Death Stranding: Director’s Cut seems like an amazing enhancement and upgrade to the already-famous 2020 game of the year. Although the game was originally released on Playstation 5, it was also available for PC. The Steam version did extremely well.

This now looks like a certificate after purchased an early copy from Intel about its new Xe Super Sampling(XeSS). Videocardz is known for being one of the most prolific leakers of hardware news on the internet. The release also includes a quote by Neil Rally, the president of 505 Games, about integrating Intel tech into Death Stranding: Director’s Cut.

Rally says, “We are delighted to announce our partnership for the Death Stranding Director’s Cut edition on PC.” “Death Stranding is a very popular PC game and we are excited to see how Intel’s new XeSS technology can enhance the player experience for Director’s Cut.”

Although XeSS is not mentioned in any other titles, Codemasters and PUBG Studios are among those working with the technology. Although Intel has previously spoken in-depth about XeSS technology, developers should find its GPU-agnostic approach appealing.

It seems that it is time to deliver cargo again. The stunning Death Stranding experience is worth the wait. The Director’s Cut included a lot of new stuff, including VR missions that echo Metal Gear, overpacks and an absurd racing track. The most memorable Kojima moment regarding the DC’s release was when he said that he didn’t like the title “director’s cut”–as though he had no control over the matter.

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