Blade Got His Powers From Morbius (Before Marvel Copied The Movies)

The Blade vampire hunter once got his powers from a bite from Morbius, the Living Vampire. However, Marvel has since removed this from continuity. This was due to the success of the character’s first feature film. In the comics, Blade had only been a human immune from vampire bites. However, the films showed him with vampire-like powers, and Marvel needed to align the film and print versions.

Marv Wolfman, Gene Colan, and Gene Colan created Blade. He first appeared in 1973’s Tomb of Dracula #110. The Blade was initially resistant to vampire bites due to his mother’s death while he was being conceived. This was also the reason he started hunting them. The Blade would become a troublemaker for Dracula and other vampire community members. Blade joined the Avengers in recent years and was appointed by the United Nations Sheriff of Dracula’s newly created Vampire Nation. The 1998 film that inspired Blade is the reason for Blade’s continued visibility. Critics criticized the movie, but audiences loved it. The film was well-received by critics, but audiences still went to see it.

The 1999 film Peter Parker #8 was released a year after the original. The Blade is out hunting Morbius and is then bitten. The bite is a minor part of the story and almost irrelevant to the plot. In Blade – Vampire Hunter #1, it was revealed that Blade had been bit by a bite that caused him to become mutated and given him powers similar to those in the movie, such as super-strength and speed. The comic book Blade was more like the movie version. Marvel decided to ignore the Morbius explanation. The Blade was given a series in 2006 that further retorted his origin. Blade’s mother is seen working in a brothel and being attacked by Deacon Frost during her pregnancy. The implication is that Blade’s powers were derived from Frost’s bite and not Morbius. In issue five, Blade stated that his powers were not derived from Morbius but came from Deacon Frost.

These retcons are common in comics and many of them result from television and movie adaptations. Although fans may have mixed feelings about this, Blade made a more interesting character. The Blade was a pretty ordinary vampire hunter before his first film. He could only resist being bitten and had no other powers. Marvel’s comic version was given powers similar to the movie, which opened up new possibilities for story development. Marvel claimed that Blade had these powers since then, but why did they eventually remove Morbius? This may have made Blade more like the movie version, which didn’t have Morbius.

The first Blade film opened the doors to modern superhero films. It also helped define the character and made him the daywalker we all love today. His comic book origins have been modified several times to make him more like the movie version.


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