The Halo Infinite Rank Distributions have been Revealed

Halo Infinite introduces an updated ranking system that is different from previous entries in the franchise. The ranked playlists pit players to each other in competitive Halo.

343 Industries revealed the distribution of most of the players, along with a Halo Waypoint blog post that shows the percentage of players in each one of the three ranked playlists.

Open Queues’ Competitive Skill Rank is more towards Platinum 1 than Solo/Duo’s. A peak is also found on every chart at Diamond 1. This is the highest rank after qualifying matches of 10.

Diamond 1 has a decent-sized spike. This is because Diamond 1 rank is the highest we will give to a player after they have completed their 10 qualifying matches. The “extra” players in Diamond 1 represent players who could add to the Onyx and Diamond columns if they played more ranked and worked their way up through the CSR system’s higher levels.

343 Industries is working to adjust the CSR algorithm to be more accurate and closer to player medians. Future updates include coop multiplayer and a Forge mode…

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