The beloved Sci-Fi series The Matrix is back with The Matrix Resurrections. It is best to not add the surreal franchise after it was finished almost 20 years ago. Although the action and absurdity are there, there is something missing at the core of the movie.

Lana Wachowski directed the fourth installment of the franchise she and her sister Lilly created in 1999. The Matrix Resurrectionsfeels like it was created in exchange for the souls of the original trilogy. Although Lilly was right to avoid the scene, it seems that Lana Wachowski was also suspicious and made some comments for Warner Brothers.

The Matrix Resurrections is now in theaters. It can also be streamed on HBO Max.

The Matrix Resurrections Official Trailer 2


It has been a long time since the events in the original trilogy, and Neo has fallen prey to a new matrix. The first act of the Matrix Resurrections is like playing a game of chicken with the fourth walls. Neo, an award-winning game designer, is responsible for creating the trilogy of Matrix video games… about the Matrix. To keep Neo in Matrix, the machines convinced him that he had created the original trilogy of movies and video games.

Although I criticize the strange choice and it is difficult to understand in print it is actually an interesting direction that makes perfect use of the movie. The movie draws attention to the fact that it is a movie, so it’s not really a matter of taste. It feels at times like Keanu Reeves will turn towards the camera and acknowledge us at any time.


Lana Wachowski appears to actively be criticizing the existence of this movie. This movie’s hidden theme is the constant regurgitation, or “resurrection,” of old franchises. It is aware of its own creations. Even a line about Warner Brothers forcing Neo to restart the “Matrix” franchise of games gives him panic attacks. It is possible to imagine Lana and Lilly feeling something similar when they were approached about the reboot. It’s hard to say if The Matrix Resurrections represents a rebellion against its own existence, or another failed reboot. It could be somewhere in between. It is an insult to the original trilogy’s themes, but it is an accepted insult. The Wachowskis created a unique piece of art with The Matrix. Whether or not you consider it good art is irrelevant. The Matrix Resurrectionsis a forced creation for quick profit. It may be entertaining and Lana tried her best to preserve some of the original spirit but something is missing.


It is not surprising that the standout performances here are so strong. Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss, and Trinity reprise their roles. For fans of the original films, this is the real delight of the movie. As they slowly reenter the action, they realize that the new matrix has trapped them again. Their love is clearly the true power behind “one”. It fits in perfectly with the movie’s new direction.

You can see in the trailers that Laurence Fishburne has been replaced as the legendary character Morpheus. Yahya AbdulMateen II, a younger actor, is a bit lacking in this role. He attempts to be more funny than the original portrayal. Along with many other cast members, the character often fails to shine. Neo and Trinity are the main focus, and the rest of the cast members are often forgotten.

EDITING and PACING – A RUSH to the End

The Matrix Resurrections covered a lot. Like the first film’s first act, the first act focused on Neo’s gradual awakening. The long process drags on a bit, leaving the rest of movie in a mad scramble for the finish. I have a feeling that this movie could have been longer or a completely different movie. Many plot points have been dropped and the focus is now on the love story between the main characters. The film is cluttered with fragments from other possible directions and lacks substance. It is possible that a more interesting movie was cut to make room for the nostalgic bomb Lana warned us of at the beginning.

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