It’s the season of festive gaming. Nvidia has added another graphical showcase to its Minecraft RTX collection this year. It also created a winter-themed Winter World as part of a charity campaign.

Ushio “Dr_Bond,” a prolific Minecraft creator, created Winter World. This is a tour through a magical wonderland divided across three huge snowglobes. It’s framed by a series of quests for the jolly old gift-scoundrel.

After searching for Santa’s post and buttons in the dark forest, you have whisked away into a bustling winter marketplace. RTX can show its true potential here, as string lighting reflects cobbled streets and melts through ice sculptures. The scene is dominated by a grand hall, whose dark windows reflect the glowing scene in a near-flawless manner.

The sky is perhaps the most bizarre effect of RTX. Winter World is a series of huge snowglobes. However, in Minecraft, these globes were made of thousands of glass blocks. Each scene has a dreamlike quality because of how reflections shimmer and blend against it.

Winter World features a recreation of Great Ormond Street Hospital. This is the London children’s hospital that inspired the world’s creation. A QR code in-game will take you to a page that allows you to donate to the hospital’s Home For Christmas fundraising campaign.

Winter World is not available via the in-game Minecraft Store, as per Nvidia’s other showcase level. Instead, you can download it from Planet Minecraft, a third-party map hosting site.

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