Dexter Showrunner Confirms [SPOILER] Is Dead In New Blood Finale

Clyde Phillips, Dexter: New Blood’s showrunner, confirms Dexter Morgan’s fate in the finale. Fans waited eagerly to see what would happen to Dexter, following Angela’s suspicions that he was the Bay Harbor Butcher, killing Matt Caldwell. The event series wrapped its ten-episode series. Harrison, his grown son, will remember Dexter, and he was a witness to his father’s murders.

Dexter was arrested for the murder of Matt in the finale, entitled “Sins of the Father.” This is a situation Dexter has been in numerous times before and has managed to escape. Dexter plans to escape by killing Sergeant Logan before running to Harrison to get away from the town and run. Harrison is so shocked by Dexter’s actions that he plans to kill him using the rifle Dexter gave him in the previous episode. Dexter is shocked by Harrison’s revelations and tells Dexter to kill his son.

Interview with Deadline: Phillips confirms that Dexter Morgan has officially died following his voluntary shooting by Harrison. Dexter, before being shot, finally acknowledged what he had done and the many innocent people who had been killed because of it. Dexter also confesses to a deep love for his son, something he had never experienced before. Before he died, his last words to Harrison were, “You did well,” with Debra beside him. Below is Phillips’ statement.

“I have three words to say: Dexter is dead…Here is no doubt that this is the end of Dexter. Dexter has died.”

In the penultimate episode, Dexter passed his code to Harrison. Harrison was in awe and thought that Dexter was using his Dark Passenger for good. Harrison appears to be having second thoughts after seeing Dexter kill Kurt Caldwell. After being an ardent defender of Dexter, Angel Batista, from the original series, also learns that Dexter is a serial murderer in the finale. Fans can find comfort in knowing that Dexter has died peacefully now that the truth is out.

Dexter’s death in the finale was his final, but Harrison’s fate remains unknown. Angela finds Dexter’s body and Harrison after he was killed. While she is looking at Dexter, Angela decides to let Harrison go. Phillips stated that he would love to learn more about Harrison’s life and character after the finale. While it is not clear if there will be another continuation to the Dexter franchise after the finale, Dexter Morgan is officially deceased. However, Harrison could always return to his subconscious, just as Deb did for him.

The Showtime Dexter season 9 will soon be over. There are many theories about how New Blood might end. The Dexter season 9 finale is expected to be a big success considering that it was originally promoted as a redo of Dexter’s hated season 8 ending. The final few episodes of Dexter could see several surprising outcomes, with Angela as Dexter’s Dark Passenger, Kurt trying to kill Dexter, and Dexter as the Bay Harbor Butcher all being part of the Dexter series 9 finale.



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