Pokémon Legends: Arceus Trailer Confirms Shops & Player Customization

A new Japanese trailer for Pokemon Legends is now available. It gives a better look at the region’s mechanics. Since the announcement of Pokemon Legends last year, much of the information surrounding the game has been vague. This leaves fans wondering what the new addition to the Pokemon line could bring. Fans have plenty to look forward to, with more information released in the coming weeks.

Pokemon Legends – Arceus takes players on an entirely new Pokemon adventure than the main series. For a historical journey into the past, Sword and Shield traded their modern settings and techy gadgets. The players will be able to build and throw prototype-type Poke Balls and explore the Hisui region’s unsettling landscapes looking for Pokemon species. Although the official Pokedex roster has not been released, a few species, such as Rowlet, the Grass-type starter, from Alola point to a larger inclusion of Pokemon than what was seen in Pokemon Bright Diamond and Shining Pearl.

A Japanese trailer for Pokemon Legends Arceus has been uploaded to Nintendo’s YouTube channel. It shows off a variety of exciting gameplay mechanics. The trailer shows powerful Pokemon fighting, new areas in Hisui, and the rudimentary Pokedex. The trailer also shows new character customization options. Players will be able to change their hairstyles and accessories. There will also be several shops selling crafting items, making it easier to find the right items.

This trailer provides a glimpse at what players can expect from their paper Pokedex. Like previous Pokedex models, the information will be filled out when a Pokemon is caught and when it is seen. Players will be able to switch between several tabs, although it’s unclear what these tabs will contain. After players complete certain tasks in Pokemon Legends Arceus, certain areas can potentially spawn Pokemon from other regions. This would be similar to the National Pokedex unlocked in previous games. Nintendo has not confirmed this yet.

The function of open-world maps is one thing that’s not clear from the trailer. Although it has been confirmed that Hisui will not be an open-world, there has not been any official demonstration of how these explorable areas can be accessed. As Pokemon Legends: Arceus gets closer, we will provide more information. Nintendo Switch consoles will be released on January 28, 2022.


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