Spider-Man Writer Doesn’t Mind If Peter Parker’s Story Ends With No Way Home

Chris McKenna, the co-writer of Tom Holland’s Peter Parker story, doesn’t mind that it ends with Spider-Man’s No Way Home. Holland made his MCU debut with a little help from Tony Stark, Robert Downey Jr.’s Captain America Civil War. Then, he went on to weave webs in five more films, including Jon Watts Spider-Man’Homecoming’ trilogy. Spider-Man : No Way Home is the last installment of that trilogy. It picks up from Spider-Man Far from Home, where Peter deals with the aftermath Mysterio’s outing of him as Spider-Man. Peter seeks help from Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch),.

Strange’s spell allows villains from the past to enter the MCU, instead of making everyone forget Peter Parker is Spider-Man (except for a few select individuals). These characters include Doc Ock (Alfred Molina), Green Goblin(Willem Dafoe), Electro [Jamie Foxx], Sandman (Thomas Haden Church), Lizard (“Rhys Ifans”), and a couple of familiar faces who are both knowledgeable about great power, great responsibility. Spider-Man – No Way Home concludes both Spider-Man’s story in the MCU as well as on the silver screen… at least for now.

The Wrap interviewed McKenna & Erik Sommers about Spider-Man: The Way Home. They discussed how they created a tribute to Spider-Man cinema, which doubles as a satisfying end to the Homecoming trilogy. The pair were particularly asked about the ending of the film, where Peter is effectively divorced from the MCU. McKenna said that Holland’s Spider-Man story would end with No Way Home, which he considered “great.” Below is what McKenna had to say:

“This story should be satisfying by itself. It doesn’t matter if it ends there. You can look backwards and see that this was an origin story that took over three stories to get Peter Parker to this point where he is stripped-down, anonymous and has no billionaire benefactor. He has now been forced to search for rent and has had to make the sacrifices of what it means to have that power. That would be very satisfying. I think it would be awesome.

In Spider-Man : No Way Home, Strange’s spell is causing multiversal chaos. The only way to stop it from happening is for Peter Parker to be forgotten by everyone in the MCU. Peter is aware of this and asks Strange for the spell anyway. This is Strange’s way to accept his “great responsibility”. He says good-bye to his friends, MJ and Ned (Jacob Batalon), before the spell can take root. He promises that he will find them afterwards. Peter, at the end of No Way Home decides to not refresh anyone’s memory and to do it all alone. He has no family, Stark tech, friends or even potential Avengers. Holland’s hero leaves behind a Spider-Man costume made by him, an apartment that is in disarray, and a scanner from the police, much like in the past.

Spider-Man no Way Home’s ending could allow for a divorce between Marvel/Disney/Sony if negotiations fall apart again. But, both Amy Pascal, the Sony producer and Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Studios have said they are actively working on a story for Spider-Man 4. Sony’s Spider-Man has committed to at least one additional MCU appearance. Pascal stated that she would like Holland to appear in another Spider-Man trilogy. However, Holland is not required to do so. Sony has many options, including Miles Morales or Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker/Spider-Man. Holland’s webslinger career was over, but it was a very satisfying end. Although Holland’s departure would be sad, the audience has shown more than enough interest in a new Spidey web-slinger.

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