DC is Proving Superheroes Are More Interesting As Parents, Not Less

While the DC Comics universe has always had a lot of super-strong heroes, editors have discovered a way to make these superheroes more relatable and interesting. They make them parents. In the past 20 years, Superman, Batman, and Flash all became parents. Their lines are all the better because of it. As writers get older, they start to incorporate their own experiences. A superhero like Superman becoming a parent is an evolution of the character.

Superman, Batman, and Flash were known loners who often did their best work alone. Flash and Batman had many sidekicks. But writers found a way to get them out of the picture. This could be done by either having the sidekick “graduate to their own superhero” or by tragically killing the sidekick (as was the case with Jason Todd ). In 2022, all three of them will have children. Superman has Jonathan Kent, Batman and Flash have Damian Wayne. The powers and abilities of their parents have been passed on to their children. This is where the genius of being a superhero parent comes in.

Each superhero has a different parenting style. Superman is a great father. He’s there for his children and helps others. Jonathan Kent can use all the powers that Superman has and the moral center to do so for the benefit of all humanity. Although he may be more patient than Clark Kent, he teaches the latter by saving the day together. Clark knows that his son is ready for the job of Superman when he leaves Earth. Wally West’s approach is much more scattered when it comes to parenting.

Jonathan is older than Iris, and she enjoys toying with Jonathan’s line, trying out how many rules she can violate while also poking holes into her father’s logic about his instructions. It is easy to imagine the challenges of parenting a child who has all the Speed Force powers and none of Wally’s experience as a crime fighter. Damian Wayne, Batman’s son, was not raised by Bruce; they met at seven. The two became close friends over time and, while Damian may sometimes obey Bruce reluctantly, he still respects and admires his father.

The DC superheroes, mainly those of the Justice League, are extremely overpowered and well-prepared to the point that they can predict the future. These superheroes are difficult to relate to. Jon, Damian, Iris, and Jai help to ground them remarkably. The characters, and the DC Comics Universe in general, benefit when superheroes become parents and face all the challenges that come with it.


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