Mortal Kombat’s Johnny Cage Gets A John Cena Skin In Fan Edit

An amusing Mortal Kombat11fan editor transforms Johnny Cage, Hollywood’s action hero, into WWE legend John Cena. The beloved kombatant adds style and humor to the brutal fighting games franchise. His sense of humor only matches his charisma and mastery of martial arts. Many have made a tribute to the heroin Mortal KombatJohnny Cage cosplay. Fans are trying to recreate the style of the movie star.

Johnny Cage was introduced in the 1992 series’ first installment. He has been a mainstay of the Mortal Kombatroster through 2019’s Mortal Kombat 11. Johnny Cage, a Hollywood royalty, is often seen wearing sunglasses and a shirt. The cage also has a large chest tattoo with his last name in modern episodes. This compliments his boisterous personality. Cage, a Mortal Kombat XJohnny Cage, was romantically married to Sonya Blade in 2015, a fellow series alumnus. The two had a daughter called Cassie Cage. Many cosplays of Mortal Kombat feature all the notable accessories and attempt to capture his unique combat moves.

Reddit user WillieStroker69 combined two iconic Hollywood icons to create John Cena. This crossover allows Johnny Cage to wear a shirt, shirt, and shoes from WWE legend John Cage. These simple additions emphasize the obvious similarities between the two characters. John Cena could be John Cage’s choice to play Johnny Cage in future Mortal Kombatfilms. They share a sleek physique and a passion for action.

Johnny Cage has been an integral part of the Mortal Kombatroster’s history, which will likely continue in the next title. Information about Mortal Kombat 12’sroster suggests that the game will be more like an expansion of Mortal Kombat 11. This will allow for the continuation of the title’s gameplay while greatly expanding its roster. Rumors claim that every fighter from Mortal Kombat and its sequel Mortal Kombat X will be included. This would bring back characters such as Smoke. This would indicate that MK12 will bring back Johnny Cage, known for his brutal fights and unrelenting jokes.

WillieStroker69 can show the many similarities between Johnny Cage, John Cena, and other action icons by editing them together. John Cena is a great choice to play Johnny Cage in a live-action Mortal Kombatfilm. Although some Reddit users were critical of the comparison, it’s hard to deny that John Cena’s outfit fits Johnny Cage perfectly.


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