LOTR: Gollum Has A Protagonist That’s Hard To Sympathize With

The Lord of the Rings. Gollum is unlikely to weave a compelling story because its protagonist is incredibly naive. Gollum is a selfish, nefarious creature who only cares about the One Ring. Smeagol, Gollum’s original identity, has a little sympathy, but Gollum’s position in the timeline doesn’t look like it will have much to love about the character.

LOTR: Gollum, a stealth game developed by Daedalic Entertainment, seems to have some platforming and puzzle-solving. The players will control Gollum as he escapes the clutches of Sauron’s minions after being tortured and revealing the location of the One Ring. The game’s premise is strange at first glance, but a stealthy platformer set in J.R.R. Tolkien’s legendarium is a very novel idea. However, one about Gollum raises questions about how effective the narrative is.

The game’s story will show players a section of the LOTR story that has not yet been told. The original novel and Peter Jackson’s adaptations tell only a portion of Gollum’s journey to Mordor, the Dead Marshes, Mirkwood, and finally to the Mines of Moria. Despite Sauron’s hordes, Gollum is the main antagonist of his story. Two of the most beloved characters in the franchise, Gandalf and Aragorn, are potential bosses for LOTR. Daedalic may try to portray Gollum as an antagonist, but he’s not very compelling at first glance, particularly during the period where the game is set.

Gollum’s Sympathetic Arch Comes Much Later
The ring so horribly influenced Gollum gives him any sympathy in the original text. This sympathy is only narratively effective when the same process is repeated in Frodo’s fight to bring the Ring up Mount Doom. Frodo must believe that he will not end up like Gollum, so he appeals for help from Smeagol. Frodo will not be in LOTR: Gollum. This means that the key to Gollum’s redemption may not be present in the game. The first trailers for LotR: Gollum showed him struggling to reconcile his dual personalities. This is the best chance at making Gollum a sympathetic protagonist. However, it seems a little premature considering the established Gollum/Smeagol characters.

Before meeting Frodo, Gollum had spent many centuries being corrupted and unable to recognize the name Smeagol. Frodo attempts to help Gollum, but he is already obsessed with the Ring. He acts as the dedicated keeper of the Ring until Bilbo has the chance to take possession. It is important to note that Gollum technically destroys the One Ring, although he did so accidentally. However, does complete the sympathetic character arc and find some redemption long after LOTR’s events: Gollum have occurred. While a Tolkien-inspired stealth video game is compelling, Gollum’s struggle with his personality in the game suggests that The Lord of the Rings might have been clumsily integrated into the novel’s narrative framework to make its protagonist sympathetic at a time when he’s not supposed.

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