Minecraft’s Frogs Can Eat Goats, Player Discovers

A Minecraft player discovered that goats and frogs could eat each other. The sandbox game is more than 10 years old but has remained relevant through constant adaptations that allow players to push the boundaries of the game with their builds.

Minecraft’s mobs can be described as AI-driven entities that exhibit specific behaviors. They can be found in blocky landscapes. Different mob types can be classified based on how they react to players. They can range from passive to aggressive, even when attacked, to aggressive at first glance. Frogs and goats both make peaceful Minecraft mobs, with goats being more aggressive when interacting with other mobs. A recent discovery suggests that goats might be turning their aggression toward a smaller entity.

Reddit user JamesLovesTV uploaded a short video showing how frogs prey on goats in Minecraft. The clip shows the player manually creating both mobs. It is interesting to see how the frogs eat the goats and chase them away if they aren’t. This discovery was a huge surprise to many commenters eager to find out where the frog-feeding frenzy ends.

Minecraft is not designed to allow frogs or goats to interact in normal circumstances. The amphibians are naturally found in swamps, often in lowlands, sometimes reaching below sea level. On the other hand, goats can be found high up in jagged or frozen peaks. Completely different Minecraft biomes can cause these natural spawns, so, understandably, this unusual gameplay element has been so overlooked for so long.

Frogs are known for eating anything that fits in their mouths in real life, but the game developers seem to have taken this mentality one step further. Given this discovery, it is natural to wonder what the largest group of blocky amphibians can eat. JamesLovesTV posted some possible tests in the comments. More information may soon become available. This demonstration showed that Minecraft players could benefit from the fact that developers made frogs passive.


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