Life is Strange: True Colors, a large chunk of mature cheddar, is the cheesiest board game I’ve ever played. True Colors was named to be sickly sweet. It’s sweet that makes your teeth hurt and leaves your tongue artificially blue. Yet, months later, I still consider Haven Springs my favourite game of the year.

True Colors is Life is Strange: A Collection of True Stories has many beats that I can relate to. Like the original, my age is the same as the main characters. Bisexual, ethnic minority, I enjoy rock music and have a patch denim jacket that I’ve made since I was a teenager. Shit, you got me. True Colors is irritatingly my type of game. When its characters are as thoughtful, thoughtful, and well-acted, it is a result that I begrudgingly love the game.

The series is cheesy, but it’s also very sincere. It’s a little supernatural slice of life that better represents real friendships, flirting and relationships than any other game I’ve ever played. True Colors can sense and read the emotions of others, a superpower that was lacking in previous entries. This is a type of telepathy, but it has the additional benefit of eventually influencing and changing other people’s emotions. Even if you have your friends’ deepest thoughts and fears, it’s not always clear what the right thing is or which action to take. It isn’t very easy. It isn’t easy to decide what is best for your family members, even with all the facts right in front of them. That’s life.

Alex Chen and I often had gotten up from our seats to pace in front of our desks. The game would ask me to make a choice. I was not ready to make that decision. When I wasn’t worrying, I would laugh, sulk and smile my way through it all, just like watching CW’s Supernatural. It’s a chick flick in the best way possible.

Apart from the intense emotions that Life is Strange: True Colors can force you to feel, it also offers a beautiful environment for exploration. Normally, I don’t have patience, but Life is Strange will make me a patient player. I’ll go to every corner of Haven Springs, every conversation option and every shop. I want to soak up everything. The record shop is so detailed that I can almost feel it in my hands. The flower shop has so many flowers that I can smell the pollen and earth. It is vibrant and beautiful. I would love to book a vacation to this place.

The performances are what carry the game along. Erika Mori plays Alex, and she was nominated for both a Game Award nomination and a Golden Joystick award. She is undoubtedly the star of the show. Han Soto plays Gabe, Eric Emery plays Ryan, and Steph returns to the role of Steph are all great additions to the story. I was reminded of the fun and friendly atmosphere they shared at parties, sitting down with people I don’t know and laughing. The cast can portray a perfect picture of old and new friendships, from laughing at old pranks to helping you when you’re down. It’s not as if I had much chance to make new friends in 2021.

Life is Strange: True Colors’ characters and relationships are so great that Alex’s older brother Gabe dies early in the game. Although the Steam page and marketing prepare you for it, it is still unexpected and almost unavoidable. Although your mind is racing with all the things you could do to avoid such a terrible loss, it’s inevitable. The entire town misses him, and it will be felt for the rest of your adventure. It’s hard to imagine asking him for advice. Characters reflect on what he could have done for them, and some even wish Alex had died instead of Gabe. But I was happy to have known him. I was glad that I met Gabe and loved Gabe before his passing. Impressive stuff Deck Nine. You’ll be sad, but Haven Springs has romance.

Steph and Ryan are potential matchmakers on your trip. Ryan is an outdoorsy, kind, bird-watching and kind person. His smile will make you swoon. Deck Nine will take the time to explain to you his relationship with his father and other children in the community and how Alex is important to him. Steph is a radio geek, rock goddess, and LARPing expert. She is the coolest geek you will ever meet and has a passion for everything she loves. Alex could also be her boyfriend if she so chose.

My imaginary relationships were left behind as Life is Strange: True Colors ended. You will care deeply about the person you choose, and even if you don’t pick them, you still feel like your best friend, locked in the little box at your desk. Although it’s sad, I know I can still play it all over again.

After a year of not living my life to its fullest, Life was Strange: True Colors provided me with a break. It was like I was moving somewhere new, meeting new people and making an impact on someone else’s life. 2021 prevented me from falling in love with people, places, friendships, and relationships–all luxuries that I could fall in love with. However, here in Haven Springs, I was able to fall in love for a brief moment.

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