New achievements leaks suggest that the classic N64 adventure, GoldenEye007 is coming to Xbox in one form or another. The leaked achievements list is viewable over on . The list contains 55 achievements that span both single- and multi-player modes. These achievements total 1,000 gamer points.

The James Bond franchise celebrates its 60th year anniversary. According to them, they will be making new announcements this year. IO Interactive is working on a new game. They are the people behind Hitman. The secret agent will be placed in a new adventure. The franchise’s 60th anniversary is not the only reason 2022 is significant. Daniel Craig, actor and super spy, has recently retired.

Although the leak of the GoldenEye achievement is very exciting, this isn’t the first attempt at a return. GoldenEye007 was launched on the Nintendo 64 in 1997. Later, it was reimagined on the Wii/DS consoles.

The new achievements leak for GoldenEye does not represent the first time the game has been rumored to be coming to Xbox. Rare also developed a version for Xbox Live Arcade that never saw the light. Phil Spencer, Xbox Boss was quizzed regarding footage from the rumored release. He simply said that he did not confirm or deny any information.

GoldenEye007 may make it to Xbox. It might also appear on other platforms.

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