Peacemaker Director Suggests Eating Flamin’ Hot Cheetos While Watching Show

Peacemaker’s director James Gunn recommends Flamin’ Hot Cheetos to be a snack while you watch his DC show, which debuts this week. Gunn is known for his work with Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy. He has also been the mastermind behind oddball comic book content. Last year’s The Suicide Squad unleashed DC characters like Polka-Dot Man, King Shark, and John Cena’s “douchey Captain America,” Christopher Smith/Peacemaker–who now gets his streaming series on HBO Max.

Peacemaker was last seen in Suicide Squad. Bloodsport was shot to death before being crushed by the collapsing Jotunheim nuclear reactor. In the film’s credits, it was revealed that Peacemaker survived the events of Corto Maltese. He is now needed to “save the world.” The Peacemaker eponymous vigilante/villain is joined in the film by Steve Agee (as John Economos, prison warden) and Jennifer Holland, as Emilia Harcourt’s aide to Amanda Waller. DCEU newcomers Danielle Brooks (as Leota Adebayo), Robert Patrick (as Peacemaker’s father), ChukwudiIwuji (as Clemson Murn), Freddie Stroma (a) and Nhut Le (an as Vigilante), and Freddie Stroma (a)

Peacemaker’s initial three episodes are set to drop on Wednesday. A fan tweeted Gunn asking for suggestions about snacks while watching the series. Gunn, who is known for engaging with fans via social media, responded by tweeting a picture of Crunchy Flamin’ hot Cheetos. It’s hard to believe he didn’t suggest empanadas. It’s below:

Gunn and most directed wrote peacemaker. Gunn recognized the potential of his title character from the start. A peacemaker is an oxymoronic character who cherishes peace and doesn’t care how many people, women, or children he must kill to achieve it. The series will be chaotic and filled with absurd comedy. Peacemaker is more grounded than Suicide Squad. This may be Gunn’s perfect vehicle for his trademark brand of irreverence. It could be the start of the DCEU’s MCU-Esque streaming success.

Peacemaker may be likened to a bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. Although the film didn’t do well at the box office, the film was a huge success with critics and fans. The film managed to entertain while revealing the humanity of each character. Peacemaker will flesh out its antihero further when it premieres on January 13, 2022.

James Gunn might make DCEU movies about the DC Comics villains to continue Suicide Squad. According to the filmmaker, he had several ideas about how to make DC Comics’ more obscure villains. He declined a chance at a Superman reboot and instead chose to continue working on projects that involve characters such as King Shark and Peacemaker. It begs the question: What projects Gunn is planning for the future?

After he first made it big in film with Troma Entertainment’s horror-themed films, Gunn was influenced by comic books and superheroes even before directing Guardians of the Galaxy. Gunn credits the production of an independent superhero comedy, The Specials as being instrumental in his first major studio gigs as a screenwriter. Later, he directed and wrote the film Super. This was a darkly comical take on costumed vigilantes in real life. Gunn’s love for superheroes can be seen by his fans who follow him on social media. This love and knowledge was evident in Suicide Squad which featured the greatest collection of DC Comics characters ever made and also included the first live-action appearances by some obscure supervillains. Gunn could easily continue the story of the Suicide Squad members by creating a sequel to Suicide Squad. He is also currently developing a spinoff series about Peacemaker, which will premiere on HBO Max in 2022.

The question is still open as to whether Gunn will continue to work on DCEU projects after completing his obligations to Marvel Studios and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 was delayed by Marvel letting Gunn go, but he was later rehired. Recently, the director confirmed that he was indeed working on another DC project. It’s still under wraps and in its early stages of development so fans shouldn’t expect any information to be revealed during DC FanDome 2021. Gunn replied to fan queries via Twitter that the next DC adaptation will not have anything to do with Peacemaker. This news suggests that Gunn’s movie or TV series is not related Suicide Squad,. However, he may be working on projects involving individual actors as spinoffs of the film. It is unknown what it will actually be at this time. Here’s a list of DC characters Gunn might be working on a film or TV show about. With the director’s keen eye to find underrated characters, there are many possibilities.

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