No Way Home’s Green Goblin Is A Villain (But Norman Osborn Isn’t’)

Spider-Man – No Way Home The Green Goblin is bad, but Norman Osborn is not. After his debut in Spider-Man 2002, Willem Dafoe returns as the iconic villain. Osborn and Goblin may be the same characters, but No way home proves they are not the same personas.

After being used as a human subject for Oscorp’s’ performance-enhancing drug, Norman Osborn is transformed into the Green Goblin. After taking revenge on his victims, the Goblin makes Spider-Man, a villain. The Goblin is then impaled on his glider while eliminating the wall-crawler. In Spider-Man, the Green Goblin attempts to corrupt Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. He even manages to kill Aunt May (played in Spider-Man). Despite Spider-Man almost killing him, he decides to cure Norman instead, permanently ending the Goblin persona.

The Green Goblin is still a dangerous villain in Spider-Man. However, the film proves Norman Osborn to be a good guy. It makes him the most tragic character of the entire Spider-Man film series. Spider-Man and Spider-Man make it clear that Norman Osborn had a separate personality due to the performance enhancers which separated the Green Goblin from his own. He cannot see the consequences of his actions and is horrified when the Green Goblin does. After being healed by Spider-Man at the end of No Way, Home, Norman questions him about his past while being terrified about what he might hear. After the Goblin’s destruction, Norman spends his final moments looking out Goblin’scean while sitting still. Norman, despite his many flaws, is still a decent man.

Although he was an imperfect father to Harry and let his arrogant ambitions spiral out of control, Norman’s interactions in Spider-Man’s Aunt May and Doc Ock in Spider-Man’sNom Home show that spider-man’s great heart. He is like a kind spider-Mans to May and Peter. Ock’s exchanges with him suggest that they could be great friends Ock’sif Ock was not involved in creating the Green Goblin. All of this shows that Norman could have been a better man despite his flaws and all the other things he has done.

Spider-Man shows that Norman Osborn, as evil as Norman Osborn may be, isn’t. Remarkably, the film managed to convey this messagisn’tveIt’ss vast scope. Norman will be able, now that he has been permanently cured of his illness, to live a life in which he works through his flaws and grows into a better person. This will help undo the damage done by his actions as the Green Goblin and his death during the Raimi Trilogy.


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