Finding The Right Uncharted Director Was Stressful, Says Tom Holland

Tom Holland reflects on the difficult process of finding the right director to direct Sony’s Uncharted movie. After the success of the first PS3 game, the anticipated video game movie was first developed at Sony Pictures. Many directors have directed the project, including Seth Gordon, David O. Russell, and Dan Trachtenberg. Finally, Zombieland’s Ruben Fleischer and Venom’s Ruben Tap were attached to direct the film. Production commenced in 2020.

Holland portrays Nathan Drake, a young adventurer who acts semi-prequels in the game series. He is entangled with Sully, Mark Wahlberg’s mentor, and finds himself in the world of danger, glory, relics, and danger. Wahlberg, originally cast as Drake in 2008, was unable to continue his role as the father figure due to the film’s long production history. Sophia Ali and Antonio Banderas join Holland and Wahlberg to create a screenplay written by Iron Man screenwriters Matt Holloway and Art Marcum. The film is awaited with excitement by fans of video games, who are cautious after years of unsuccessful movies.

In Spider-Man, Holland, the lead actor, has opened up to Total Film about his struggles with finding the right director for this ambitious film. Holland recalls that some previously attached filmmakers had “ideas that we didn’t like,” which led to frequent changes in the background. He says that there were many different versions of Drake and […] Sully when it came to the protagonists’ characterization. Holland explains how directors tried to make the game shot-for-shot while others departed from the source material. Holland, a Hollywood star, doesn’t seem to remember the experience well. He said that it was stressful trying to find a director. Below is his complete interview quote:

“Some directors came in with ideas that were not our favorites, so we had to move on. Everyone was an inspiration to us. There were many different versions of Drake and Sully. Some preferred the original game while others wanted something completely different. It was an interesting experience, and one I would not like to repeat. It’s quite stressful looking for a director.”

Uncharted is expected to be the biggest movie of the year. It will feature the video game’s signature action scenes. As you can see in the clip, which shows one of the most intense and high-altitude scenes of Uncharted 3, it is sure to be a big hit. Some fans were skeptical about Holland’s casting, especially Wahlberg’s decision to switch roles. However, a recently released trailer revealed that Sully would sport his iconic mustache at one point in the movie. Holland was stressed out during pre-production, but he did not give up and went to great lengths to bulk up for the action-packed movie.

These comments by the actor are not surprising and prove that Uncharted is a remarkable feat of filmmaking, despite being in development hell for more than a decade. Uncharted, whatever the final result, seems to have found its man. Fleischer’s recent collaborations with Sony and Zombieland 2 were relative successes for the studio. They combined comedy and action in a way that was appropriate to Uncharted.

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