Mario Party Superstars Gets Bowser Jr. Added Thanks to Mod

Bowser Jr. is now playable in Mario Party Superstars, thanks to a new mod. A few months ago, the second installment of Mario Party for Nintendo Switch was made available. Mario Party Superstars pays tribute to previous installments of the series by featuring 100 minigames from different installments, and five remade boards were taken from the Nintendo 64 Trilogy.

Bowser Jr., the evil king of Koopas and the protagonist of the Mario Party series, is Bowser Jr. Although Junior has been disabling players in the past entries of this series, the little monster was still playable in previous Mario Party games. Mario Party Superstars doesn’t offer Bowser Jr. as a choice for gamers, but Bowser Jr. is present in the encyclopedia located in the data house via the main menu. The game’s encyclopedia has a large character library. Like all the other characters in Mario Party, it can be viewed with a description of the game and the cover art for the game in which it was featured. Every character entry in Mario Party Superstars’ encyclopedia has a familiar trait or sound effect. This is a wonderful touch for fans, but one fan was disappointed to learn that Bowser Jr. cannot be played.

Game Rant reported that a Mario Party Superstars fan had made a mod for Mario Party Superstars that allows players to play Bowser Jr. Spike posted a video to their channel showing the mod in action. Junior can be seen moving along the game board, participating in minigames, and interfacing with characters. According to the notes on Sgt. Spike’s GameBanana entry to the Bowser Jr. Mod states that the mod completely replaces Mario Party Superstars’ playable characters Daisy, Birdo, and Mario. Bowser Jr. created his model using a combination of new animations and animations from the Super Mario Party. This mod features Bowser Jr. voice clips, custom icons, and three new Junior stickers.

Sgt. Spike mentions that there are a few bugs they need to fix. The modder mentions that Bowser Jr.’s animations don’t look great because they haven’t replaced the animations fully, especially in a few of the minigames. Junior also seems to be holding certain items incorrectly. Bowser Junior receives items incorrectly. The camera focuses instead on the monster’s feet when he is photographed. His icon is not always in the portraits on the character select screens, and the post-minigames results screen portraits. Sgt. Spike mentions that they will continue to improve the system in the future. Mario Party Superstars’ DLC may include Bowser Jr. as an official playable character. Bowser Jr. fans can still enjoy Sgt. Spike’s Bowser Jr. mod.




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