Persona 4 Gold Rumoured for Switch and PS4, But Not as a Standalone Version

Persona 4 Golden may finally arrive on PS4 or Nintendo Switch. But there is a catch. Atlus announced that Persona4 Arena Ultimax would be rereleased next year. An alternate version of Ultimax’s website was discovered, listing the Midnight Channel Collection.

As seen on Tweet, @scrambledfaz posted screenshots from this official edition. It shows the Midnight Channel Collection available for Switch and PS4. Only confirmed for via Steam. This includes Golden. This user claims that the website didn’t have this information on an archived view since 5 days ago.

Persona 4 Gold Rumoured for Switch and PS4, But Not as a Standalone Version

It’ll be a good confirmation for fans. However, Golden might be limited to the deluxe edition. This strategy was used by Atlus before with Persona 4 – Dancing All Night. It saw a PS4 rerelease available only through the Persona Dancing Endless Night Collection. We’ll need to wait until official confirmation.

Persona3 Portable could be the next platform to receive a multiplatform remake. Zippo leaked the information, having previously confirmed Arena Ultimax’s future rerelease several months before its official confirmation.

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax has initially been released on PS3, Xbox 360 and arcades in 2013. Persona 4 Golden is now available on PS Vita, PC and Xbox 360. Keep following us to receive more gaming news and updates.

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