Elden Ring PS5 Leak Reveals Small File Size Despite Huge Open World

According to reports, the PS5 file size of Elden Ring leaked. This is a surprising size for what is expected to be FromSoftware’s most giant game to date. Unlike other Soulsborne games, Elden Ring will feature an open-world environment, which some fans were able to experience thanks to the Closed Network Test.

Elden Ring has been one of the most anticipated games of 2022. It takes players to the Lands Between, where they will engage in brutal combat in a new realm of fantasy, danger, and threats. After the destruction of the Elden Ring, the game’s story begins. Players take on the role of the Tarnished to gather the Great Runes and become Elden Lords. Legendary fantasy author George R. R. Martin has created the title’s mythos. He is best known for his A Song of Ice and Fire novels, which spawned HBO’s Game of Thrones. Martin, speaking recently about the game, noted Elden Ring is unique, something many fans have already agreed with.

A recent leak claims that Elden Ring will have a game size of just 45 GB on PS5 (via Gamer). Although the small file size might surprise you, it is worth noting that this leaker believes that this is the installation size before any day-one patches. This could increase the download speed significantly. The leak also mentions that the preload for the game should be available starting February 23, and the actual game will be available on February 25.

You can see the tweet by clicking here.

The entire Eldenring file is only 45 GB. This shows that it’s similar to the Closed Network Test, around 7 GB. The Network Test allowed a select few players to access the game before its launch. After signing up for a code, some lucky users were able to play the game during a set period over a November weekend. The game files were datamined after the Network Test, which led to many Elden Ring spoilers being spread across the internet.

Although it seems that PS5 users won’t have to clear too much space to make room for FromSoftware’s next adventure, it is not clear how big a day one patch might be. The size of day one patches will vary depending on what content is included. This could have a significant impact on Elden Ring installation. You can expect FromSoftware to release additional patches and updates to provide the best experience for Elden Ring users after the release.



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