One of the reasons why there was a lot of hype surrounding Amazon Game Studios’ New World before launch was that it would be a dedicated PvP game with plenty of enthralling large-scale wars. The game was later redesigned to be more akin to a classic MMO, with PvE content for solo players and those who prefer joining groups of people, and even though PvP was exclusively the focus anymore, it still was a big deal. New World has had a rocky few weeks after launch, and the game still isn’t in a great state, but things are slowly looking up.

However, one of the reasons for New World’s fall was that players started discovering bugs or issues with the way the game was designed that could have a huge impact on the overall experience. One of them is mass-reporting, which became apparent early after launch when players were trying everything to stay on top of the PvP game and get themselves territories by having enemy Companies automatically banned from the game. Unfortunately, this issue persists to this day, as players are pointing out.

A Reddit user named Jackdarkshade recently shared a post with a clip attached, showing that reporting people in mass is still being done to make it easier to claim territories. A streamer is shown talking to other New World players suggesting they mass-report the leader of an enemy Company or group of players, regardless of this results in a temporary or permanent ban, just so their Faction can have an easier time conquering the desired areas. Owning a settlement in New World is a big deal, as the Company in charge is free to dictate the taxes for all players in the town, profiting from higher fees.

As it stands, it only takes 10 to 15 reports for New World’s automated system to ban a player, which means that it’s extremely easy to mass-report anyone for any reason. Doing it for PvP purposes is possibly even worse, considering there is no personal grudge between parties, and it all comes down to getting benefits from it.

New World developers answered the community’s challenge to do a Myrkgard run is a good sign that Amazon is indeed listening to the players’ feedback. As such, the mass-reporting issue may be addressed in the future, maybe making it impossible for the game to ban players while partaking in Wars automatically.

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