Full House Cast React To Bob Saget’s Shocking Death

Bob Saget’s passing prompted some original members of the Full House cast to react. The sudden death of the actor and comedian at 65 shocked many. He was best known for his role as Ted Mosby, the older version of Ted Mosby in How to Met Your Mother, and hosting America’s Funniest Home Videos between 1989 and 1997. Saget was also a part of many other projects. But his most notable role was that of Danny Tanner on Full House and its Netflix spinoff, Fuller House.

According to reports, Saget died on January 9 at Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Florida. According to reports, the Sheriff’s Department was called by the hotel at 4 PM ET. The actor was found unconscious in his bedroom. TMZ reports Saget was declared dead at the scene. However, the cause of death is not yet known. Saget’s official death announcement is expected to be made by the Medical Examiner’s Office later.

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Shortly after the news of Saget’s death broke, some Full House castmates took their Twitter accounts to express their shock and grief. John Stamos, the actor who played Uncle Jesse Katsopolis on the hit sitcom, expressed shock and grief by saying he would never have another friend like Saget. Candace Cameron Bure, Saget’s daughter on-screen, tweeted her shock and grief. Joey Gladstone actor Dave Coulier expressed his love for Saget. See their posts below.

Saget is a long-standing TV comedian. He was most recently a contestant in The Masked Singer. The comedian performed a stand-up act in Jacksonville as part of his I Don’t Do Negativetour. Saget shared his joy over-performing life again in his last tweet on Twitter. Based on his comments, Saget’s last gig seemed to have been a positive one.

As of this writing, Saget’s passing is still not publicly acknowledged by the Full House, or Fuller House casts. Many former stars, friends, and loved ones took to social media to honor the actor and comedian. These posts praise Saget’s warmth and unrivaled humor and show his kindness to those close to him.

Fans wanted Jackson (Michael Campion) and Ramona (“Soni Bringas”) to get together, but they never did. Fuller House. Full House Netflix’s spinoff introduced new characters to replace the cast members who were reprising their roles. This included Kimmy (Andrea Barber) and DJ (Candace Cameron Bure), who differed from their mothers.

Like Danny (Bob Saget), DJ was also suddenly widowed in Full House. To help her adjust to her new life, Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin) and Kimmy moved in with her to the Tanner family home. DJ’s sister returned home as a single mother while Kimmy went through a difficult split with Fernando (Juan Pablo Di Pace). Ramona, their daughter, was not keen to move in with the Tanners.

Jackson and Ramona were both around the same age, so they were also in the same school. They couldn’t stand one another at first, at least not initially. They became close friends as Fuller House progressed. Given their circumstances, many fans wanted them to get married. However, the Full House spinoff didn’t indicate that this was possible. This would spinoff a great way to keep viewers happy, but it was not the right decision. It is related to Fuller House’s central concept of family in different forms — something that was derived from its parent series. Full House challenges society’s idea of what a family should be. It shows three men trying to raise three young women. Fuller House decided to keep Ramona’s and Jackson’s relationship platonic to drive this idea further. In the end, they have become more or less like brothers who can always rely on one another.



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