The new Serious Sam game is on its way and could be out sooner than you think. Publisher Devolver Digital tweeted last night that the game would be revealed next week and released in January.

In the clip above, our hero declares “Man it’s cold.” “But nothing warms my heart like kicking ansies!”

(Yes, this is the kind of serious dialogue you get from these games.

Devolver and Serious Sam developer, Croteam, have been teasing this for several weeks. The above video was uploaded to YouTube on December 10th, and it was also tweeted by the official Serious Sam account on the same day. Devolver was able to put the finger on the problem yesterday when he tweeted the clip again with the message “What if a new Serious Sam video was being announced next week? And released this month?”

That tweet was retweeted by the Serious Sam account with the additional text, “Ice.” Cold.”

It is not surprising that Serious Sam has a new game in the works. Devolver stated when it purchased Croteam in 2020 that there were “more Serious Sam” games in the future. It is not surprising that a new Serious Sam game might drop in the next three weeks, considering the almost complete lack of buildup.

Serious Sam 4 was not as enjoyable as I expected. I have been a Serious Sam fan since the beginning. It has many levels that are large, open areas, with no monsters in large portions. The expanded cast and narrative are also awkward. It is still fun when the action starts, however, and Croteam may be willing to add another series to it.

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