Every Pokémon That Received An Evolution In Diamond & Pearl

Pokemon Shining Pearl and Pokemon Brilliant Diamond are faithful to their original counterparts. This includes the return of all Pokemon that were given new evolutions in Pokemon Diamond or Pokemon Pearl. While there have been some changes to improve the quality of life, the original games’ fans will still feel a little nostalgia as they travel through the Sinnoh area again. Players can now access some of the most powerful Pokemon through new evolutions this time, which is a significant improvement over the original games.

Togepi was not available in the original or Pearl until the players reached the post-game. Oddly, Togepi’s Evolution line was among 27 Pokemon introduced in previous games. The Sinnoh region also gave it new evolutions. Many of these Pokemon have become fan favorites and staples of the Pokemontelevision series and games.

Until players complete Pokemon Bright Diamond or Shining Pearl and earn the National Dex, a few of these Pokemon that received new evolutions will remain unavailable. Players can still obtain Sinnoh Dex-compatible Pokemon through the quality of life improvements. The rare Grand Underground in Pokemon has allowed players to access more Pokemon, such as Magmortar, Electivire, Togekiss, and Magmortar during their initial journey.

New Diamond & Pearl Evolutions for Old Pokemon
Pokemon Diamond and Pearl introduced new ways to evolve Pokemon. Although some Pokemon continue to evolve using traditional methods, others can only learn certain moves. The “Ancient Power Pokemon” is an example of a group of Pokemon that evolved from common ancestors. However, this group must learn Ancient Power to evolve due to modern changes. These are the following Pokemon:

Yanma – Evolves into Yanmega
Tangela – Evolves into Tangrowth
Piloswine: Evolves into Mamoswine
Mamoswine is also a most competitive Pokemon. This makes it easier to get it while you play through the remakes. In addition, more Pokemon can evolve by learning certain moves. Unlike the Ancient Power group, these Pokemon learn their evolution moves as they progress up.

AipomEvolves into Ambipom after learning Double Hit
Lickitung – After learning Rollout, Lickitung is transformed into Lickilicky.
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Pokemon Diamond and Pearl introduced new types of evolution stone, including Shiny, Dusk, and Dawn stones. Each of these stones has a specific location in Sinnoh. However, players can obtain an unlimited number of each if they travel along with a Pokemon with the Pickup ability. Players can walk around with a Pachirisu equipped with the Pickup ability to find Shiny Stones at Iron Island. These are the Pokemon that evolve from Sinnoh evolution stones.

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