Witcher 3 Fan’s Wife Wins Christmas With Gift From Geralt’s Voice Actor

A wife of a Wild Hunt fan-requested voice actor Doug Cockle delivers a Christmas message in Geralt to her husband. Since CD Projekt red’s first witcher game in 2007, Doug Cockle has been the voice of the White Wolf. It was released to little fanfare in 2007. The Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings’ sequel was launched in 2011. It received a lot of critical acclaims but remained under the radar in most circles.

The Witcher 3’s 2015 launch across PC, PS4, Xbox One was the moment when both the franchise and CD Projekt Red rose to the top. Cockle and his Geralt version have also gained fame. Henry Cavill frequently cites Cockle as his inspiration for his Geralt voice in the Netflix series. As many know, Cockle is the voice actor for the interactive franchise. He never hesitates to get involved in the fan community. Doug Cockle’s most recent act as Geralt of Rivia is a beautiful example of this.

Reddit user Normal_Mode9539 shared an earlier clip of Doug Cockle in Santa Claus attire. Meredith, the Redditor’s wife, requested a Christmas message for her husband. Cockle responded and sent a private message to Garrett. The actor playing Geralt wishes Garrett a Merry Christmas. Then, Cockle questions why his wife wakes up every time he plays some of The Witcher 3’s’ more erotic scenes. Some questions, it is evident, are best left unanswered. The whole clip is linked in the post below.

Doug Cockle is an exceptional class act. This hilarious and heartwarming video proves it. Who knew Geralt’s Witcher Medallion could be paired with so many ugly Christmas sweaters? When the White Wolf is involved, it seems that almost any outfit can work.

The Witcher is still the hot topic after its second season on Netflix. S upgrades in Q2 2022. Although the studio previously teased plans for a fourth mainline Witcher title in the future, not even the most basic details have been made public online.


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