The Batman Trailer Edit Has Jim Carrey’s Riddler Taunt Robert Pattinson

Funny fan edit of the latest Batman Trailer. Jim Carrey’s Riddler comes in to mock Robert Pattinson. Matt Reeves’ Batman is the most anticipated DC movie in a while. It was originally scheduled to debut in June 2021. The coronavirus pandemic delayed it several times, but it finally arrived in less than two months. Batman is a new take on the DC hero, with Pattinson playing the lead role. The film is in its continuity, meaning distinct from the DCEU.

In his second year, Bruce Wayne will continue to be Gotham’s controversial vigilante. Although he may not have been Batman for long, he is already facing one of his most challenging challenges. Bruce must use his legendary detective skills to find the villain. As The Batman already revealed, the Riddler is Paul Dano, and this version promises to be the most terrifying yet.

Batman’s Riddler looks very different from the one that Jim Carrey depicted in 1995’s Batman Forever. This is why a new trailer from Matthew Highton has been so funny. Highton took the Batman trailer and edited Carrey’s Riddler alongside Pattinson. This drastically altered the film’s tone. This adds humor to The Batman and makes Pattinson’s brooding seem a bit silly when paired with Carrey’s outrageous nature. It’s also a bit frightening to hear The Batman’s voice, which makes Carrey’s performance seem terrifying. It’s available below.

Joel Schumacher’s Batman Forever depicts Bruce Wayne and his universe in one of the most absurd ways, with Carrey as the Riddler the epitome of wackiness. Batman takes a darker approach to Riddler and plays up his criminal genius. It’s impossible to imagine the two Riddlers being more different, which is why this trailer edit is so funny. While fans may have mixed feelings about Carrey’s Batman rogue version, no one can deny that he was a memorable Riddler. We will see if Dano does it.

Batman is tasked with creating a unique version for Bruce Wayne after being shown so many times. It may look a little like Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, but The Batman tackles a few characters that Nolan never dealt with. Reeves’ film can stand out because of this element and the mystery surrounding the Riddler. Although it isn’t as campy or sparse as Nolan’s version, it still has many strengths. It will be fascinating to see where Batman ends up in the character’s movie legacy.



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