Battlefield 2042 Is Free On Xbox This Weekend

Xbox Live users can play Battlefield 2_ for free this weekend. DICE’s latest shooter was released in November and has seen significant discounts. Battlefield2042 received a mixed reception from critics and fans after a difficult launch plagued by bugs and lacked content. DICE has already released a few patches to the game. More patches are on the way, as well as seasonal content.

Recently, it was reported that Battlefield5 had more players than Battlefield2042 over Christmas. Even though the previous game was released many years ago and received a poor reception at launch. The game was criticized for not meeting the standards of Battlefield games like 3 and 4. Although it was marketed as a return in the modern era, the game failed to impress many and left them wanting more from DICE. DICE isn’t giving up.

Xbox is offering Battlefield2042 as one of its “Free Play Days.” This offer will be available from January 6 to January 9. The trial is not valid for the purchase of the game. You can play the entire game during this free trial. There are no restrictions. It is also available at a discounted price of roughly $20 on Xbox One and Xbox Series X. Battlefield 2204’s debut season is still months away, so players will need to wait a while for new content.

It is unclear if this is an indication of declining sales for the title that was EA’s largest title in 2021 or if it is just a post-holiday push. Call of Duty – Vanguard had a free multiplayer test shortly after the game’s release. This led some to believe that the game wasn’t selling well. It’s unlikely that either one of these titles had a great performance since hard sales numbers aren’t released beyond investor calls.

It was reported that Battlefield 4042 sold well after its initial release. However, it is unknown how these sales have translated into long-term player numbers. The December 2021 NPD Sales Charts should indicate how the game performed during holidays, as there were only a few notable releases in December. Battlefield2042 won’t win back players with its upcoming updates. That could spell doom for the entire series. While Battlefield5 has received some positive reviews, it wasn’t enough to make a difference. Battlefield won’t be subject to the same fate.


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