Scarlet Witch Gets the Blame, But House of M was Another Avenger’s Fault

Although the Scarlet Witch has been long blamed for creating the horrible House of M, in reality, it was an entirely new Avenger that manipulated Wanda Maximoff to use her reality-altering abilities to create a violent, dystopian new world order. Although he may have done it to help his mentally ill sister, Pietro Maximoff (also known as Quicksilver) is the real mastermind of the warped universe and should be held responsible for the House of M.

House of M was an outcome of “Avengers Disassembled,” which saw Wanda Maximoff lose control of her reality-waving powers after realizing her children were fakes, created from her magic and parts of Mephisto’s soul. She brutally murdered Ant-Man, Hawkeye, and Vision after realizing this. The Avengers and the X-Men met to discuss Scarlet Witch’s fate. However, Wanda’s powers rewrote the world before they could find her. After mutants became the “superior” species on the planet, Magneto was made the leader of the House of M.

To make it clear, the Decimation tragedy, also known as M-Day, which occurred after House of M and led to the disempowerment of 99.9% of the world’s mutants, was 100% Scarlet Witch’s fault. Wanda freely chose to speak the famous words “No more mutants,” without any influence or manipulation. It is unfair to blame Wanda for House of M #1.illustrated and written by Brian Michael Bendis by Frank D’Armata, Olivier Coipel, and Brian Michael Bendis by Brian Michael Bendis. Although Wanda’s powers caused the shift, in reality, her brother Pietro convinced a mentally ill and unstable woman that this was a good idea.

In House of M #7, it is revealed that the Avengers and X-Men were plotting to kill Wanda because she was becoming too unpredictable. So her brother asked Magneto for help. Their “father” refused to let them go, shouting, “What would your have me do?” Pietro refused to accept Wanda’s demise and convinced Wanda to use her powers. He said, “You could have it back.” You could make… everybody happy em>. Then, you manipulate Scarlet Witch by telling her thatthey won’t get back together¬† if she doesn’t do thir.

Magneto finally learns the truth about Pietro’s lies and manipulations. He brutally assaults and kills Quicksilver, crushing him with metal and screaming, “You used her, and you used me!” This would not have been allowed! You have destroyed everyone and everything!” Wanda is pushed over the edge by discovering her brother’s dead, mangled body. This makes Wanda famous for her “No more mutants!” spell.

Magneto could be considered the culprit for all this due to his years of emotional manipulation and abuse of his “children.” But Pietro must be held responsible for his willful scheming and the way that he mistreated his sister, even though he was trying to save her life. No matter how The world views scarlet Witch, it’s clear that Quicksilver was responsible for the House of M events. Wanda Maximoff must be forgiven for her misuse of her powers. Scarlet Witch was another victim of the selfish decision made by the disillusioned Quicksilver (a former Avenger), which led to the dystopian House of M.



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