The Witcher Season 3 – Release date and all we know so far

Season 2 of The Witcher was great, but we still have a lot to learn about Season 3. Let’s dive a little deeper.

Is there a third season of The Witcher?

Yes, there will be. Netflix announced the third season of the videogame tie-in in September. This was good news because it allowed us to safely invest in Season 2, knowing that there would be more.

When is The Witcher Season 3 Due?

My friends, that’s all we know. Although we know that the scripts are complete, filming is still in progress. We also have Covid-10 showing signs of a revival. It’s possible that it won’t be on our screens for a while. It could be as early as 2023 if we placed money on it.

The release date for Witcher Blood Origin

This is what we’ll see before Season 3. The Witcher Blood Origin, which is expected to arrive in the middle of 2022, was set 1500 years before the events of The Witcher. It serves as a prequel. The trailer for Blood Origin, starring Michelle Yeoh, will be available if you stay on the screen until the end.

Where can I find The Witcher Season 1 & 2?

You will need a Netflix subscription to access both seasons of The Witcher. They are well worth your time.

Is there a Witcher Season 3 trailer available?

It is not yet, but it will eventually be. We will link it here when it drops. We would expect it to be at least a year away.

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