Age of Empires has been reviving for several years, filling a gap that existed ten years ago when Age of Empires Online had taken the franchise in a new direction. It’s getting a bit weird now that Age of Empires has returned, with multiple Definitive edition re-releases and a sequel. For example, a mod recently discovered for Age of Empires 2 recreates the original Doom as the tactical shooter.

It is called Age of Doom and was released for the first time on September 1. It delivers an experience based on the original Doom but as an Age of Empires 2 campaign. Instead of building a city and growing a civilisation through the ages of history, players will be able to take control of the Doomguy protagonist. They will then have to fight against Hell’s invading hordes. The Doom campaign can only be viewed from an isometric perspective.

Age of Empire 2 is not just a shooter. Like the original Doom, players must dodge projectiles from various demon enemies. The Doomguy will enter a room, and demons will spawn in every direction. The mod’s corridors are filled with custom-made Imps, Pinkies and Cacodemons. All of the authentic to their original Doom designs. It is amazing how much work went into creating the Doom experience.

Despite this, it is obvious that an isometric Doom campaign has its limitations. The age of Doom is unique in its story, taking inspiration from Doom 3 and Doom 1. The mod includes four episodes, which take players to Mars and its satellites Phobos and Deimos. A fifth episode is also planned, which will take you into Hell. It’s still unfinished so that fans can expect an update in the future.

The Age of Doom mod is free to download. HELLKNIGHT61, the creator of Age of Doom, claims it is compatible with all Age of Empires games. This compatibility patch was included in the game. It’s not clear how accurate this is, but it’s worth trying.

This is just another example of the creativity of the Age of Empires modders. Age of Doom was a custom Doom campaign that Age of Empires 2 could not have imagined. HELLKNIGHT61 will hopefully be able to expand the mod in exciting new ways.–gold-generator-working-hack-2022–gold-generator–gold–keys-generator-updated-2022–coins-hack-2022

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