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Nintendo Switch – OLED Model Review: These Games Have Never Looked Better

Nintendo Switch – OLED Model Review: These Games Have Never Looked Better

The Nintendo Switch – OLED Model is the most advanced Switch ever made. This is the best version of Nintendo’s current-generation console. The improvements are subtle but important, and the unit feels premium. Its makers highlighted the improvements, including a larger screen, stronger speakers, and a wider and stronger stand. These all make it a more desirable product. It’s the new standard in handheld console play in 2021. The Switch Switch Lite is no longer portable, so it doesn’t have the same flexibility for home use.
This is the summary of my review. If you have read enough good stuff, then I am glad that we were able to either confirm your thoughts or add to the confusion of contradicting voices. This is my point. The longer version requires that we begin with what we had prior to the OLED’s arrival: A perfectly wonderful console, despite its flaws.

The original Nintendo Switch was launched in 2017 alongside an avalanche of marketing. Few of us were prepared for the reality. Advertisement showed us how we would take this hybrid home-and-handheld console to parties (rooftop setting optional) and then pick it up from the dock to board a flight to get our game from a convenient suspend status somewhere across the Atlantic.

Yet, this is the way we have used this device. It’s been incredibly close to me over the past four year. My original Switch has been to many bars and pubs, has been with me everywhere I have traveled, and is now a constant companion in my backpack. It has been to parties, been shared with others, and lit up my commute in The Before Times. It has been connected to other devices for local multiplayer, and I have logged through numerous online Mario Kart 8 Deluxe races. It was actually more realistic than the marketing – something not often seen with new products promising new ways of playing.

As someone who has played on many gaming hardware over the past 35 years, my earliest memories of gaming were on a ZX Spectrum playing Frogger rip-offs called Hopper. This console is, in my opinion, the best. It is what it is. With its many flaws, the 2017 Nintendo Switch was. There were detachable JoyCons that could drift, a stand that couldn’t support the system’s weight and an interface that could scratch the screen. The box also had half-assed online capabilities. A 720p display was barely visible, but it did blurred a few cross-platform titles.

Even with all the negative aspects, the Switch’s good qualities have elevated it to an all-timer. The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt may not look as great on Switch as on an expensive PC. However, I can still play it on a bus, plane, bed, or the toilet if I want to. It’s amazing that such a game exists on the Switch’s library. Games 1, 2, 4, and 5 from GAMINGbible’s greatest games of all-time list are available on the system. The Switch spans all generations of gaming in a way that is unmatched. It can bring 8-bit platformers back to life and can also deliver an immersive, immersive, beautiful open-world experience such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This thing is amazing. This is the thing that’s been put in the shadow, rather than a successor that does enough for the OG Switch to take the crown.

The OLED is a great addition to this already appealing mix. First, it is not the rumoured Switch Pro – although the OLED runs your games at 720p handheld resolution, the difference in how the moving images are generated, and the improvement, is obvious. Although the original Switch’s LED screen was fine, there is a reason so many devices now use LED. OLEDs emit light from every pixel of the screen, whereas an LED screen uses a backlight to create its image. Organic Light Emitting Diode is the real clue. They are all lit up at once, and there are many of them.

In practice, this means that your Switch games will appear sharper and crisper with greater colour contrasts and darker darks sitting nicely alongside gleaming brights. It’s not surprising that OLED screens are much more detailed than older Switch screens, especially pixel-art games. Cartoon-styled titles are also a benefit. Streets of Rage 4’s game of the year, Hades, appears richer on OLED than ever before.

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Free Games: ‘The Last Of Us Part 2’, ‘Battlefield 2042’, ‘Ghost Recon’

Free Games: ‘The Last Of Us Part 2’, ‘Battlefield 2042’, ‘Ghost Recon’

Even though I am still reeling from the awesome demos and games of last Wednesday , thanks the Tokyo Games Show, Steam’s Next Fest and the Tokyo Games Show, this week is still amazing for the cash-free video gaming goodness. Here are our top picks for free and ‘free’ games you can play right now.

Are You Ready to Take the Next Step? See More of Wow

Xbox Game Pass is the leader in subscriptions. But PlayStation Now isn’t far behind. PlayStation’s subscription service has seven new games, some of which are very well-known. The last of us Part II is the most prominent. It was awarded the multiple game of year award in 2020 and was also the game of year according to gamingbible readers. Our review about Naughty Dog’s acclaimed sequel is available. It’s one every PS Now subscriber must experience.

PS Now also features Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic role player Fallout76 and the horrifying Amnesia Collection. The Final Fantasy VIII Remastered is also available. You can also find Yet another Zombie Defense and Desperados . You can view the full PS Now library.

You can also get some specials if you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber. Hell let Loose and PGA Tour2K21 are available up to November 1.

Don’t Play on a PC. Create One , At Epic Games Store

Europa Universalis IV has been removed from its position as Epic Games Store’s favorite free game. Now, there is something else. It’s true that building the computer of your dreams can be expensive. But PC Building Simulation is available for free . It will be available until October 14th, at which time it will be replaced by the remastered action-adventure braaaains em> ( ) which we reviewed earlier in the year.

Ride, Glide and Hide with Amazon’s Prime Gaming

Amazon Prime isn’t just able to deliver parcels, its gaming section is also looking fantastic. Prime Gaming has added many new titles since the beginning of October. There are many great games available until the end of October. Our pick is the creepy and stealthy Alien Isolation. It’s based on the popular movie series. You might prefer running to hiding than running. The futuristic parkour (plus hacking, slashing, and other activities) game Ghostrunner is for you.


We also noticed the space combat of Star Wars Squadrons on this month’s Prime Gaming List. You can read our review . There are many more: Blue Fire, Secret Files 3 and Song of Horror: Complete Edition. Red Wings: Aces of the Sky. Tiny Robots Recharge. Whiskey & Zombies. Wallace & Gromit Grand Adventures. Get more information right here.

EA Play and Xbox Game Pass Brings You A Literal Blockbuster

Although Xbox Game Pass is slow this week, EA Play’s Battlefield2042 Open Beta more than compensates. EA Play is part Xbox Game Pass and subscribers can participate in the beta. However, it closes on October 9th . So you might want to hurry. This brand-new shooter with environment-destroying physics was first shown at E3 and looks to be the most hectic entry in the long-running series yet. The full game will be released on November 19th, . You can also read our Beta impressions .

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Re-Releasing ‘GTA 5’ Yet Again Is Ruining A Great Game’s Legacy

Re-Releasing ‘GTA 5’ Yet Again Is Ruining A Great Game’s Legacy

The “expanded, enhanced” Grand Theft Auto V won’t arrive on PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X/S until March 2022. It’s already turning people against Grand Theft Auto V, one of the most beloved video games ever made.


GTA V is without doubt one of the most amazing video games ever created. It’s an exquisitely scripted and beautifully created single-player adventure that has an unforgettable story and opens up a world that is unrivaled even eight years later.

Los Santos feels spacious and rich with detail, but it doesn’t feel overwhelming. Every inch of V feels meticulously planned, from the shops, cinemas, gun ranges and shops, to the radio stations playing adverts for TV shows and fictional products, It’s an excellent parody of American culture, wrapped in a video game that delivers on every level. It deserves to be considered one of the greatest video games ever made.


GTA‘s legacy mustbe guaranteed. There’s no doubt about that. It’s hard to see the game’s much-maligned upcoming re-release slowly erode that legacy.

It is easy to understand why fans are upset at the new-generation GTA 5 consoles. Eight years have passed since the original game was released on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It’s been port to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, as well as PC. The “expanded” and “enhanced” version will be the second re-release of the game in less than a decade.

It is obvious that the growing discontent with the fact GTAV will soon be available on three generations of consoles while GTAVI remains a mysterious mystery. It is easy to see the increasing number of fans asking where the new GTA_ is. The like/dislike ratios on all YouTube trailers about the new-gen port tell their story. The Rockstar Games trailer for the latest port is currently at 248k dislikes and 43k likes.

It’s not a good sign that V doesn’t look as expanded or improved. Fans complained about the lack of graphical improvements and the promotion of features that aren’t necessary to justify a rerelease, much less one that is fully-priced.

One user wrote, “I believe that Rockstar people are truly f*cking for us.” “Like seriously? There is no way they could have sat down and decided that this garbage was what the community wants.”


“I can’t believe one their selling points was Seamless Character Switching’,” added another. “What a joke!”

People can be so negative about a re-released of one of the most beloved and loved video games ever made. This sends a clear signal: The fans are sick of Rockstar milking and it is ruining the game’s reputation.

I am certain that GTAVI will be out in ten years and that everyone will have moved on. We’ll forget the constant repackaging GTAV and instead remember the game as the striking open-world crime epic it deserves.

GTAV should be viewed in terms of its technical achievements, well-crafted open world, and its incredible cast. What about right now? But right now?

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‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ Is Getting Its Own Undead Nightmare, Thanks To Fans

‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ Is Getting Its Own Undead Nightmare, Thanks To Fans

Rockstar Gaming used to create this “single-player DLC” long before the internet. It was simpler and more magical.

Rockstar’s best DLC was Undead nightmare in 2010. Undead Nightmarewas an excellent add-on to the Red Dead Redemption. It transformed the Western into a survival horror. Fans thought it would be a matter time before Red Dead Redemption2 was released. They were wrong.

Red Dead Redemption 2released on 2018 It’s now 2021 and Rockstar Games made it clear that it prefers to focus on updating Red Dead Online. It’s not like Red Dead Redemption II is lacking in content. It would be amazing to see Arthur Morgan and his gang deal with a zombie attack.

This is where the fans come in. RedMaxBR and AClassySliceOfToast, modders, have released a few mods that transform Red Dead Redemption into an all-new Undead Nachtmare. Undead Towns turns the villages and settlements of the game into post-apocalyptic nightmare fuel. Undead Blackwater transforms the town into the only safe area in the world, while Undead Nightmare Camps litters it with makeshift forts.

These modders suggest using them alongside the RAMpage Trainer which gives the game an all-out Halloween makeover. If you want to experience the full Undead Nightmare experience, there are plenty of zombie horde modifications. Although it might not be the official sequel that we had hoped for, I will honestly accept what I can.

This Red Dead Redemption mod allows players to explore Mexico. It includes a variety of expansions that players have created to make the original game available in the latest RAGE engine.


Nuevo Paraiso can only be accessed through exploits. This is unfortunate because there are many areas in the game. Rockstar Gaming has had to abandon them in favor of other environments. Players have nevertheless worked tirelessly in map editor to bring the locations of the second game to Arthur Morgan’s story.

This mod basically collects all the Mexico custom content from Nexus Mods, and makes them available for players to download in one place. These include Escalera, Chuparosa, Casa Madrugada, El Matadero and more. You can even find a few camps to rest your character or top off your tanks.

Arthur can’t enter Nuevo Paraiso because Mexico is too dangerous due the rising threat from revolutionaries and a dispute with the United States. The region still has its own theme, weather, vegetation, audio, and ambient audio so you won’t be walking through it alone.

Even though I would not be the modders of these mods, Take-Two Interactive emails might catch my attention. After Rockstar Games’ parent company sent a DMCA warning against modders, the GTA Underground and Vice City Stories: PC Edition, Liberty City Stories, and San Andreas Reimagined were removed from the Internet .


Why? According to the CEO, the remakes were an indication of bad behaviour and a threat to the publisher’s economy. Rumours are circulating about a remake of Red Dead Redemption after the Grand Theft Auto trilogy remasters have been released. This could mean that we will be going back to Mexico in an official capacity. Keep an eye out for this, I think.

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Major Retailer Locks PlayStation 5 Stock Behind A Premium Paywall

Major Retailer Locks PlayStation 5 Stock Behind A Premium Paywall

The PlayStation 5 is out now for over a year. However, it’s still difficult to get one. It’s like throwing the One Ring into the fiery pit from which it came.

The PS5 has been frustratingly difficult to find. This is due to a variety of factors including supply chain problems, scaling, and pandemics. It’s therefore so disappointing to see that a major retailer has locked stock of Sony’s new-gen console behind $200 paywall. This is not a good look, my friends.

Wario64 noticed that Best Buy customers who wanted to purchase one of the new PS5 consoles in stock soon found out that they needed to be a member to get a look-in.

Totaltech is basically a premium customer support package that offers a few bonuses such as 24/7 tech support and exclusive access to “the most difficult-to-find products of the season”. Products such as the PS5.

$200 covers access to Totaltech and the possibility to purchase a PS5. This is for an annual subscription. There is no option to try the software for free. It’s a scary thought. It’s almost as if Best Buy is aware of what it is doing.

This tactic has not worked for Best Buy, and it’s likely given consumers some cause for concern. The PS5 is usually snapped up in minutes when it comes back in stock. ArsTechnica reported that Best Buy’s most recent batch of consoles was still available for almost two hours.


It’s obvious that nobody wants to pay $200 for a subscription in addition to a $500 console. Even if they were, they would probably prefer to go through a scalper and get it slightly less.

Today could be your lucky day if you are still looking for a PlayStation 5. UK retailer Smyths Toy Stores will take pre-orders for Sony’s new console today (October 5), but they’ll be gone quickly.


PS5 UK first reported the news of the restock (via VGC). Smyths claimed that they would take pre-orders for both the standard and digital PS5 models starting at 9am today, but only in store. Since then, Independent has confirmed that the retailer is actually taking orders in-store as of 9am. It’s not clear how much stock Smyths holds or how long the pre-order window will remain open, but I would imagine that you’ll want to act quickly.

To secure an order, customers will need to make a PS20 deposit. You should get your shiny new console between October 16-20.


According to the website of the retailer, there are more than 100 Smyths shops in the UK and Ireland. It’s possible to find one in your area before pre-orders close. It’s already 9:45 am when this article was published. You will need to act quickly.

Tell your boss if you just arrived at work that you need to go to the bathroom. Then, you know what, go to Smyths. This seems to be more important than work, doesn’t it?

Since the launch of the PlayStation 5, almost one year ago, Sony has struggled to meet the demand for the PlayStation 5. This is partly due to a shortage of semiconductors caused by the pandemic. However, scalpers have been buying up any stock available and selling it off at greatly exorbitant prices.


If you are still without a PlayStation 5 I wish you all the best. All the best to you.

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The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild Can Now Be Played In Arabic Thanks To Modders

The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild Can Now Be Played In Arabic Thanks To Modders

Breath of the Wild is now available in Arabic, four years after its launch. This mod has an impressive and extensive collection of features.

It’s almost impossible to think of all the tasks involved in making a game, unless you are a developer. There are so many details that we don’t think of. There are some huge tasks that we don’t think about, like localizing a video game in their own language.

Some people find it difficult to wait for a game in their first language. Most games are available immediately after launch in English or Japanese. However, it is not common for them to be translated into other languages. For example, the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has been unavailable in Arabic since its launch four years ago.

These players don’t have to wait any longer, and they don’t need to be able speak or understand Breath of The Wild. This is not Nintendo’s fault, but Eternal Dream Arabization. This group translated every bit of text in the game into Arabic.

As you can imagine, this process was time-consuming. It took more than a year of hard work. The YouTube channel added a trailer showing that modders were working on translating Breath of the Wild in May 2020. This means that this process has taken 18 months, or even longer.

It’s not clear why Arabic-speaking players were overlooked, considering the fact that Breath of the Wild has been translated into many other languages by Nintendo. Kotaku claims that Nintendo even cited Saudi Arabia for some of its Switch sales spikes. Eternal Dream Arabization is currently translating or has translated a variety of other games, including Resident Evil Village and Super Mario World.

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‘Skyrim’ Overhaul Makes One Of The Game’s Best Areas Even Better

‘Skyrim’ Overhaul Makes One Of The Game’s Best Areas Even Better

The Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim is truly the game that keeps giving. While Bethesda fans might be excited to see the sixth entry in this long-running RPG series, the fifth title, which is celebrating its 10th Anniversary in November with a new-gen edition for Xbox Series S and PlayStation 5, is being constantly improved, improved, and sometimes smashed to bits by a passionate modding group.

The improved category includes this mod for Falkreath. PCGamesN highlighted the mod by JPSteel2 which transforms the southwesterly town into a stunningly renovated location, worthy of any new-gen upgrade. This mod gives Falkreath some personality, distinguishing it from other similar settlements in the region.

The Falkreath mod is part of JPSteel2’s Cities of the North series of them. You can find it on Nexus Mods. The modder wrote: “Cities Of the North is my project. I want to create a custom tileset of each of the four minor towns – Dawnstar, Morthal, Falkreath, Winterhold. Although there are many updates available on the Nexus for each city, I have never felt that any of them was unique.

“The only difference between these four major ones and the five major ones lies in their unique architecture. Solitude, Whiterun and Riften have strong visual identities. You can instantly tell if you’re in the Reach or Rift by simply looking at the buildings. The hold capitals, which were made only of farmhouses, had no identity independent of the overhaul used. I tried the same thing for them.

The Falkreath mod brings new interiors and exteriors to the city. You can find more details about the mod at the Nexus link. These screenshots show the mod’s impact on the otherwise very similar city.

ICYMI, the PS5/X/S version Skyrim will be released on November 11, 2021 – exactly 10 year after it was first released for PC, PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360. I was there and still have my promo copy. How can it have been a decade since the original release of Skyrim for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360?

I have said it before, and I will say it again: I love mods. The modders and creators of mods can give games an extra boost beyond their normal lifespan. Skyrim is the only game that has survived beyond its natural lifespan. The game’s popularity is still high despite being almost ten years old. This is partly due to modders.

According to the Dark Side of Gaming there’s now a massive mod that allows you to fight all-new creatures. Mihail has added a large pack of highly detailed and impressive ghouls for you to fight. This pack includes everything you need to fight the Goblins and Minotaurs.

This pack includes 132 creatures, 22 weapons and 11 spells. It also contains 41 new ingredients and 35 new areas. This pack contains a lot new content, and all of it breathes fresh air into SKryim. The Elder Scrolls is the inspiration for this pack, but it also contains monsters from other lore such as Dungeons.

The pack can be downloaded and checked out on Nexus Mods . However, this only works for Legacy Edition Skyrim. A Special Edition update will follow.

You might be still waiting for an official Bethesda update to Skyrim . As I mentioned earlier, the game will be turning ten this year. Bethesda felt it was the right time to update the content with Skyrim anniversary Edition. The experience will include fishing and a lot of new content from the “Creation Club”. It will be released on November 11th, and we are eagerly awaiting its arrival.

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‘Riders Republic’ Is Currently Free To Play, But You Have To Be Quick

‘Riders Republic’ Is Currently Free To Play, But You Have To Be Quick

Riders Republic is now available for free, so hop on your bike! It was necessary. It would have been a missed chance and I would have thought about this for weeks.

Ubisoft Annecy, the creator of Steep is bringing extreme sports to stunning and accurately reconstructed recreations of American national parks. In an interview with theGamer, Thomas Geoffroyd, content director, stated that “I have never experienced the outdoors so well as when it’s with my friends.”

We live in a hectic world and are used to lots of stimuli. Nature sometimes does not move at the same speed. We wanted to mix them so we could share the fun and exciting moments in the great outdoors together. We believe that outdoor activities with friends are the best way to enjoy the great outdoors.

The trial Riders Republic is available to anyone who wants it. This is only available to PC players via Uplay. It pulls you into five careers in the game: Bike Freestyle (Bike Racing), Ski Freestyle (Ski Racing), Wingsuit, Rocket Wingsuit.

You can also choose from four multiplayer modes with:

  • Mass Race: There are three multisport races that have more than 50 participants. Every 30 minutes, new races are added to the map.
  • Versus Mode: Get five of your friends together at any career event to see who is the best.
  • Tricks Battle: Take part in 6v6 matches and try to score as many tricks on as many modules as you can. This will earn you points and help capture the modules. The team with the most points wins.
  • Free for all: Take on up to 11 competitors and show them how it is done with a selection of events.

The trial ends October 13th at 8.00 AM BST. Two weeks later, the game will be available for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S on October 28th.

Ubisoft announced Ghost Recon Frontline as a free-to-play, class-based shooter in the tradition of its tactical military series.


According to Frontline, there will be many modes. However, Expedition will be the first mode that is available. This game is a large-scale, 102-player with shades of battle royale. Teams of three complete objectives on an extensive open-world map before calling for extraction.

Control is also available as a secondary mode. This 9v9-style shooter simulates a deathmatch. Ubisoft also revealed a “traditional arena shooter” and promised that more modes would be added to Frontlineseason on season.

Frontline will offer three classes at launch. Assault Class is for those who want to be in the action. With its excellent fortification capabilities, Support Class can stand firm. Scout Class can pose problems from afar and flag enemies for their teammates.

Ubisoft teases that you can switch between contractors even during battle. You can shape the battlefield around yourself by calling in tactical reinforcements like deadly auto-turrets or smokescreen drones. There are many ways to win and it all depends on what strategic approach you choose.

What about the battlefield? Frontline will take place on Drakemoor Island. Ubisoft describes Drakemoor Island as “an open world full of diverse environments” with multiple landmarks, distinct biomes and weather conditions.

Frontline will evolve slowly over time, adding new maps, modes and weapons as well as classes and characters. Although there is no official launch date, a closed beta test for PC players will be held October 14-21. If you fit the bill, you can sign up at,

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YouTuber Assigns A Keyblade To Every Single Super Smash Bros. Character

YouTuber Assigns A Keyblade To Every Single Super Smash Bros. Character

YouTubers have carefully chosen the keyblade that corresponds to each Smash Ultimate fighter, in case they are ever able to use one.

It wasn’t a dream. Sora was actually added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate last Wednesday, after a nearly three-year-long quest to complete the roster. Sora will not be officially added until next week. At that point, you’ll all be able use his iconic keyblade and take on the rest of the roster.

We recommend that you check out the thread and the accompanying video below if you are so excited about Sora arriving that you don’t want to wait. Regular Pat compiled it and included the keyblade that each Smash fighter would use if they were to be able to wield one.

It all started as a long thread on Twitter, which can be found above. This thread includes almost every Smash Ultimate character. Except for Sora, who has a keyblade, Pat searched the Kingdom Hearts universe for the perfect keyblade, looking at everything from color schemes and final smashes in order to make his selections.

Although most people who read the thread agreed with Pat’s decisions, there were some questions. This is why the video. Link was given the dream sword. Pat explained that he used keyblade-adjacent weapons, but this wasn’t as catchy than the title he chose in his thread. The explanations also include that Samus is orange so she gets an orange keyblade. Although it sounds simple, it is actually quite effective.

Pat has given Kirby a keyblade, despite the fact that he cannot inhale Sora in Smash Ultimate and is therefore not qualified to use one. Sora’s keyblade has been replaced with one made of magic, so Kirby can still use his moves and have the Kingdom Hearts characters’ powers and move sets. We may see some of the Kingdom Hearts characters using keyblades in the future, now that Smash and Kingdom Hearts have been confirmed to exist in one universe.

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Veteran Final Fantasy Developer Working on New Dungeon Encounters Game

Veteran Final Fantasy Developer Working on New Dungeon Encounters Game

Square Enix has revealed Dungeon Encounters, the new Final Fantasy-inspired dungeon crawler game. Ito is known for his three Final Fantasy games, as well as being the creator of the iconic Active Time Battle system. Now it seems that he’s taking a different direction with a minimalist title that takes dungeon crawling back down to its roots.

Dungeon Encounters’ announcement trailer may bring back memories of Final Fantasy games past and present. It features beautiful art, solid character models and nearly blank maps. Dungeon Encounters offers players layers upon layers of board-game-like labyrinths to explore, instead of rich settings or vibrant environments.

The squares the player has walked on before are colored white. Unexplored squares are transparent. The trailer suggests that the game will be both a puzzle and a dungeon crawler. In fact, the player will be rewarded for exploring every level. Square Enix’s upcoming RPG will not be the only one to draw attention for its unique design choices. However, Dungeon Encounters’ stark minimalist aesthetic and complex puzzle mechanics might make it stand out from other Final Fantasy titles.

Ito isn’t the only Final Fantasy character involved in Dungeon Encounters. Hiroaki Kato was also the producer of Final Fantasy 12 The Zodiac Age. He worked on Tactics Ogre Let Us Cling Together as well as two Final Fantasy Tactics games. Nobuo Uematsu (the musical director) will join them. Ryoma Ito is contributing character art and Ryoma Ito (the designer) will also be joining them. Fans may find it a dream to see all these franchise titans work together on a Final Fantasy-inspired video game.

There are a variety of characters that can be played in the game, most of which fit into existing Final Fantasy archetypes. However, some characters, such as the sizable, round cat called Sir Cat and Jufren (a dachshund who wields a similar sword to Sif in Dark Souls), seem more experimental. Although the trailer doesn’t give much information about the mechanics of each character, it does show that some characters will have their own move sets. Square Enix claims that there will be 100 levels of challenging puzzles in the game, which could indicate that it will be more puzzle-oriented than any other title.

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