Star Wars Eclipse release date + all we know so far

Star Wars Eclipse was covered by us at The Game Awards in December 2021. We were given a very limited look at the game, which was pretty disappointing. However, we did learn that the game will be set during the HIgh Era – a period previously only covered in graphic novels.

Who is creating Star Wars Eclipse?

A Mon Calimari arrives on the market in the trailer

We are encouraged by the pedigree. Quantic dream and Lucasfilm Games teamed up to create the Star Wars game universe. It’s a great experience, so you can expect a lot from the game.

Star Wars Eclipse release date

Two Jedi fighting on a bridge. It’s possible it could end up lookinglike the following…

We are still a few years away from this, so be calm. Although Quantic Dream has not been mentioned, it is being speculated that Quantic Dream will release the license in 2024. EA currently holds Star Wars’ license, but that license is due to expire at the end 2023. Without a log of legal toings and froings, we can’t expect to see any Star Wars-related content before then. However, that doesn’t stop Lucasfilm Games teaming up to create a new game. This seems to be happening right now.

Which platforms will Star Wars Eclipse appear on?

There is nothing official, but it is possible to make an educated guess based on the release date. We are currently looking at PCs, which will be available with GPUs such the RTX 6090 – wow and the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X. By 2024, the Xbox One and PS4 will likely be consigned to retroland. The big question is where the Xbox Series S will go.

Star Wars Eclipse trailer

We have seen the trailer for The Game Awards’ December 2021 first show. It doesn’t give much information, but it does tell us that you can choose from many playable characters. You can see it below.

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