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Free Games: ‘The Last Of Us Part 2’, ‘Battlefield 2042’, ‘Ghost Recon’

Free Games: ‘The Last Of Us Part 2’, ‘Battlefield 2042’, ‘Ghost Recon’

Even though I am still reeling from the awesome demos and games of last Wednesday , thanks the Tokyo Games Show, Steam’s Next Fest and the Tokyo Games Show, this week is still amazing for the cash-free video gaming goodness. Here are our top picks for free and ‘free’ games you can play right now.

Are You Ready to Take the Next Step? See More of Wow

Xbox Game Pass is the leader in subscriptions. But PlayStation Now isn’t far behind. PlayStation’s subscription service has seven new games, some of which are very well-known. The last of us Part II is the most prominent. It was awarded the multiple game of year award in 2020 and was also the game of year according to gamingbible readers. Our review about Naughty Dog’s acclaimed sequel is available. It’s one every PS Now subscriber must experience.

PS Now also features Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic role player Fallout76 and the horrifying Amnesia Collection. The Final Fantasy VIII Remastered is also available. You can also find Yet another Zombie Defense and Desperados . You can view the full PS Now library.

You can also get some specials if you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber. Hell let Loose and PGA Tour2K21 are available up to November 1.

Don’t Play on a PC. Create One , At Epic Games Store

Europa Universalis IV has been removed from its position as Epic Games Store’s favorite free game. Now, there is something else. It’s true that building the computer of your dreams can be expensive. But PC Building Simulation is available for free . It will be available until October 14th, at which time it will be replaced by the remastered action-adventure braaaains em> ( ) which we reviewed earlier in the year.

Ride, Glide and Hide with Amazon’s Prime Gaming

Amazon Prime isn’t just able to deliver parcels, its gaming section is also looking fantastic. Prime Gaming has added many new titles since the beginning of October. There are many great games available until the end of October. Our pick is the creepy and stealthy Alien Isolation. It’s based on the popular movie series. You might prefer running to hiding than running. The futuristic parkour (plus hacking, slashing, and other activities) game Ghostrunner is for you.


We also noticed the space combat of Star Wars Squadrons on this month’s Prime Gaming List. You can read our review . There are many more: Blue Fire, Secret Files 3 and Song of Horror: Complete Edition. Red Wings: Aces of the Sky. Tiny Robots Recharge. Whiskey & Zombies. Wallace & Gromit Grand Adventures. Get more information right here.

EA Play and Xbox Game Pass Brings You A Literal Blockbuster

Although Xbox Game Pass is slow this week, EA Play’s Battlefield2042 Open Beta more than compensates. EA Play is part Xbox Game Pass and subscribers can participate in the beta. However, it closes on October 9th . So you might want to hurry. This brand-new shooter with environment-destroying physics was first shown at E3 and looks to be the most hectic entry in the long-running series yet. The full game will be released on November 19th, . You can also read our Beta impressions .

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Gamer Celebrates One Year Waiting For RTX 3080 By Sending Retailer A Cake

Gamer Celebrates One Year Waiting For RTX 3080 By Sending Retailer A Cake

Sometimes, despite the chaos caused by the pandemic across different countries and industries you need to find a sense of humor about your setbacks. This guy sent a cake directly to the retailer he purchased his RTX3080 from to celebrate a year.

Although the GeForce 30 series was announced in September 2020, it doesn’t necessarily mean that components are readily available. The global chip shortage had a huge impact on the technology industry. Big-names like Apple, Google, and Samsung bought the semiconductors that Sony left Microsoft and Vidia without.

Due to the popularity of cryptocurrency, a lot of GPUs were used in dedicated hardware instead of being used on the intended platforms. Now, we’re in September 2021 and still have many grumpy gamers who don’t have the graphics cards to elevate their games.

The guy who sent a sweet anniversary cake to the shop where he purchased his RTX3080, however, didn’t let the international issues rain on his parade.

This incredible, but very expensive PC build will cost you $15,000. Cor. Skyrim should have giants who actually batter me into space for that amount of money.

This story is actually from ETorty in Poland. They deliver confections for any occasion and all types. Although most of their customers use them for messages of congratulations or birthdays, one gamer requested that they send a cake to the shop where they bought their RTX3080.

The order for the graphics cards had been placed exactly 365 days ago, but the gamer still didn’t have it in their hands due to the aforementioned issues. The post was translated to read: “He decided that he would look back at the company, and sent them a cake. It had ‘One Year Together’ printed on it, along with an order number and a photo.

E-Torty stated that this was one the most hilarious custom orders they’ve ever received. Amazingly, the cake was only a few weeks after it was sent and the gamer received his RTX3080. There’s a strategy. Send a gift to Sony and you will get a PS5. It’s worth it.

China imposed a blanket ban last week on all cryptocurrency transactions, and any mining. This could be good news for anyone still searching for the best graphics card on the market to use with their computers.

Nvidia’s next generation graphics cards was revealed in late 2020. However, customers are still struggling to secure their hands on the RTX 3080 and RTX 3070 as well as the mighty RTX 3090. These zippy gizmos are used by cryptocurrency miners to mine their chosen coins. There are many reasons for this.

Additionally, cryptocurrency is extremely lucrative in China with an estimated combined value $150 millions stored in crypto wallets throughout the country. In fact, 300 NVIDIA 30HX graphics cards from NVIDIA CMP30HX were seized by smugglers in January. This would have earned them around $250,000 if the cards had made it to China.

One time, a man had $240 million worth of bitcoin on his hard drive. He lost his password to the hard drive, and the whole lot. If you have the guts to listen, here’s his story!

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EA Set To Drop FIFA Name And Rebrand, New Trademarks Suggest

EA Set To Drop FIFA Name And Rebrand, New Trademarks Suggest

Publisher Electronic Arts may drop the FIFA brand and rebrand its annual football sim.

Recent trademark listings reveal that EA has filed numerous applications for EA Sports FC. This could be the name for the FIFA videogame series moving forward.

Cam Weber, general manager of EA Sports Group, suggested earlier this month that the company might rename the franchise and that it was “reviewing its agreement with FIFA.”

“The depth of our partnerships, our ecosystem of licensed content, will allow us to continue to offer unrivalled authenticity to our EA Sports Football games, now and in the future,” read a statement.

“We invest continuously in the partnerships, licenses that are most important to players. Because of that, our game can only be authentically played in the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League, CONMEBOL Libertadores and Premier League, Bundesliga and LaLiga Santander, respectively.


“As we look forward, we are also exploring the possibility of renaming all our global EA Sports soccer games. We are currently reviewing the FIFA naming rights agreement. This is independent from all other official licensing and partnerships in football.

It has been revealed that EA filed the name “EA Sports FC”, with the UK Intellectual Property Office and European Union Intellectual Property Office. (Thanks, VGC).

Since then, it has been revealed that the company had filed video game software trademark applications under the UK Intellectual Property Office as well as the European Union Intellectual Property Office.

FIFA 22launched on October 1, for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One.

One gaming brand might come to mind if I say “loot box”. There are many games that add loot boxes to enhance the aesthetics of their games. However, there are some loot box that can have a significant impact on the game being played. These include EA’s huge FIFA 21. Players can pay to be able to play with famous footballers. This has been a source of frustration for many gamers.


Prime Icon Moment cards are used to commemorate the greatest performances of FIFA players in Ultimate Team. One FIFA fan decided to calculate how much music money and/or how long it would take to get a complete set of these cards for his team. EA claims that you can buy all the items in the game, and purchases are completely optional. It’s now time to see if that theory is true.

ScudzTV’s content creator revealed some calculations that could be used to calculate the time it would take to build a 100-million coin team. This team would include Prime Icon Moments such as Ronaldo, Ferdinand and Maldini. According to the creator, if you played 1,500 games per game, you would need to play 66,666 games in order earn this amount. Each match will take 20 minutes, which would translate to 916 games. It seems a bit steep to expect two and a half years worth of constant gaming.


Scudz said that trading to get there would take 1,650 hours, assuming you made 10,000 profit per trade. This is about 69 days of continuous trading. How about money? Scudz estimates that to acquire the team of his dreams, Scudz would need to spend PS79990 on FIFA points. This is, unsurprisingly enough, well above the average player’s budget.

The thread of stats circulated last week. People discussed how surprising it was that EA could claim that the game’s content is free. However, it seems to encourage spending. Now, the developer responded to the viral thread by making a second statement to The Mirror in which he challenged the notion that the average usage of Scudz might be lower than that of a skilled player.


Their statement stated that they were aware of recent speculation about what it takes for a great FIFA Ultimate Team in EA Sports FIFA. We appreciate the creativity and effort that went into mapping out paths to greatness. However, we question the validity of these theories. The calculations are based on a lot of assumptions.

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The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild Can Now Be Played In Arabic Thanks To Modders

The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild Can Now Be Played In Arabic Thanks To Modders

Breath of the Wild is now available in Arabic, four years after its launch. This mod has an impressive and extensive collection of features.

It’s almost impossible to think of all the tasks involved in making a game, unless you are a developer. There are so many details that we don’t think of. There are some huge tasks that we don’t think about, like localizing a video game in their own language.

Some people find it difficult to wait for a game in their first language. Most games are available immediately after launch in English or Japanese. However, it is not common for them to be translated into other languages. For example, the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has been unavailable in Arabic since its launch four years ago.

These players don’t have to wait any longer, and they don’t need to be able speak or understand Breath of The Wild. This is not Nintendo’s fault, but Eternal Dream Arabization. This group translated every bit of text in the game into Arabic.

As you can imagine, this process was time-consuming. It took more than a year of hard work. The YouTube channel added a trailer showing that modders were working on translating Breath of the Wild in May 2020. This means that this process has taken 18 months, or even longer.

It’s not clear why Arabic-speaking players were overlooked, considering the fact that Breath of the Wild has been translated into many other languages by Nintendo. Kotaku claims that Nintendo even cited Saudi Arabia for some of its Switch sales spikes. Eternal Dream Arabization is currently translating or has translated a variety of other games, including Resident Evil Village and Super Mario World.

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‘Battlefield 2042’ Insider Explains Why The Beta Was So Rough, Warns Of Troubled Development

‘Battlefield 2042’ Insider Explains Why The Beta Was So Rough, Warns Of Troubled Development

Battlefield 2204′s closed beta ended last week. It’s safe to assume that players are still concerned.


There have been many complaints on social media about matchmaking issues, visual glitches and severe lag. Although beta tests aren’t perfect, many people were so stunned by what they saw that they began to question whether DICE or EA’s upcoming shooter will be available for launch on November 19.

This is where trusted Battlefield leaker Tom Henderson, an insider in the Battlefield community, has created a detailed report to provide some insight into Battlefield2042‘s “troubled growth” and “identity crise”.

Henderson accurately reported on nearly every aspect of Battlefield2042in the months prior to its official unveiling. He also addressed many beta concerns in a piece that Gaming Intel wrote.

EA Forum post stated that the divisive open Beta is actually a build that was “several month old”, which implies that many of the issues are already fixed or will be soon.


Henderson heard from at least two regular sources at DICE, that the build we used last week was a September build. He was able to locate the build settings in the beta build. This was just one day before the beta was supposed to launch.

Henderson writes, “This seems to match up with what I have heard for months: That DICE is experiencing major stability problems with builds of the games.”

DICE has been hesitant to release new footage of the game since the Beta. They can’t release new footage of the game because they are unable to.

According to Henderson, many of Battlefield2042‘s problems are due to management figures who “not committed enough”. According to some sources, management has not been able to address development issues that have been raised with them. This could lead to problems that are further down the chain that DICE could have sold earlier.

According to the report, development was further hampered by Activision’s 2019 Call Of Duty Modern Warfarereboot bosses. DICE was then asked to create something similar. It is unclear in which areas Battlefield2042 will, or should, be similar to Infinity Ward’s last Call Of Duty.


“Signs of troubled development in the past few months have been evident. Henderson concluded that the Battlefield 2042 Beta was unmistakable proof.

“Even though the Beta may only be a few months old, it is the result of more than two and a quarter years of development.”

One member of the Battlefield 2204 team pointed out toxic players as the reason studios don’t want to have a conversation with their fans.


The Battlefield2042 beta is now available for all players across all platforms. It features the classic Conquest mode, which can be played by up to 128 players on both new-gen consoles as well as PC. Phil shared his experience, saying that the game exceeded all of his expectations in a short time. “EA and DICE have harnessed cutting edge technology to take Battlefield 2042’s gameplay up to new heights never seen before in this franchise.”

Ben Walke, one the DICE producers, visited Reddit recently to speak with players about the beta and how the team responds to fan feedback. The beta was taken from our main build a few months back, and then you go into hardening mode. He explained that this is where you should focus on bugs and stability, and no additional work should be done.

Players enter the beta and discover new issues which are not yet discovered by the developer. These inform the “launch build”, which is then improved simultaneously. We don’t want the launch build to be stopped, so we need to “cap” the beta branched build at a time.

The beta was sourced at an earlier stage in the game’s development. This means that it will contain bugs and errors. However, that is part of what makes the game what is. While it is understandable to be frustrated about the state of beta, Walke clarified what acceptable ways are available to tell the team what you dislike about the game.


“Day one of beta, and we’re already in territory of people losing jobs.” Ever wonder why there aren’t more developers interacting with industry players? The producer agreed.

Walke stated that feedback is a valid method of giving feedback and that everyone on the team should be open to receiving constructive feedback. “But I am disappointed by the number of personal attacks that I have seen in the first few hours after it went live.”

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Halo Infinite’s Latest Technical Preview Enhances Performance Mode

Halo Infinite’s Latest Technical Preview Enhances Performance Mode

343 Industries will host its latest technical preview of Halo Infinite this weekend. This opens up more of the game’s features to potential players. This test introduces new Halo Infinite modes that Halo enthusiasts can check out before its December launch. This test allows for deeper analysis of the performance of Halo Infinite and comparisons to other technical previews. One comparison revealed that Halo Infinite’s Performance Mode on console seems to have been significantly improved.

To clarify, Performance Mode is a graphics option that consoles offer. It typically reduces resolution and other visual features to get a faster frame rate. Digital Foundry’s recent analysis found that Halo Infinite’s new Performance Mode on Xbox Series X gave an impressive improvement over previous tests. Halo Infinite can run at 120 fps with the latest Performance Mode improvements on Xbox Series X. However, the game’s resolution drops below 1440p. Rarely, it drops down to 1080p.

Players couldn’t toggle between Quality Mode and Performance Mode in previous versions of Performance Mode on Xbox Series X. It was believed that the toggle was bugged. This meant that players were stuck in 60 fps quality mode, regardless of whether they switched to Performance Mode. Digital Foundry doesn’t believe there is a bug in the technical preview. This causes Halo Infinite to switch back to Quality Mode after the game resets. Players must then change it back back to Performance every time they start the game.

However, the Xbox Series X was not the only console that received improvements to Halo Infinite’s Performance Mode. Digital Foundry also discovered that the Xbox One X console received a boost in performance. The console’s performance mode now delivers a steady 60 frames per second frame rate. It also maintains a 1440p resolution, with occasional dips to 1080p. The Xbox One X Performance Mode was previously unable to consistently deliver 60 frames per second.

One other difference exists in Performance Mode for a different Xbox platform. The Xbox Series S had a Performance Mode that reached 120 fps prior to the technical preview. This mode has been removed. Halo Infinite now only supports a single 60 fps mode for the next-generation Xbox console. The Xbox One S has a single graphics mode that can only display 30 frames per second.

This is a surprising amount of choices for potential Halo Infinite gamers. Xbox Series X gamers with monitors or televisions capable of supporting 120 fps will be in the minority. However, 343 has a great mode that they can use regardless. The Xbox Series X’s dynamic 4K quality mode with 60 fps should suffice to satisfy Halo fans.

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Minecraft Player Creates Cover of ‘Still Alive’ From Portal Using Note Blocks

Minecraft Player Creates Cover of ‘Still Alive’ From Portal Using Note Blocks

Minecraft offers a wide range of creative possibilities, including a complete wiring system, hundreds upon blocks, and even music tools. One Minecraft player took the music elements and created a cover of Still Alive by Portal.

The Note Block is one of the many blocks in Minecraft. It can be tuned to particular pitches and will play a note or percussive sound depending on which block it is below. To play complete songs, some composers make large chains of note block blocks.

A Minecraft player named minoan8128 covered the Portal’s iconic ending song, Still Alive. A song cover is made up of hundreds of note blocks linked together in a huge chain. The minecart tracks carry the player, so that the sounds don’t get out of range. The background features detailed dioramas that resemble Portal’s test rooms. Carefully timed falling blocks add an impressive amount to the build and sell the idea of portals working. Banners are cleverly used to create turrets and even small details such as flickering lights and security cameras.

Minecraft is known for its dedication to projects. Some, such as Half-Life 2, took over a decade. Minoan8128 joked that the Still Alive cover took “approximately 1 pandemic” to make. While the composition is very similar to the original, it retains its own style and visuals help keep the Portal aesthetic in the forefront.

Although the song cover is amazing on its own, the original poster claims that it was entirely created in vanilla survival Minecraft. It would be an incredible achievement if this claim is true. The large, detailed building in which the majority of the cover is displayed is huge. It also showcases many more construction projects. With the lack of flying and material gathering required for survival, such massive constructions would have been very time-consuming.

Even though spinoffs such as the Minecraft movie’s fate remain uncertain, the community keeps the game alive with creative projects. The current developers also keep the game updated with new features regularly. Minecraft has a lot of potential and fans will continue to support it.

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Marvel’s Avengers Player Shares Skin Concepts for Iron Man, Captain America, and More

Marvel’s Avengers Player Shares Skin Concepts for Iron Man, Captain America, and More

The game’s community is very concerned about the cosmetics used by Marvel’s Avengers. Fans are vocal in their requests for alternate outfits for their heroes. This is why the discussion about skins is a constant topic of conversation within the Marvel’s Avengers community.

Fans continue to create new cosmetic designs, regardless of whether they are inspired from comic books or television adaptations. BrockSolid Designs, a fan of the game, has created elaborate concepts that let them share their passion for the iconic characters.

BrockSolid Designs offers custom skin cosmetics concepts that they wish to see in Marvel’s Avengers. Skins have been created for Captain America, Iron Man and Hawkeye as well as Wolverine. BrockSolid Design offers two different Captain America cosmetics. The first is the 1941 Captain America appearance, while the second is the zombie Captain America, as shown in Marvel’s What If …?. Anthology. The 1941 classic look is striking, with bright pops in blue, red, and white. While the zombie look shows a blue discoloration to his skin underneath his MCU gear.

BrockSolid Design’s models for Iron Man include a Model 51 Prime and a Proto-Classic cosmetic. The latter is an alteration to Marvel’s Illustrious skin, which BrockSolid Design designed for Iron Man. Marvel’s What If is another Marvel’s. A skin featuring a zombified Iron Man wearing no helmet is also included. Clint Barton’s Hawkeye is not given an original or unusual outfit. Instead, he gets the Civil War-inspired Civil War skin.

Spider-Man will still be able to visit Marvel’s Avengers in 2019, but it is not clear what his default look will be, nor which cosmetics he may wear. While players may be able predict MCU-inspired skins that look similar to those in Marvel’s Spider-Man comics, it is not clear how the character will look. BrockSolid Designs has however created a classic look for the web-slinger with Marvel’s Spider-Man’s Classic Suit. However, they have added large silver web-shooters to his wrists. You can also get larger mask lenses.

Additionally, Wolverine is not yet announced for Marvel’s Avengers. This makes Wolverine a fan-requested character that could or might not be considered for downloadable content post-launch. BrockSolid Designs’ Wolverine cosmetic design was modeled after the Sideshow character in his iconic yellow and blue outfit.

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Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Player Spots Haunting Teaser In Nuketown

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Player Spots Haunting Teaser In Nuketown

Activision and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s developers introduced their first major crossover Halloween event in October 2020. Between October 20 and November 3, 2020, The Haunting of Verdansk transformed Verdansk into an eerie setting filled with holiday terrors. Call of Duty fans are eager to hear about The Haunting of Verdansk’s return in 2021. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War suggests that this event may be imminent.
One of Activision’s Halloween plans has been discovered by Watchful Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War gamers. One of the Nuketown maps’ garages contains a Halloween bucket containing lollipops and candy. It is an orange bucket that has a jacko-lantern face and a weathered exterior to fit Nuketown’s aesthetic. Although it isn’t interactive, and there are no other Halloween clues nearby, the bucket has sparked speculation.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War gamers believe the Halloween candy bucket is a nod towards Season 6’s scary event. Some believe that Activision is sneaking out information to players about upcoming events by using the bucket. Players are speculating that a Halloween-themed Nuketown map may be released. This is similar to the Christmas-themed map that was released late last year. Activision will reveal the details, but players will have to wait.

This is Activision’s first evidence of Halloween’s return in the Call of Duty universe. However, this information is not the only one Activision has provided about its plans. A seasonal event called The Haunting was announced in a Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War roadmap and Call of Duty; Warzone roadmap. It is expected to start on October 19. This event will offer new modes and rewards that are only available for a limited time, as well as other perks. This is the entire reveal.

There is much speculation about whether Activision will bring back The Haunting of Verdansk’s dark map changes for this years’ seasonal event. Players are hoping for a surprise return to the nighttime setting in the updated Verdansk’84 battle royale map.

Activision will launch Season 6 of Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War this week. This update will be available on October 7, and it is likely to grab Call of Duty players’ attention for quite some time. Although a revelation for the Haunting event in 2021 may not be forthcoming for a few weeks, there might be some teasers in Season 6.

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God of War Ragnarok Fan Shares Amazing Concept For Odin

God of War Ragnarok Fan Shares Amazing Concept For Odin

God of War Ragnarok has been a hit since its unveiling at the 2021 PlayStation Showcase last October. It is the sequel to 2018’s highly successful soft reboot. Many are looking forward to the sequel as it answers many burning questions.
The myriad theories about the king of Aesir have been fueled in part by 2018’s God of War, which intentionally hints at a vague and foreboding future for him. Although very little information is known about the god except that Kratos and Atreus will undoubtedly be on a collision course, there are many details. Although Odin’s appearance remains a mystery even today, one Reddit user made a great guess and it was quite eye-catching.

Reddit user Buffybumcheeks shared an image they created of the head god. It was styled after the revelations Sony made about new cast members such as God of War’s portrayal of the god Thor. Even the name Richard Schiff, the voice actor for this role, is included in the art.

This Odin take is full of details, but it’s worth taking the time to look at. While the artist is able to accurately replicate some of Sony’s designs, he also includes some of Odin’s most iconic traits. This Odin is dressed in furs and intricate gold accessories, fitting a king from a cold region such as the ancient Norse. His mythology is reflected in the horns at his waist that resemble a Viking helmet and his horn at the waist.

The mythological signatures Odin has made are of particular interest. These will be tools Odin will need to confront the demise of the Norse gods. The first weapon is in his right hand. It can be reasonably assumed that it is Gungnir (the Spear of Destiny) which Odin has used throughout his reign. His second eye is the one Odin sold for knowledge many years ago. The eye appears to have some decay or corruption, which proves that the Aesir paid a steep price.

Odin will likely be the last antagonist of the Norse saga since God of War Ragnarok is the end of the Norse story. This puts a lot of pressure on Odin to perform a convincing performance before Kratos travels elsewhere. It all begins with a design that makes a good first impression. If the final design Sony chooses is even half as good, Odin will be in good hands.

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