The Roadmap to Halo Infinite’s HCS, Majors, Prizes and Everything You Need To Know

Halo Infinite has arrived! Through its Halo Championship Series, the multiplayer-defining franchise is entering a new era of esports.

This platform organizes Halo tournaments worldwide and brings together the most prominent names in esports.

Many events are currently in motion across various majors and tiers. We’ve collected all the information you need about HCS in one place to keep it tidy.

HCS Events explained

There are five types of events that Halo athletes can participate in.

Online Tournaments

Faceit is Halo’s online platform that allows players to face off in single or double elimination rounds within their region. There will be different stakes involved. These include qualifiers for larger events or general matches in your locality.

Pro Series

Amateurs in the local region are the top competitors – this is done to find pro gamers with the potential to make it big and increase the talent pool in the area.


Each region has one Online Super and one Regional Championship. Regionals offer cash prizes and could even qualify players for the Majors. Supers are the same except that they take place online.


Gigantic open events are open to teams from all regions. The Majors offer big cash prizes and the chance to qualify for the Halo World Championship.

Halo World Championship

Over 4 days, the largest event in Halo Esports is held. It consists of three stages: playoffs for guaranteed regional representation, group stages for the top teams from the Majors, and a final stage where the Top 8 compete.

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