Today Bethesda hosted the Skyrim 10th Anniversary concert. But it also looked forward at its next big RPG, Starfield. Todd Howard introduced Inon Zur, a composer who has composed scores for many games, including Dragon’s Dogma, Outriders and Dragon Age II. The London Symphony Orchestra performed the ‘Starfield Suite.

It’s worth checking out – you can see it at 51.39 above – but what is perhaps more exciting is the appearance more than a dozen pieces of Starfield concept artwork. These are the ones I have collected, but they’re animated lightly so it’s worth checking out the video.

These images will stir curiosity in those who love good old sci-fi paperback covers. They also show how diverse Starfield’s locations will be. We see sandy wastelands and dense, murky forests, futuristic city views… It’s all very interesting.

Starfield will be released on November 11. November 11th will mark the Starfield release date.