BioShock creator Ken Levine stated in 2014 that he was closing down Irrational Games (the studio he founded in 1997) to create a smaller, more entrepreneurial project at Take-Two Interactive. Levine stated at that time that he desired to be part of “a smaller team with an easier structure and a closer relationship with gamers…a small team making games specifically for the core gaming audience.”

Even though many years have passed, Ghost Story, now known as Ghost Story, still hasn’t released any games. According to a Bloomberg report, Levine is responsible for much of this. Former and current employees spoke out to say that Levine’s management style can make it difficult and that he won’t hesitate to cut weeks or months off if it falls short.

Levine’s reputation for being an author is evident by his impressive list of credits in development, including BioShock and BioShock Infinite, SWAT 4, System Shock 2, Thief: The Dark Project, and SWAT 4. Multiple sources claim that Levine was not content to work in a small studio. However, he wants to continue making complex games such as BioShock that are technically advanced.

Giovanni Pasteris, a Ghost Story AI programmer, said that the ideas and ambitions were “great.” The scope grew without any concern about the team’s ability to get it done before the fall 2017 deadline. Ken wanted to create a triple-A game with a small budget team size. It wasn’t going to happen.”

Multiple employees also criticized Levine’s management style. Pasteris stated that Levine could be “very charming and charismatic,” which helps to attract talent. However, Levine also “can become moody, lash out, singling them out, and berating their co-workers.”

According to Bloomberg, it was not uncommon for employees to fight with Levine. This could lead to the dismissal of those who are deemed unfit. Mike Knight, a former employee, said that roughly half of the original Ghost Story staff had left the studio since its inception. He moved with Levine from Irrational into Ghost Story when it was founded and left five years later. He said, “When it goes in continuous cycles and you don’t align anymore… you kind of get tired being part of that.” “I was not really happy anymore.”

Take-Two appears happy to continue funding Ghost Story and Levine, with no strings attached. This is in the hope that it will eventually lead to creating a major franchise. According to employees, Levine stated that Ghost Story’s maintenance costs are a “rounding error” for Take-Two, which publishes several game series, including Civilization and Grand Theft Auto.

This report provides some interesting insights into why a project, which was expected to be smaller than Levine’s other releases, is taking so long. We might also have to wait a while before we can get a look at it. Ghost Story’s game still has no title. However, an employee interviewed by Bloomberg said that the actual release could be two years away.–Hack–hack

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