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Nintendo Switch – OLED Model Review: These Games Have Never Looked Better

Nintendo Switch – OLED Model Review: These Games Have Never Looked Better

The Nintendo Switch – OLED Model is the most advanced Switch ever made. This is the best version of Nintendo’s current-generation console. The improvements are subtle but important, and the unit feels premium. Its makers highlighted the improvements, including a larger screen, stronger speakers, and a wider and stronger stand. These all make it a more desirable product. It’s the new standard in handheld console play in 2021. The Switch Switch Lite is no longer portable, so it doesn’t have the same flexibility for home use.
This is the summary of my review. If you have read enough good stuff, then I am glad that we were able to either confirm your thoughts or add to the confusion of contradicting voices. This is my point. The longer version requires that we begin with what we had prior to the OLED’s arrival: A perfectly wonderful console, despite its flaws.

The original Nintendo Switch was launched in 2017 alongside an avalanche of marketing. Few of us were prepared for the reality. Advertisement showed us how we would take this hybrid home-and-handheld console to parties (rooftop setting optional) and then pick it up from the dock to board a flight to get our game from a convenient suspend status somewhere across the Atlantic.

Yet, this is the way we have used this device. It’s been incredibly close to me over the past four year. My original Switch has been to many bars and pubs, has been with me everywhere I have traveled, and is now a constant companion in my backpack. It has been to parties, been shared with others, and lit up my commute in The Before Times. It has been connected to other devices for local multiplayer, and I have logged through numerous online Mario Kart 8 Deluxe races. It was actually more realistic than the marketing – something not often seen with new products promising new ways of playing.

As someone who has played on many gaming hardware over the past 35 years, my earliest memories of gaming were on a ZX Spectrum playing Frogger rip-offs called Hopper. This console is, in my opinion, the best. It is what it is. With its many flaws, the 2017 Nintendo Switch was. There were detachable JoyCons that could drift, a stand that couldn’t support the system’s weight and an interface that could scratch the screen. The box also had half-assed online capabilities. A 720p display was barely visible, but it did blurred a few cross-platform titles.

Even with all the negative aspects, the Switch’s good qualities have elevated it to an all-timer. The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt may not look as great on Switch as on an expensive PC. However, I can still play it on a bus, plane, bed, or the toilet if I want to. It’s amazing that such a game exists on the Switch’s library. Games 1, 2, 4, and 5 from GAMINGbible’s greatest games of all-time list are available on the system. The Switch spans all generations of gaming in a way that is unmatched. It can bring 8-bit platformers back to life and can also deliver an immersive, immersive, beautiful open-world experience such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This thing is amazing. This is the thing that’s been put in the shadow, rather than a successor that does enough for the OG Switch to take the crown.

The OLED is a great addition to this already appealing mix. First, it is not the rumoured Switch Pro – although the OLED runs your games at 720p handheld resolution, the difference in how the moving images are generated, and the improvement, is obvious. Although the original Switch’s LED screen was fine, there is a reason so many devices now use LED. OLEDs emit light from every pixel of the screen, whereas an LED screen uses a backlight to create its image. Organic Light Emitting Diode is the real clue. They are all lit up at once, and there are many of them.

In practice, this means that your Switch games will appear sharper and crisper with greater colour contrasts and darker darks sitting nicely alongside gleaming brights. It’s not surprising that OLED screens are much more detailed than older Switch screens, especially pixel-art games. Cartoon-styled titles are also a benefit. Streets of Rage 4’s game of the year, Hades, appears richer on OLED than ever before.

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‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ Is Getting Its Own Undead Nightmare, Thanks To Fans

‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ Is Getting Its Own Undead Nightmare, Thanks To Fans

Rockstar Gaming used to create this “single-player DLC” long before the internet. It was simpler and more magical.

Rockstar’s best DLC was Undead nightmare in 2010. Undead Nightmarewas an excellent add-on to the Red Dead Redemption. It transformed the Western into a survival horror. Fans thought it would be a matter time before Red Dead Redemption2 was released. They were wrong.

Red Dead Redemption 2released on 2018 It’s now 2021 and Rockstar Games made it clear that it prefers to focus on updating Red Dead Online. It’s not like Red Dead Redemption II is lacking in content. It would be amazing to see Arthur Morgan and his gang deal with a zombie attack.

This is where the fans come in. RedMaxBR and AClassySliceOfToast, modders, have released a few mods that transform Red Dead Redemption into an all-new Undead Nachtmare. Undead Towns turns the villages and settlements of the game into post-apocalyptic nightmare fuel. Undead Blackwater transforms the town into the only safe area in the world, while Undead Nightmare Camps litters it with makeshift forts.

These modders suggest using them alongside the RAMpage Trainer which gives the game an all-out Halloween makeover. If you want to experience the full Undead Nightmare experience, there are plenty of zombie horde modifications. Although it might not be the official sequel that we had hoped for, I will honestly accept what I can.

This Red Dead Redemption mod allows players to explore Mexico. It includes a variety of expansions that players have created to make the original game available in the latest RAGE engine.


Nuevo Paraiso can only be accessed through exploits. This is unfortunate because there are many areas in the game. Rockstar Gaming has had to abandon them in favor of other environments. Players have nevertheless worked tirelessly in map editor to bring the locations of the second game to Arthur Morgan’s story.

This mod basically collects all the Mexico custom content from Nexus Mods, and makes them available for players to download in one place. These include Escalera, Chuparosa, Casa Madrugada, El Matadero and more. You can even find a few camps to rest your character or top off your tanks.

Arthur can’t enter Nuevo Paraiso because Mexico is too dangerous due the rising threat from revolutionaries and a dispute with the United States. The region still has its own theme, weather, vegetation, audio, and ambient audio so you won’t be walking through it alone.

Even though I would not be the modders of these mods, Take-Two Interactive emails might catch my attention. After Rockstar Games’ parent company sent a DMCA warning against modders, the GTA Underground and Vice City Stories: PC Edition, Liberty City Stories, and San Andreas Reimagined were removed from the Internet .


Why? According to the CEO, the remakes were an indication of bad behaviour and a threat to the publisher’s economy. Rumours are circulating about a remake of Red Dead Redemption after the Grand Theft Auto trilogy remasters have been released. This could mean that we will be going back to Mexico in an official capacity. Keep an eye out for this, I think.

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One Of The World’s Biggest YouTubers Wants To Create ‘Squid Game’ In Real Life

One Of The World’s Biggest YouTubers Wants To Create ‘Squid Game’ In Real Life

YouTuber Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson will recreate Netflix’s Squid Games in real-life. If you lose, I imagine that you will be pelted by a tomato.

Squid Game is a sensation. a streamer named “Squid Game” received tonnes and tonnes of messages by fans who believed she was the official account. With its intense social commentary, tension and frighteningly simple games, the South Korean survival drama has captured attention all over the globe.

It is a random draw that draws 456 people to play strange playground games in order to win $39 million. They don’t realize that failing to complete the games will result in their death.

Even if the show isn’t on your radar, you will likely recognize the animatronic girl playing Red Light, Green Light. She swivels her head around on her shoulders to see the contestants who don’t move and then turns her head back. The idea of these games becoming a reality is quite a strange one. However, Donaldson will have a lot of safety and health forms to complete.

Donaldson is well-known for his generosity so this pivot is interesting for the content creator. It also makes it seem a little too easy to forget the terror they went through, as they weren’t sure if they would survive these twisted games. A Video game, which is very similar to SquidGame, is currently in development Although the name of the studio behind the project is unknown at the moment, Donaldson was a big newsmaker earlier this year. However, it wasn’t because of one of his famed acts in philanthropy. Talk to The New York Times A few former collaborators described “difficult working conditions” and “unreasonable demands” during his time as a manager. One said, “If you think you can be a business leader or Elon Musk, then you need to consider the work culture and the rewards you offer.”

According to this leaker, Squid Game is going to get an adaptation for video.


Hwang Donghyuk, the creator of the show, explained that it was inspired by the Great Recession and the impact it had on South Korea. In the hopes of solving their problems, young people would put everything they had in cryptocurrency. The rise of Facebook, Google, and other social media platforms highlighted the gap between the haves versus the have-nots.

In an interview with Indie Wire, Dong-hyuk stated that “I wanted to portray an irony” because survival game-themed pieces are complex and require a lot of intelligence. You can see why they are putting their lives at risk because the games have been so hard. I wanted to do the opposite – make it simple and make people question why these characters would risk their lives for these games.

Squid Game was compared to a sadistic , with its bright colours, and penchant for sticky ends. It appears that a studio has been granted permission to adapt the show’s wildly popular series, but it remains unknown which one.

Tom Henderson, yes, that’s the same guy who leaked the Battlefield 2042 reveals and Warzone reveals – took the opportunity to tweet to claim that a battle royale based on Squid Game was in the making. Although Henderson doesn’t know the name of the company involved, he has been a part of the money in the past. This is why we have our ears to the ground regarding this rumour.

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This Creepy New Horror Game Is Inspired By Silent Hill And Resident Evil

This Creepy New Horror Game Is Inspired By Silent Hill And Resident Evil

Sometimes all you need to get an impression of a new game’s content is a few screenshots. It might be just one screenshot or a few songs that set your nerves racing. In the days before the internet, we would see one picture of a game in a magazine. We’d base our expectations on that single image, and it might be something we don’t even see in the final game. It happens all the time. Today’s screenshot is from a no longer-existent magazine. YouTube, evidently.
We are attracted to Wronged us. We don’t know much about the project, its history or how it will play. We don’t have any information about the platforms, price, or potential crossover opportunities with unconfirmed Hideo Kojima products (heh). We have seen a 19 second video, which you can see below, and it has made us think: Oh, god, this is our jam. Is it still true that people say that a particular thing is their jam? We like it, so take a look!

You are right? Right? Although I am not a doctor, I believe that not having a head means not being able to stand up and walk around the area, while holding hands. This is how nature works in general. Don’t walk towards me, friends.

The clip ends with Wronged Us being developed in Unreal engine (5, presumably) and is scheduled for release in 2022. It’s possible that the full reveal will take place in 2022. You can click on the YouTube link to go to the Twitter account. There are no tweets at the moment. The information is similar, but more interesting: “Survival Horror Open World Game.” Those are words that we know.

We understand the three main influences in the YouTube video: Silent Hill and Resident Evil. This last one is a little intriguing, considering it’s not strictly horror… It is, in a way, a horror series. Is it enough to get excited about? It’s more than just a screenshot. We don’t need another Abandoned, it could all end in nothing. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed and be optimistic for the moment.

“In my sleepless dreams, I see that town …”

The first time I played Silent Hill 2, I can still recall it. November 2001 at a South London friend’s house. It was like waking up in a fever dream. I was overcome by dread at the unsettling atmosphere, but I kept moving forward.

Silent Hill 2 has been around for twenty years since its original release on September 24, 2001. It is the story of James Sunderland getting a letter from Mary, his deceased wife, from Silent Hill. The twist that it reveals that he murdered her, is a gradual descent into his own personal hell. What is it about this game that has inspired so many video essays and books dedicated solely to analysing every inch of grime?

It’s undeniable that it has had an influence on the horror games that came after. Although many games are labelled as psychological horrors (like The Medium), none of them can match Silent Hill 2’s skillful slow-burn terror.

Many games have developed morality systems over the years. These are usually based on karma points earned by performing certain actions. They all boil down to being either good or bad. Silent Hill 2 asks instead: Does James deserve to be punished for his actions?

Tomm Hulett (one-time producer of Silent Hill and now director at WayForward) says that “it’s the darkest thing that I’ve ever seen.” Hulett recalls being captivated by the trailer at Konami’s E3 2000 booth. It was launched on launch day, and I immediately got into it.

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Cheaper Xbox Series X Expansion Drives Are Coming From Seagate

Cheaper Xbox Series X Expansion Drives Are Coming From Seagate

Due to the possibility of multiple upgrades for video games, the next-generation consoles were much anticipated long before their 2020 release. These consoles were generally praised for their faster loading times and higher graphics fidelity. Fans shared one concern, however, other than the price, which is the storage capacity of next-gen consoles. Owners of the Xbox Series S/X may not have to wait any longer to obtain a new expansion drive.

Modern AAA video games require more storage than ever before. The Xbox Series S only has 512GB storage, while the Xbox Series X can store 1TB. This is a problem when games such as Microsoft Flight Simulator or Modern Warfare easily exceed 100GB. Seagate currently offers a 1TB storage drive for the Xbox Series X/S. It fits perfectly into the available storage space on both the consoles. The 1TB Seagate drive provides almost double the storage space for Xbox Series X and takes advantage of next-gen hardware’s loading speeds.

S, it comes with an incredibly hefty price tag of $220 USD ($280 CAD). There are many storage options that are less expensive, like an external HDD, or SDD. However, they will not benefit from the Xbox’s fast loading times. According to a leak, Seagate is soon going to sell a smaller version of its 1TB storage drives. The new 512GB expansion drives have been leaked to retailers. According to an anonymous source who spoke with WindowCentral, the storage drives could also be sold during the holiday period.

A USB Game Drive for Xbox SSD was also revealed in the leak. Users can use it to store their games later. This could theoretically be a quicker solution than redownloading all the games. The USB SSD can be used to transfer the games to the internal SSD.

Although it is not yet known how much the new 512GB expansion drive would cost, it’s likely that it will be less than half the price of the 1TB drive. S another alternative than paying $220 USD for another expansion drive. These solutions offer a promising solution for owners of next-generation Xbox consoles who struggle to store their limited storage space.

The 512GB expansion drive is slightly more expensive than the 1TB drive. The Xbox Series X owners will be happy with the 512GB expansion drive, which has 1TB of storage. However, the Xbox Series S owners who have 512GB internal space might not find it sufficient. As the new Xbox consoles approach their one-year mark, it is possible that cheaper storage options will soon be available.


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Atelier Sophie 2 Officially Announced By Koei Tecmo with February 2022 Release

Atelier Sophie 2 Officially Announced By Koei Tecmo with February 2022 Release

Rumours about Atelier Sophie receiving a sequel have been floating around the fanbase for a while, but they gained credibility after the game was ported over to the Switch at beginning of this year. It was also rated for Australian audiences earlier in the month. Many Atelier games have been ported as digital games to the Switch since the original 2015 release of the game, including the Atelier Mysterious Trilogy which includes Atelier Sophie. A sequel has been confirmed.
The Atelier franchise keeps the same beloved art style as the original Atelier Sophie, but with high-quality graphics. The RPG elements, as well as the core mechanics for creating alchemical synthesis and gathering material, are all still the same. The trailer below shows some elements returning with minor changes. Similar to Atelier Ryza 2, players will have a wider world for collecting material, fighting monsters, or launching character combination attacks.

As they travel to Sophie’s home, Plachta and Sophie discover a tree that is identical to the one Plachta had hoped for. The pair are drawn into a strange vortex when they look closer. Sophie wakes up alone and hears about Plachta, an alchemist who lives nearby. Sophie doesn’t recognize Plachta, despite her name being the exact same. This mysterious story unfolds in the new Atelier game as Sophie searches for her friend. She meets new friends along the way and creates new synthesis.

Common turn-based elements will be found alongside an updated system. They will be able to start battles immediately after their initial encounter. This is a first for the series. A pair of three-man battle parties has been added, which allows for multi-linked turn-based battles between two teams. This allows gamers to use a wide range of combat strategies to defeat their enemies.

There are many mechanic-based updates in the new game to look forward to. Fans speculate that Sophie’s success with Atelier Ryza 2 may be responsible for her own sequel, as sequels are very rare in the franchise. Atelier Sophie received one of the highest-performing franchise receptions at the time of its release. It is not surprising that her story will continue, despite the seven years gap.

NIS America has pre-orders available for the Limited Edition set. It includes an Atelier book, background music and a fabric poster. A keychain for Sophie’s whale necklace is included as well as a code to download Sophie’s “My New Look” costume and a collector’s set. Fans should not be disappointed if they get a different edition.

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Red Dead Redemption 2 Fan Shares Comic-Style Arthur Morgan Art

Red Dead Redemption 2 Fan Shares Comic-Style Arthur Morgan Art

Red Dead Redemption 2 by Rockstar Games was released in 2018. It is an emotional story about loss, family and new beginnings. This massive open-world western is renowned for its intricate game world, stunning physics and captivating narrative. Red Dead Redemption 2 has a Metacritic score 97 and is currently tied for the top-rated last-generation game. Grand Theft Auto 5 is the only other game to match it.
Red Dead Redemption 2’s fan base is a testament to its popularity and success. Fans of the sprawling western are an inspiring and creative bunch, producing a lot of great content.

Reddit user raiderbirdy created this striking comic art piece that features Arthur Morgan, the game’s protagonist. Raiderbirdy showcases Arthur in his Winter Gunslinger Outfit at the beginning of Red Dead Redemption 2. The bold lines and detailed details capture Arthur’s iconic look. This piece stands out from the many other fan art created for Red Dead Redemption 2. Its comic-book style makes it stand out.

Red Dead Redemption users have been very enthusiastic about the art piece, which has received over 850 upvotes at time of writing. Reddit users praise the fan art’s unique design and simple simplicity. Some members of the community are hoping for a Red Dead Redemption comic book or graphic novel.

Red Dead Redemption 2’s charm, poignant story, and touching characters are what make it stand out from other games. Red Dead Redemption 2 has a strong fan base, which is not surprising considering it is one the most highly regarded and technically skilled games of its generation.

Red Dead Redemption 2 isn’t the only game to have inspired a lot of fan art. Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Part 2 allows players to create their own versions of Ellie and Abby. Red Dead Redemption 2’s more than life-sized characters, like Arthur Morgan, are an excellent fit for amazing comic-style art such as raiderbirdy’s.


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