Shinobu. The hero was expected to arrive in the title’s 2.5 updates. In Version 2.3, the character was introduced to the action-role-playing game’s Teyvat world. It also featured Arataki Itto, a playable one gang leader. Kuki Shinobu is believed to be the second-in-command of the gangster. Information shared by matfacio via Twitter also suggests that she will be her character model.

Each update to miHoYo increases Genshin Impact’sroster. This draws the attention and curiosity of the game’s fans. While leakers can often reveal the next characters of the game before they are officially announced, other rumors are vaguer. Although model skeleton information does not provide definitive confirmation of any future content, it can help to confirm rumors about Version 2.5’s new additions.


Overwatch’s Lunar New Year 2022 event is light on skins this year

Overwatch’s new Lunar New Year 2022 event adds only two new Legendary skins to the game, compared to the usual five. The game’s annual events typically come with several new coats to earn and unlock for its extensive roster of heroes, but this is the lightest event for skins in the game’s five-year history, despite plans for a lot more legendary skins later in the year.

In a statement to Dot Esports, and Overwatch spokesperson said, “We understand that this year’s Lunar New Year event doesn’t have the number of Legendary skins as previous events. The Skins team is hard at work—with more Legendary Skins planned in 2022 than any year prior. We’ll share more with players on this topic throughout the year.”

Since Overwatch’s launch in 2016, every event, like Halloween Terror and Summer Games, came with a plethora of new cosmetic items and new game modes to play. But as development on the sequel ramped up in 2020, the hero shooter has pumped the brakes on new heroes, maps, and methods. Legendary skins have become one of the biggest draws to the game beyond regular play.

Usually created by a mixture of internal Blizzard artists and outside contractors, character skins are planned out well ahead of an event’s launch. It’s unclear why this year’s Lunar New Year event has fewer than usual. Still, I’m sure the ongoing investigations and lawsuits against Activision Blizzard and recent Raven QA strikes haven’t helped.

Lunar New Year still has a bunch of new skins in total but of lesser quality. Ashe, Soldier: 76, and Wrecking Ball all received Epic-level coats (lower-tier outfits typically recolours of existing skins) that must be earned by playing several games each week. There are also many new voice lines, some new emotes, and a couple of recent victory poses to boast after a win.

It’s a surprise to see the game’s first significant dip in the number of new skins, especially when its loot box system is still too random and pricey. If you log in during the event, though, you’ll get one free Lunar New Year loot box that guarantees at least one cosmetic from all Lunar New Year events, including the new one. By all accounts, Overwatch 2, with its redesigned character models and maps, will bring a lot more skins and things to buy and earn—whenever it comes out.

Crysis 4 has been announced

Crytek announced that Crysis 4 would be coming just hours after it was revealed on Chinese social media. The trailer shows the Crysis 4 classic nanotechnology in its shining greyscale glory. It ends with the number 4 and the message “Join us on the journey.” “Become the hero.”

It’s all hype, but it’s a bit bittersweet, considering that the entire thing was revealed just hours before the official announcement. Eurogamer discovered that a Chinese image was posted on Bili Bili Bili on the Chinese social media site. It appeared to be a Crysis 4 reveal. Crytek China posted: “The Crysis 4 project has been confirmed. This opens up a new nano battlefield!”

Crysis 4 appears to be a prototype title at the moment. YouTube thumbnail refers to it as the “4th installment in the Crysis franchise,” which refers to the 2012 statement by former CEO of Crytek that the next Crysis title wouldn’t be named Crysis 4.

Crysis 3 (2012) has been the last mainline Crysis title. However, the trilogy has seen several remasters in the past few years. Fans had hoped for a new game, and the announcement trailer will increase the excitement. Crytek seems to be keeping its cards close for now. However, they will hopefully leak more information about the next instalment soon.

Sims 4 Mod Adds Burglars Players Fight With To Retrieve Stolen Items

Sims 4 Mod Adds Burglars Players Fight With To Retrieve Stolen Items

The new Sims4 mod will allow you to fight back against robbers in many different ways during a robbery. The Sims series hosts an active modding community. Members create mods to improve gameplay and add custom content such as furniture and clothing. With over 36 million gamers worldwide, the game’s creative community ranks as one of the most active gaming communities.

Before The Sims 4, every installment of The Sims series had burglars. They would enter Sim families’ lots late and steal valuable items. You can set off burglar alarms to stop them. In some versions of the game, Sims with special traits or supernatural identities could take on the robbers. Sims with brave traits or Sim werewolves might be able to fight them, scaring them off and forcing them back the stolen items. Despite being feared by many players, burglars are a favorite gameplay mechanic and a target for revenge in The Sims.

CarlsSimGuides announced the release of a burglar-centric mod on Twitter this week. He is a veteran modder and guide writer for The Sims series. Sims will have 25 different ways to combat burglary, including supernatural powers and even the Simray from Scientist [career]. Updates to the mod will keep it updated with new features such as a burglar alarm and combat options. There will also be many traits that can be added to homes that reduce or increase burglary frequency. The mod is currently only available to Patreon subscribers. However, it will soon become free to all players.

The mod is an excellent example of The Sims 4 creative communities filling in the gaps in the game’s features. The game’s release in 2014 was The Sims 4, lacking several features available in previous installments of the series. This led many players to feel that the game was not complete at launch. Hot tubs, a fan favorite, were not available. The color wheel that was used in Sims 3 was missing. There was no life stage for toddlers. Babies grew up to become full-grown children. Players have repeatedly expressed their desire to see burglars added to the game. However, community modders were left to pick up the pieces.

The Sims 4 game has been around for seven years. At that time, more DLC content was released than any other series title. EA has released many DLC products that felt buggy and unfinished to their fans. This forced them to spend large sums of money for Sims content, which would have been included with the base game in previous generations. Modders and creators of custom content have kept the series alive by listening to fans and implementing their changes in the game. This burglar mod is a testimony to the hard work done by The Sims 4creative community and their dedication to making the game fun even after many years.




Zelda: Twilight Princess Cosplay Is Truly Magical Regalia

Zelda: Twilight Princess Cosplay Is Truly Magical Regalia

Fantastic The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess cosplay that brings to life the mythical ruler of Hyrule. The long-running Nintendo adventure series features Link as the protagonist. However, Zelda is often a strong force of good and lends assistance to the player. The incredible cosplay of Link and Zelda have brought back the franchise’s characters, allowing fans to pay homage to Hyrule’s beloved world.

Although the Legend of Zelda series timeline is confusing, certain elements are consistent with reappearing throughout the Nintendo series. Link, a green-clad warrior who wields the Triforce of Courage and is the series’s protagonist, is always available. Ganon, a pig-like monster that wields Triforce of Power, plots to overthrow Hyrule and is often the main antagonist or overarching threat. The Triforce of Wisdom is wielded by the titular Zelda, who acts as a guide for the player. Fan-made costumes of Princess Zelda (a disguised version of the regal mage) often pay homage to the character’s past in fantasy.

Reddit user Hockeychick44 created a fantastic Zelda costume. It brings the powerful and iconic ruler to life. The cosplay was inspired by Hyrule’s appearance in The Legend of Zelda – Twilight Princess (2006) entry. Hockeychick44 recreated Zelda’s entire design, including her pointed ears and crown. Zelda’s dress has been embroidered to match her in-game design. The armored shoulder pad gives the ruler an element that reflects her fighting spirit. Cosplay also includes a mask worn to Magfest 2022 gaming festival. Many commenters joked that it made hockeychick44 look like Sheik.

Click here to view the entire Reddit post and see an image gallery.

Many Legend of Zeldacosplayers strives to recreate the characters of the franchise. However, others prefer to combine different series. One example is the hilarious Horizon Zero Dawn Bokoblin’s alloy cosplay, which combines Guerrilla Games’ open-world adventure with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Both games allow gamers to explore the world as they wish, and both are set in a post-apocalyptic environment populated with machinery. Cosplay faithfully reproduces Aloy’s appearance, but it uses a large Bokoblin helmet as a helmet. This creates a bizarre and wonderful crossover.

The Legend of Zelda series has an extensive history that gives cosplayers plenty of inspiration to create real-world outfits. Hockeychick44’s Twilight Princesscosplay completely recreation Zelda’s pointed ears and intricate details. It even matches the royal color scheme making it appear that Zelda is wearing her Sheik mask.

Marvel’s Spider-Man & Marvel’s Avengers Spidey Suits Compared By Fans

Marvel’s Spider-Man & Marvel’s Avengers Spidey Suits Compared By Fans

Marvel’s Spider-Man fans have compared the suit designs to Marvel’s Avengers, a collection of arachnid clothing. Insomniac games put a new spin on the world of Peter Parker in Marvel’s Spider-Man. Marvel’s Avengers released Spider-Man on PlayStation in November 2021. This added the hero to the multiplayer game’s roster.

Marvel’s Spider-Man was released in 2018 with great reviews from fans and critics. The game is set in New York City and aims to make the player feel like Spider-Man by providing fun traversal, deep combat, and an emotional storyline. Crystal Dynamics’ 2020 title Marvel’s Avengers was more controversial upon release. The game’s unique roster of heroes was well-received, but the title was criticized for its microtransaction system and the lack of meaningful content at the end. Spider-Man’s inclusion in the game was controversial due to his PlayStation exclusivity, Marvel’s Avengers’ Spider-Man web-swinging being more clunky than Insomniac’s series.

Reddit user SuperAlloyBerserker created a side-by-side list of Spider-Man suits that appear in both titles. Both games use the character’s comic book history to create cosmetics. Naturally, there is some overlap. Most commenters agreed that Insomniac has a superior version of each suit since the comparison was made to Marvel’s Spider-Mansubreddit. Many gamers thought that some of Marvel’s Avengerscostumes looked good, such as the Secret War suit and wrestler costume. Some even consider Crystal Dynamics’ Spider-Man Noir better than others, as Marvel’s Spider-Man did not include the iconic long coat.

Soon after Marvel’s Avengers introduced its version of Spider-Man’s, the friendly neighborhood hero made a cameo in another video game. December 2021, Fortnite’s New Chapter added Spider-Man mechanics, which allowed gamers to fly around as the amazing superhero. The battle royale’s third Chapter added the Daily Bugle to the map as a landmark. Many gamers felt that Fortnite’s Spider-Man version was better than the one in Marvel’s Avengers. This is due to the shooter’s more realistic web-swing mechanics.

Marvel’s Spider-Man and Marvel’s Avengers are based upon beloved comic book properties. However, the reception of these titles could not have been more different. Both gamers and Spidey enthusiasts loved the insomniac version of Peter Parker, and a highly anticipated sequel was announced. Marvel’s Avengers has struggled to establish its footing since its launch. Although a comparison between Spider-Man suits shows Marvel’s Spider-Man as the obvious favorite, Marvel’s Avengers did manage to make some wall-crawler cosmetics.



Major esports host ESL Gaming is now owned by Saudi Arabia

A holding company controlled by Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund purchased ESL Gaming, an organizer of esports events, and FACEIT, a tournament platform. According to Sports Business Journal, the purchase price was $1.5 billion. The acquisition will see the merger of both companies into the ESL FACEIT Group. They plan to combine their expertise and technology to create the “ultimate platform for competitive gaming.”

ESL, headquartered in Cologne (Germany), hosts major CS: GO and Dota 2 tournaments and Dreamhack LAN events after a 2020 merger. FACEIT, a competitive gaming platform, provides matchmaking and anti-cheat services for players and publishers. The merger will see Craig Levine, ESL CEO, and Niccolo Maisto, CEO of FACEIT, lead the new organization.

The goal of the ESL FACEIT Group is to take games and players “from casual competitions to arena events on one platform”–essentially, to be the recreational, minor, and major leagues for every esport. The company also discussed its plans for Counter-Strike, a game that it is heavily involved with. ESL FACEIT Group stated that it intends to promote “more stability” in the North American CS: GO esports scene through increasing competitions, providing incentives for pro teams and improving infrastructure. It aspires ultimately to become a “truly global ecosystem” in CS: GO esports, with “accessible and well-connected competitive circuits for everyone.”

Savvy Gaming Group is the holding company that facilitated the merger. According to press materials, it was established in 2021 to “drive long term growth and development of games and esports industries worldwide.” It is 100% owned by Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund. This fund controls at least $500 million of the country’s wealth. It is managed by Mohammed bin Salman, the Saudi Crown Prince. Brian Ward, an ex-executive at Activision who led the integration of Blizzard in the 2008 merger that gave rise to Activision Blizzard, is the CEO of Savvy Gaming Group. Ward worked previously as a studio director at Microsoft and EA.

The Saudi Public Investment Fund led an unpopular group takeover last year of Newcastle United Football Club, Premier League’s football club. Amnesty International was one of the most prominent critics of the deal. It was called “sportswashing” by Amnesty International. This refers to the use of high-profile sporting teams or events to distract attention from human rights violations. This case relates to Saudi Arabia’s imprisonment of activists and other dissenters. The Premier League stated that it had received legally binding assurances that the Saudi Arabian government would not control Newcastle United after the deal was signed.

Amnesty International responded to the league’s statement in October 2021, saying that despite assurances of a separation from Saudi Arabia, St James’ Park ownership is now very much about image management for Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (and his government). “We hope that fans, players, and Newcastle United staff will take a severe look at the human rights situation within Saudi Arabia as the season progresses and be ready to speak out about people like Abdulrahman al-Sadhan’s 20-year sentence for tweeting. (Context.)

The next major ESL event will be the $1M CS: GO Championship at IEM Katowice 2022. It is scheduled to take place on February 25.

Gal Gadot Will Never Work With Joss Whedon Again After Justice League

Gal Gadot Will Never Work With Joss Whedon Again After Justice League

Gal Gadot has stated that she will not work again with Joss after Justice League. Internationally, the actress and model from Israel gained fame first for her role in the Fast & Furious series. However, her most notable role is Wonder Woman in the DC Extended Universe. Gadot was first seen in Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016). She then made her solo, highly successful Wonder Woman in 2017.

The DCEU’s first big movie as a team-up, Justice League, was released in the same year. It went through a notoriously difficult production process. The film suffered a setback halfway through filming when Snyder was forced to step down as director. This was due to a personal tragedy with Warner Bros. The Avengers director JossWhedon was hired to replace him. The conflicting visions of the two directors are now believed to have led to the failure of the Justice League, which the Snyder Cut corrected. Apart from the film’s quality, Whedon was accused of inappropriate and abusive behavior on the Justice League sets from a few stars.

In an interview with Vulture, Whedon broke his silence about these allegations. He denied specific reports that he had threatened Gadot’s career as a member of the Justice League set. He also dismissed reports that he had threatened Gadot’s career. He said it was all down to misunderstandings because English wasn’t her first language. Gadot replied to this denial by saying that she ” understood perfectly.” She also pledges not to work again with Whedon and suggests that her peers do so. Below is her complete response.

If Whedon’s allegations against Gadot on the set of Justice League were true, it is understandable why she wouldn’t want to work again with him. Although Whedon now denies Gadot’s accusations and instead reversed the blame onto the Justice League cast, his defense is unlikely to be well received. Whedon’s excessive number of allegations against him is not a good sign. Ray Fisher, the Cyborg actor, has also made accusations of Whedon as unprofessional. Apart from Justice League, Whedon is now being accused of similar behavior in past television projects such as Firefly and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

It is yet to be seen if Gadot’s peers will listen to her warning and refuse to work with him. Whedon has recently resigned from his position on HBO’s The Nevers. He is currently not working on any future projects. It might prove difficult for actors to accept a director’s seat if he decides to stage a comeback after Justice League.