No Way Home Art Imagines Spider-Man With Laser Web Shooters

Bosslogic has released new Spider-Man fan art. It depicts Spider-Man using laser web-shooters. This is the third installment of Tom Holland’s trilogy Spider-Man movies. It sees Spider-Man go against several iconic Spider-Man villains. It is currently playing in theaters and continues its success at the box office.

The direct sequel to Spider-Man, Spider-Man is No Way Home. Peter Parker appears unmasked to the world as Spider-Man and has to deal with the consequences. In his desperate state, he turns to Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) to create a spell that will erase all traces of Spider-Man. Things go wrong due to multiverse tricks, and Peter soon discovers his world is flooded by villains from other live-action Spider-Man franchises. Peter is forced to send them back to their homeworlds to prevent their deaths and then lets Strange finish the spell. He creates his Spider-Man costume himself, forgoing Stark Tech that he relied upon for three movies.

Spider-Man – No Way Home was officially released in theaters last month. It has been a box office success story since. The film’s fan reaction has been intense. Popular fan account Bosslogic posted a new piece that depicts Peter’s web-shooters in full-blown lasers. It’s available below.

The animated fan art shows Peter in his no-way home costume, but it transforms his web-shooters into laser blasters that shoot a red beam. Bosslogic pointed out in the art that there’s no reason to replace the web-shooters with lasers. It looks cool, and it adds an interesting twist to the Spider-Man color scheme by adding more red.

All of this said, it seems that Spider-Man’s chances of trading his web-shooters with a set of lasers have become less likely after the conclusion to Spider-Man: No Way Home. Peter was able to rely on a variety of Stark Tech gadgets in the MCU Spider-Man movies. However, he’ll be using a Spider-Man costume and web-shooters just like the live-action Spider-Men. Peter is a genius, but you shouldn’t expect him to make lasers in his Home anytime soon. The red-and-blue-clad hero can be seen in Spider-Man: No Way Home at the moment.

Andrew Garfield’s improvised, heartwarming line in Spider-Man: no Way Home proved why his Spider-Man was a blockbuster hit. While he was best known for his roles in The Social Network or Never Leave Me Go, Andrew Garfield rose to stardom with his portrayal as Peter Parker/ Spider-Man by Marc Webb in The Amazing Spider-Man. He re-enacted his role in no way Home a decade after Garfield wore the superhero suit for the first time. After months of denial, he finally spoke out and revealed that he had improvised the most poignant line in Spider-Man’s No Way Home.

Months before the film was released, there were rumors that Tobey Maguire, Garfield, and Garfield would be returning to Spider-Man. The rumors were put to rest when audiences saw the three Spider-Man generations together in No way Home’s greatest moment. Maguire’s Peter Parkers and Garfield’s Peter Parkers were there to offer guidance and comfort for Tom Holland’s grieving Peter. They both shared their lives, as well as how they had fared since their last appearance on-screen.

The three Peters have formulated a plan to coordinate their attacks. Peter-Three (Garfield) pulls back the other two and says, “I Love You Guys,” which causes awkward reactions from Peter One (Holland) and Peter-Two (2 Maguire). Recently, Andrew Garfield spoke out to Variety about improvising this quote. He admitted that it was “just me loving them ,” and that he was inspired by his excitement at working with the other Spider-Man actors. The improvised part showed how grateful Garfield was to be back as Peter. It showed how much Garfield enjoyed the role and how deeply he felt the character meant to him. No way Home was the vehicle for his redemption. More people now appreciate his version of Spider-Man.



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