“It’s faster than the human brain” – Apex Legends xQc Sparks Controller vs. KBM Debate.

Felix “xQc,” Lengyel, recently pointed out that controller players have an advantage with aim-assist when playing Apex Legends. Most battle royale games have aim-assist for controller players. XQc believes it is faster than the human mind.

Fans should consider the many disadvantages controller users face compared to KBM players. The most difficult skill in the game is locating an opponent in a first-person shooter competition.

What if the controller uses artificial intelligence to do this for you?

Apex Legends: xQc Believes Controller Aim Assist Is Ridiculous

Every major battle royale title is currently centered on the old debate between controllers and KBM. Apex Legends, Fortnite, and Warzone players have previously complained about the unfair nature of aim-assist for controllers.

xQc defends his argument by stating facts and highlighting the importance of tracking in aiming. As the aim-assist automatically tracks enemy targets, controller players are better positioned. For controller players, this means that they can flick from one opponent to another much faster.

He mentioned that players must either use sound cues or predict the precise spot when trying to track opponents. The aim-assist function performs this task for controller players. According to xQc, it occurs at superhuman speeds, and the human brain can’t match that level of accuracy.

As an ex-Overwatch pro, xQc knows what he’s talking about. KBM players agree with xQc, but controller players emphasize the benefits of using a mouse and multiple keys as input devices. It isn’t easy to reach a consensus on this debate, as it has always focused on the opposite ends of the community.

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