Dexter: New Blood – Season 1’s Shocking Twist Ending Explained

The Season 1 finale of the Dexter New Blood ended in a shockingly tragic turn that sets the stage for season 2. Showtime returned the serial killer after nearly a decade of Dexter’s infamous season 8 finale, regarded as one of the worst series finales. Dexter lived in Iron Lake, New York, under a false identity for the revival series, 10 years after his Miami death. Dexter has been avoiding killing viewers since his last appearance. Dexter, New Blood Episode 1 saw Dexter’s serial murder — and his long-lost son Harrison. Harrison was a teenager with his own Dark Passenger, which at first foreshadowed New Blood’s end.

The Dexter – New Blood finale started with Matt Caldwell’s murder being solved by his girlfriend, Police Chief Angela Bishop. He was cleverly evasive and avoided her questions. However, she concludedHarbor Butcher with Angel B,atista’s confirmation of his identity. Dexter managed to escape jail by killing Logan, an innocent, before fleeing to the woods to meet Harrison and flee Iron Lake for good. Harrison began to question his father’s motives and realized that his father’s murder cost Rita and Deb their lives. Harrison also discovered that Harrison’s Dark Passenger was not caused by the Trinity Killer, but Dexter. Harrison fatally shoots Dexter in the last moments of the series. His father guides him through pulling the trigger and allowing him to be killed. Angela arrives and lets Harrison go. The series ends with Harrison driving away from Iron Lake.

After a decade of waiting for such a dramatic finale, viewers will now decide if Dexter’s New Blood fate has redeemed the mistakes of Dexter season 8’s mysterious ending. Although it seemed inevitable that Dexter would pass away, there are still questions about the reasons for Dexter’s actions, their significance, and the impl actions for the future of the show’s future’s story coming to an end. We’ll be looking at the reasons that Dexter had to die, what Dexter’s final monologue meant, and how Dexter : New Blood’s finale sets up season 2 for Harrison.

Dexter was the Reason Harrison had to Kill
In Dexter: New Blood, the most shocking and yet logical twist is that Harrison, Dexter’s son, who had been looking for him for many years, murdered his father shortly after they had finally bonded. Although Harrison was the one who pulled the trigger was shocking, it was the only way Dexter would have his story end. Dexter’s final spelled his fate after he killed Logan. Dexter claimed that his killing sprees were vigilanteism. However, Dexter was a cold-blooded, cold-blood caused the deaths of songs, including the people he loved.

Although Harrison was unable to distinguish between Dexter being a superhero and a monster, this shift in logic is understandable. Harrison wanted to be just like his father Dexter when he taught him the Code. But when he saw the blood dripping from Kurt’s body, he was unable to stomach it. All of his memories flooded back to his mother’s death at the hands of the Trinity Killer. Dexter was not going to be Harrison, and it was only a matter time before he turned against his father. Harrison admits that his Dark Passenger was not caused by Rita dying by the Trinity Killer, but rather by Dexter’s abandonment of him and his failures as a father.

Harrison was also pushed over the edge by the realization Dexter had murdered Logan. Logan was innocent (and Harrison’s coach); Dexter had betrayed the Code by killing him to escape his custody. Dexter fled, meaning he would evade justice for the murder(s), and so he became exactly the type of killer his Code was intended to punish. Harrison realizes that Dexter doesn’t just enjoy killing. Dexter sees Harrison reach for his gun and points it at him. The insurmountable pain Dexter has inflicted on his son and many others can’t be continued. Dexter must die, because Harrison has been suffering from the sins committed by his father for far too long.

Why Angela Let Harrison Go
Angela let Harrison go at the End of Showtime’s Dexter. Harrison had just walked out of the station when Audrey asked Angela if he was still dangerous. Angela then realized that Harrison had murdered his father and was ready to turn herself in. Angela realized that Harrison did not need to be suffering from the sins committed by his father. He had been doing so all his life. Angela takes the blame for Dexter’s death as “officer involved shooting,” and tells Harrison to get on the highway and not return.



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