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Gamer Celebrates One Year Waiting For RTX 3080 By Sending Retailer A Cake

Gamer Celebrates One Year Waiting For RTX 3080 By Sending Retailer A Cake

Sometimes, despite the chaos caused by the pandemic across different countries and industries you need to find a sense of humor about your setbacks. This guy sent a cake directly to the retailer he purchased his RTX3080 from to celebrate a year.

Although the GeForce 30 series was announced in September 2020, it doesn’t necessarily mean that components are readily available. The global chip shortage had a huge impact on the technology industry. Big-names like Apple, Google, and Samsung bought the semiconductors that Sony left Microsoft and Vidia without.

Due to the popularity of cryptocurrency, a lot of GPUs were used in dedicated hardware instead of being used on the intended platforms. Now, we’re in September 2021 and still have many grumpy gamers who don’t have the graphics cards to elevate their games.

The guy who sent a sweet anniversary cake to the shop where he purchased his RTX3080, however, didn’t let the international issues rain on his parade.

This incredible, but very expensive PC build will cost you $15,000. Cor. Skyrim should have giants who actually batter me into space for that amount of money.

This story is actually from ETorty in Poland. They deliver confections for any occasion and all types. Although most of their customers use them for messages of congratulations or birthdays, one gamer requested that they send a cake to the shop where they bought their RTX3080.

The order for the graphics cards had been placed exactly 365 days ago, but the gamer still didn’t have it in their hands due to the aforementioned issues. The post was translated to read: “He decided that he would look back at the company, and sent them a cake. It had ‘One Year Together’ printed on it, along with an order number and a photo.

E-Torty stated that this was one the most hilarious custom orders they’ve ever received. Amazingly, the cake was only a few weeks after it was sent and the gamer received his RTX3080. There’s a strategy. Send a gift to Sony and you will get a PS5. It’s worth it.

China imposed a blanket ban last week on all cryptocurrency transactions, and any mining. This could be good news for anyone still searching for the best graphics card on the market to use with their computers.

Nvidia’s next generation graphics cards was revealed in late 2020. However, customers are still struggling to secure their hands on the RTX 3080 and RTX 3070 as well as the mighty RTX 3090. These zippy gizmos are used by cryptocurrency miners to mine their chosen coins. There are many reasons for this.

Additionally, cryptocurrency is extremely lucrative in China with an estimated combined value $150 millions stored in crypto wallets throughout the country. In fact, 300 NVIDIA 30HX graphics cards from NVIDIA CMP30HX were seized by smugglers in January. This would have earned them around $250,000 if the cards had made it to China.

One time, a man had $240 million worth of bitcoin on his hard drive. He lost his password to the hard drive, and the whole lot. If you have the guts to listen, here’s his story!

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This Alternative Resident Evil Movie Trailer Is What Fans Wanted All Along

This Alternative Resident Evil Movie Trailer Is What Fans Wanted All Along

The official trailer for Resident Evil is now available. It’s clear that fans have not been very welcoming of the trailer. It seems many viewers aren’t expecting the entire thing, from the visuals to the cheesy song choices. There’s a second trailer and it is better.

It starts by reimagining 2019’s Resident Evil 2 ( The best game in series), where Claire Redfield (played here by Kaya Scodelario), is given a lift to Raccoon City by a truck driver. The bad news is that the trucker does not kill the pedestrian. They are a zombie, which is the bad news.

The upcoming movie will feature Claire as the main character. It blends the two Resi games into one story. Claire returns to her hometown to find out what the Umbrella Corporation is up to. It’s quite bizarre to show a large company in trouble.

The next thing you know, undead monsters are causing chaos on the streets. Claire and Leon S. Kennedy (Avan Jogia), take refuge at Raccoon Police Department with Chief Irons (Donal Lugogue). There is not much hope for them.

S.T.A.R.S. continues to investigate the Spencer Mansion. S.T.A.R.S. – an elite police unit – investigates Spencer Mansion. Albert Wesker (Tom Hopper), Jill Valentine, Hannah John-Kamen, and Claire’s brother Chris Redfield are part of the team (Robbie Amell). This mission looks far more complicated than it appears, with Lisa Trevor (Marina Mazepa), a terrifying and tragic abomination, greeting them.

The trailer has more information than I can give you, in terms of narrative threads. But those are up to you to explore at your own pace. This is what I want to discuss: how the alternate cut is closer to what fans desired to see.

You can find plenty of B-movie sex, just as in the Other trailers But there is also more of Resi’s identity on the show. I’m referring to the game series, not Paul W.S. Anderson’s live action movies, which begin by missing the point but stray further away from God with each title.

Scenes from the game are brought to life in a new medium using confidence and boldness. The RPD sign with its illuminated lights looks almost lifted. RE2 The demonic licker, on the other hand, is elevated to a whole new level with its horribly detailed flesh. There are also some things that I didn’t think could be translated into a movie. For example, the mansion is ridiculous and filled with absurd puzzles. It is a wonderful place in the games, and it is amazing to finally see an authentic recreation of it (based on the appearance).

There’s also the dialogue, which combines the humor of older games with the seriousness of newer titles. Claire is a great example of this, sounding serious yet silly enough to remind us how eccentric Resident Evil truly is.


We can have the reactions we want, but that’s not the most important thing. Irons is terrified when he stands in the parking lot. Irons backs away from an unidentified threat and he moves closer to a chain-link fence that provides no escape. This is good, because Irons is a scumbag, who deserves all he gets (if he is in the same mold as his videogame counterpart).

The Turnaround Zombie’s signature move is met with shock, fear, and disbelief when he pulls it. These are the same emotions we felt when we first saw it in the remake and original games from 1996 and 2002, respectively. It is not unusual to see a once-human, mutilated creature consume a living being in cinemas. However, this scene channeled the horror of those movies. This is Resident Evil, and it’s my favorite scene.

The alternate trailer suggests that we might be in for something great here, even though the movie isn’t yet out. Resident Evilmay do justice to the franchise by making use the B-movie silliness and sci-fi horror, as well as the welcome poignance that the games have developed over the years. It’s obvious that I cannot wait to see it.

Resident Evil – Welcome to Raccoon City is coming to cinemas around the world starting November 24, 2021.

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EA Set To Drop FIFA Name And Rebrand, New Trademarks Suggest

EA Set To Drop FIFA Name And Rebrand, New Trademarks Suggest

Publisher Electronic Arts may drop the FIFA brand and rebrand its annual football sim.

Recent trademark listings reveal that EA has filed numerous applications for EA Sports FC. This could be the name for the FIFA videogame series moving forward.

Cam Weber, general manager of EA Sports Group, suggested earlier this month that the company might rename the franchise and that it was “reviewing its agreement with FIFA.”

“The depth of our partnerships, our ecosystem of licensed content, will allow us to continue to offer unrivalled authenticity to our EA Sports Football games, now and in the future,” read a statement.

“We invest continuously in the partnerships, licenses that are most important to players. Because of that, our game can only be authentically played in the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League, CONMEBOL Libertadores and Premier League, Bundesliga and LaLiga Santander, respectively.


“As we look forward, we are also exploring the possibility of renaming all our global EA Sports soccer games. We are currently reviewing the FIFA naming rights agreement. This is independent from all other official licensing and partnerships in football.

It has been revealed that EA filed the name “EA Sports FC”, with the UK Intellectual Property Office and European Union Intellectual Property Office. (Thanks, VGC).

Since then, it has been revealed that the company had filed video game software trademark applications under the UK Intellectual Property Office as well as the European Union Intellectual Property Office.

FIFA 22launched on October 1, for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One.

One gaming brand might come to mind if I say “loot box”. There are many games that add loot boxes to enhance the aesthetics of their games. However, there are some loot box that can have a significant impact on the game being played. These include EA’s huge FIFA 21. Players can pay to be able to play with famous footballers. This has been a source of frustration for many gamers.


Prime Icon Moment cards are used to commemorate the greatest performances of FIFA players in Ultimate Team. One FIFA fan decided to calculate how much music money and/or how long it would take to get a complete set of these cards for his team. EA claims that you can buy all the items in the game, and purchases are completely optional. It’s now time to see if that theory is true.

ScudzTV’s content creator revealed some calculations that could be used to calculate the time it would take to build a 100-million coin team. This team would include Prime Icon Moments such as Ronaldo, Ferdinand and Maldini. According to the creator, if you played 1,500 games per game, you would need to play 66,666 games in order earn this amount. Each match will take 20 minutes, which would translate to 916 games. It seems a bit steep to expect two and a half years worth of constant gaming.


Scudz said that trading to get there would take 1,650 hours, assuming you made 10,000 profit per trade. This is about 69 days of continuous trading. How about money? Scudz estimates that to acquire the team of his dreams, Scudz would need to spend PS79990 on FIFA points. This is, unsurprisingly enough, well above the average player’s budget.

The thread of stats circulated last week. People discussed how surprising it was that EA could claim that the game’s content is free. However, it seems to encourage spending. Now, the developer responded to the viral thread by making a second statement to The Mirror in which he challenged the notion that the average usage of Scudz might be lower than that of a skilled player.


Their statement stated that they were aware of recent speculation about what it takes for a great FIFA Ultimate Team in EA Sports FIFA. We appreciate the creativity and effort that went into mapping out paths to greatness. However, we question the validity of these theories. The calculations are based on a lot of assumptions.

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One Of The World’s Biggest YouTubers Wants To Create ‘Squid Game’ In Real Life

One Of The World’s Biggest YouTubers Wants To Create ‘Squid Game’ In Real Life

YouTuber Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson will recreate Netflix’s Squid Games in real-life. If you lose, I imagine that you will be pelted by a tomato.

Squid Game is a sensation. a streamer named “Squid Game” received tonnes and tonnes of messages by fans who believed she was the official account. With its intense social commentary, tension and frighteningly simple games, the South Korean survival drama has captured attention all over the globe.

It is a random draw that draws 456 people to play strange playground games in order to win $39 million. They don’t realize that failing to complete the games will result in their death.

Even if the show isn’t on your radar, you will likely recognize the animatronic girl playing Red Light, Green Light. She swivels her head around on her shoulders to see the contestants who don’t move and then turns her head back. The idea of these games becoming a reality is quite a strange one. However, Donaldson will have a lot of safety and health forms to complete.

Donaldson is well-known for his generosity so this pivot is interesting for the content creator. It also makes it seem a little too easy to forget the terror they went through, as they weren’t sure if they would survive these twisted games. A Video game, which is very similar to SquidGame, is currently in development Although the name of the studio behind the project is unknown at the moment, Donaldson was a big newsmaker earlier this year. However, it wasn’t because of one of his famed acts in philanthropy. Talk to The New York Times A few former collaborators described “difficult working conditions” and “unreasonable demands” during his time as a manager. One said, “If you think you can be a business leader or Elon Musk, then you need to consider the work culture and the rewards you offer.”

According to this leaker, Squid Game is going to get an adaptation for video.


Hwang Donghyuk, the creator of the show, explained that it was inspired by the Great Recession and the impact it had on South Korea. In the hopes of solving their problems, young people would put everything they had in cryptocurrency. The rise of Facebook, Google, and other social media platforms highlighted the gap between the haves versus the have-nots.

In an interview with Indie Wire, Dong-hyuk stated that “I wanted to portray an irony” because survival game-themed pieces are complex and require a lot of intelligence. You can see why they are putting their lives at risk because the games have been so hard. I wanted to do the opposite – make it simple and make people question why these characters would risk their lives for these games.

Squid Game was compared to a sadistic , with its bright colours, and penchant for sticky ends. It appears that a studio has been granted permission to adapt the show’s wildly popular series, but it remains unknown which one.

Tom Henderson, yes, that’s the same guy who leaked the Battlefield 2042 reveals and Warzone reveals – took the opportunity to tweet to claim that a battle royale based on Squid Game was in the making. Although Henderson doesn’t know the name of the company involved, he has been a part of the money in the past. This is why we have our ears to the ground regarding this rumour.

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Former ‘Daredevil’ Refuses To Work With Marvel Again Over Boss’ Controversial Past

Former ‘Daredevil’ Refuses To Work With Marvel Again Over Boss’ Controversial Past

Steven S. DeKnight, the former showrunner for Netflix’s Daredevil and current Marvel Comics author, has announced that he will end all ties to Marvel until the controversial Editor-in Chief addresses his past.


It was recently revealed that Marvel Comics’ editor C.B. Cebulski used to pretend to be Japanese to continue writing books under a different title.

Cebulski, who is a white man, used to write under the pseudo Japanese name Akira Yoshida. He worked on a variety of major Marvel comics, including X-Men and Thor. Cebulski was not content with a pseudonym. He went to great lengths to portray Yoshida, a true Japanese man, in fake interviews where he spoke about his childhood in Japan and how he learned English through comic books.


In 2017, Cebulski was named Marvel’s new Editor in Chief and finally admitted that Yoshida was nothing but a creation.

“I stopped writing under Akira Yoshida’s pseudonym after about one year,” he stated in a statement that he made at the time. It wasn’t transparent but it taught me a lot more about writing, communication, and pressure. It was a young, naive time and I still had much to learn. This is now over, and I am Marvel’s new Editor in Chief. I am thrilled to share my Marvel experiences with the up-and-coming talent across the globe.

This has been known for many years, but the question of Cebulski being Yoshida’s actor has recently been brought up by critics.

DeKnight replied to the outcry on Twitter by confirming that he will not be working with Marvel in the future. “I cannot in good conscience accept any further work until this is resolved.” He wrote, “I hope other creatives follow suit.”

In a separate tweet, he added that Cebulski’s history had just been brought to his attention.


You remember the part in Avengers Endgame when Black Widow tells Hawkeye there is a chance that the team can bring everyone back? Clint turns to her and says, “Don’t give us hope.” Yes, I felt that way when I wrote about the rumour of Daredevil returning to Disney+.


Knight Edge Media has reported that Daniel Ritchman believes Marvel is considering returning to Daredevil on Disney+. The entertainment company is looking at bringing back some of the Defenders cast members as well as some names from the wider Defenders universe, such as Jessica Jones, for a soft reboot.

This means that the Netflix series won’t be canon and that the origins and circumstances of the characters will differ even though they are portrayed by the exact same team. This sounds to me perfect. Charlie Cox would be a great Daredevil actor, and Krysten Ritter would be a wonderful Jessica Jones actress. There would be the possibility for some Defenders bad guys like Jon Bernthal or David Tennant to return as Killgrave.

It was a great casting job for the Netflix series. It was truly a special series, and fans have been asking Marvel to bring the actors back into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We already know Charlie Cox would love to return, because he recently spoke out about how he could not imagine anyone playing Jones or The Punisher except Ritter and Bernthal.

Let me let you know that this is just a rumour and not a fact. While I would love to see these actors back, we cannot control the situation. That’s up to Disney. If you are reading this, Disney, please sprinkle some topping to bring Daredevil home.

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‘Riders Republic’ Is Currently Free To Play, But You Have To Be Quick

‘Riders Republic’ Is Currently Free To Play, But You Have To Be Quick

Riders Republic is now available for free, so hop on your bike! It was necessary. It would have been a missed chance and I would have thought about this for weeks.

Ubisoft Annecy, the creator of Steep is bringing extreme sports to stunning and accurately reconstructed recreations of American national parks. In an interview with theGamer, Thomas Geoffroyd, content director, stated that “I have never experienced the outdoors so well as when it’s with my friends.”

We live in a hectic world and are used to lots of stimuli. Nature sometimes does not move at the same speed. We wanted to mix them so we could share the fun and exciting moments in the great outdoors together. We believe that outdoor activities with friends are the best way to enjoy the great outdoors.

The trial Riders Republic is available to anyone who wants it. This is only available to PC players via Uplay. It pulls you into five careers in the game: Bike Freestyle (Bike Racing), Ski Freestyle (Ski Racing), Wingsuit, Rocket Wingsuit.

You can also choose from four multiplayer modes with:

  • Mass Race: There are three multisport races that have more than 50 participants. Every 30 minutes, new races are added to the map.
  • Versus Mode: Get five of your friends together at any career event to see who is the best.
  • Tricks Battle: Take part in 6v6 matches and try to score as many tricks on as many modules as you can. This will earn you points and help capture the modules. The team with the most points wins.
  • Free for all: Take on up to 11 competitors and show them how it is done with a selection of events.

The trial ends October 13th at 8.00 AM BST. Two weeks later, the game will be available for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S on October 28th.

Ubisoft announced Ghost Recon Frontline as a free-to-play, class-based shooter in the tradition of its tactical military series.


According to Frontline, there will be many modes. However, Expedition will be the first mode that is available. This game is a large-scale, 102-player with shades of battle royale. Teams of three complete objectives on an extensive open-world map before calling for extraction.

Control is also available as a secondary mode. This 9v9-style shooter simulates a deathmatch. Ubisoft also revealed a “traditional arena shooter” and promised that more modes would be added to Frontlineseason on season.

Frontline will offer three classes at launch. Assault Class is for those who want to be in the action. With its excellent fortification capabilities, Support Class can stand firm. Scout Class can pose problems from afar and flag enemies for their teammates.

Ubisoft teases that you can switch between contractors even during battle. You can shape the battlefield around yourself by calling in tactical reinforcements like deadly auto-turrets or smokescreen drones. There are many ways to win and it all depends on what strategic approach you choose.

What about the battlefield? Frontline will take place on Drakemoor Island. Ubisoft describes Drakemoor Island as “an open world full of diverse environments” with multiple landmarks, distinct biomes and weather conditions.

Frontline will evolve slowly over time, adding new maps, modes and weapons as well as classes and characters. Although there is no official launch date, a closed beta test for PC players will be held October 14-21. If you fit the bill, you can sign up at ghostreconfrontline.com,

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Adam Warlock Joins Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, Played By Will Poulter

Adam Warlock Joins Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, Played By Will Poulter

Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3 has its Adam Warlock. Will Poulter, a British actor will play the next major challenge for Star-Lord & co.

After a hiatus due to the release of Spider-Man: Far From Home, the MCU is back in full swing. The pandemic caused a longer hiatus than expected. Black Widow was the first to return to the big screen, followed by Shang-Chi and then Eternals, which will hit theaters on November 5.

Disney and Marvel didn’t wait and released a complete slate of their next projects earlier this year. This slate includes Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3, which won’t arrive for another 18 months. However, there is exciting news from the Guardians 3 front. James Gunn, the director of Guardians 3, confirmed that Will Poulter will assume the role as Adam Warlock.

“Welcome, Will Poulter to the Guardians family. Gunn responded to Deadline’s report that Poulter was an “incredible actor” and “a wonderful guy.” Poulter, a British actor best known for his roles as Black Mirror and The Maze Runner Series’ villain. Although he is now part of the MCU it’s not clear if he will be a hero, or a villain. Warlock was both in print.

The way Adam Warlock arrived in the MCU was teased in the credits of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Poulter is a villain. At least to start with. A downtrodden Ayesha is seen plotting revenge against the Guardians for double-crossing her and her people earlier in this movie. Her plan is to create the next step in her race’s evolution. She calls Adam, whom she seems to be creating.

Guardians of the Galaxy fans will be excited to see what this month brings. This is due to the announcement of Adam Warlock’s role in the next film, as well as the launch of the first game by the group later in the month. Guardians of the Galaxy by Eidos Montreal will be available on all major platforms starting October 26.



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Veteran Final Fantasy Developer Working on New Dungeon Encounters Game

Veteran Final Fantasy Developer Working on New Dungeon Encounters Game

Square Enix has revealed Dungeon Encounters, the new Final Fantasy-inspired dungeon crawler game. Ito is known for his three Final Fantasy games, as well as being the creator of the iconic Active Time Battle system. Now it seems that he’s taking a different direction with a minimalist title that takes dungeon crawling back down to its roots.

Dungeon Encounters’ announcement trailer may bring back memories of Final Fantasy games past and present. It features beautiful art, solid character models and nearly blank maps. Dungeon Encounters offers players layers upon layers of board-game-like labyrinths to explore, instead of rich settings or vibrant environments.

The squares the player has walked on before are colored white. Unexplored squares are transparent. The trailer suggests that the game will be both a puzzle and a dungeon crawler. In fact, the player will be rewarded for exploring every level. Square Enix’s upcoming RPG will not be the only one to draw attention for its unique design choices. However, Dungeon Encounters’ stark minimalist aesthetic and complex puzzle mechanics might make it stand out from other Final Fantasy titles.

Ito isn’t the only Final Fantasy character involved in Dungeon Encounters. Hiroaki Kato was also the producer of Final Fantasy 12 The Zodiac Age. He worked on Tactics Ogre Let Us Cling Together as well as two Final Fantasy Tactics games. Nobuo Uematsu (the musical director) will join them. Ryoma Ito is contributing character art and Ryoma Ito (the designer) will also be joining them. Fans may find it a dream to see all these franchise titans work together on a Final Fantasy-inspired video game.

There are a variety of characters that can be played in the game, most of which fit into existing Final Fantasy archetypes. However, some characters, such as the sizable, round cat called Sir Cat and Jufren (a dachshund who wields a similar sword to Sif in Dark Souls), seem more experimental. Although the trailer doesn’t give much information about the mechanics of each character, it does show that some characters will have their own move sets. Square Enix claims that there will be 100 levels of challenging puzzles in the game, which could indicate that it will be more puzzle-oriented than any other title.

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Elden Ring Is In Final Stages of Development

Elden Ring Is In Final Stages of Development

The highly anticipated title Elden Ring from studio FromSoftware is a highly-discussed title. George RR Martin, a critically acclaimed fantasy writer, only adds to the excitement. Although the game did not make it to the Tokyo Game Show, fans who had been eagerly awaiting its arrival were given an update through another show. Manager Yasuhiro kitao, who is launching the game early next year, made a brief appearance and answered some questions about the game.

Famitsu hosted a short appearance by Kitao on a video show. One of the questions was about Elden Ring’s content. Kitao reaffirmed what type of game it is. It is FromSoftware’s culmination in dark fantasy action, with fans expecting the same level of adventure and difficulty as Dark Souls. He also spoke about the large number of dungeons in the game’s open world.

Elden Ring’s map, fast travel functions and other details were also discussed. This will be a major departure from previous games by the company. Kitao explained that the map would be larger than usual and more unconventional. The player can piece together their locations by finding pieces of the map in the overworld. This allows the player to choose how they want to explore.

Kitao stated that the game is in its final stages and is moving along quietly. He addressed the eagerly awaiting fans with a touch of humility and a message. He began by addressing the gap between Elden Ring’s E3 2019 announcement and the June video. He said, “I thought it would go forgotten until then but there were many people who were waiting for it, so I want to thank them again.”

After his brief appearance, he said that he hopes fans’ expectations are met as the team develops Elden Ring. Kitao was only able to appear on Famitsu for ten minutes due to his busy work at FromSoftware. However, his appearance highlighted many features that fans should be excited about for the upcoming title.

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New World Players Worry Endgame PvP Is Too Exclusive

New World Players Worry Endgame PvP Is Too Exclusive

Many of the thousands of new players who are entering New World’s Aeternum setting are not sure what awaits them. New World has a wide variety of content, including crafting, questing, and PvP. However, many of the more difficult content in New World requires players to find it themselves as they progress. As New World’s most committed players reach higher levels they are sabotaging the game’s PvP endgame.

New World players see the most thrilling systems when they open their maps. New World’s equivalent of guilds, companies can claim territories and then fight for them in a territory war. Although territories are New World’s most important resource, it is not possible to defend them in the massive 50v50 Wars. This raises the question of New World players not being able to participate in any War, no matter how much they may want to.

New World has 15 territories, but only 11 can be claimed by any one Company. A single Company can claim multiple territories. This means that eleven Companies can have a territory at a time, but it is likely to be less with larger Companies claiming multiple territories or Companies unable to wage war against their New World faction. Each company can only have 50 members participate in the Company’s Wars. This should give you an idea of how exclusive and unique this part of the game.

A New World player must not only join a major Company but be favored by the Company’s leadership in order to take part in the MMO’s most important endgame PvP features. This is because Company leaders have the power to remove players from Wars sign-ups.

Players are concerned that the current system of territory control and the Wars that play a crucial role in it are unfairly exclusive. Only a small percentage of New World server players will be able participate in the system. Moreover, most players will not realize that they’ll be excluded from the system until they reach New World’s endgame.

There is no obvious solution. Many New World players think that each server should have a minimum of 12 smaller territories that smaller companies can also fight for. There are other solutions that could be considered, such as making Wars bigger or being part of the New World’s open-world. Both have their positives and disadvantages. This is a topic that will likely be a bigger issue in the months ahead.


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