Jonathan Groff Defends David Fincher’s Decision To Stop Making Mindhunter

The Matrix Resurrections Star Jonathan Groff defends David Fincher’s decision to cease making Mindhunter for an unspecified time. The story is based on John E. Douglas’s crime novel and Mark Olshaker’s non-fiction crime book. It follows FBI agents Holden Ford and Bill Tench as they team up with Wendy Carr to build the Behavioral Science Unit in the agency’s training unit. Mindhunterfocuses on Ford and Tench as they travel the country interviewing serial killers to gain insight into their psychology and apply it in ongoing cases. This includes the Athens child murders of 1979-81.

Holt McCallany and Jonathan Groff lead the cast of Mindhunteralong with Anna Torv and Cameron Britton, CotterSmith, Stacey Roca, and Sierra McClain. Joe Tuttle, Joe Tuttle, and Albert Jones also play a part in the production. David Fincher is the executive producer of the psychological crime thriller. He also directs the series and acts as the showrunner. After two highly acclaimed seasons on Netflix, it was announced that Mindhunter would be taking a break due to Fincher’s desire for other projects. Although there has been some opposition, most people close to the production support the decision.

Jonathan Groff spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about Fincher’s decision not to renew Mindhunter. Groff praised Fincher for his decision, comparing it to Jerry Krause, the former Chicago Bulls General Manager, and the controversial decisions in the 1997-98 season. Below is Groff’s statement.

Mindhunter to me is Fincher. For me, the whole experience was about having the privilege and honor of working with him. Although I don’t consider myself a sportsperson, it’s almost like the [1997-1998]. Is it worth going for another season? Do you follow the general manager’s instructions? If the general manager believes it should end, you must agree. This is how I feel about David. When he tells me he wants another one, I’ll be there right away. I trust his vision, his instincts and I give it to him .”

Fincher announced in late 2019 that he had paused a possible Mindhunterseason 3. This announcement came while Fincher was working on Mank. It was his first feature film for more than five years since his award-winning adaptation of Gone Girl. Fincher stated that he was open to returning to the series in the future but needed to take a break due to exhaustion. Fincher has lined up many exciting Netflix projects in the intervening time, including a Chinatownprequel series and a feature adaptation of The Killer graphic book with Michael Fassbender as the star. The latter began production in November.

Mindhunter was born as Groff’s popularity grew with his roles in Glee and Looking and the sequel movie. He also voiced Frozen’s characters. Although the series was canceled, Groff continued to play significant roles in tentpole productions. He took over the role of Agent Smith in Hugo Weaving’s sequel movie and voice work in both Frozen films. You can stream the first two seasons of Mindhunter on Netflix right now.


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