The next Mass Effect game will run on Epic’s Unreal Engine, according to rumors. BioWare producer Brenon Sherlock recently tweeted about an associate technical director position at the company. The ideal candidate will have experience using Unreal Engine 4 or 5.

Holmes wrote, “Come join our team and help us create the next Mass Effect game!” However, this does not necessarily mean that the next Mass Effect game will be run on the Unreal Engine. But Jeff Grubb, a reporter who reported that Mass Effect 5 would use the Unreal Engine, confirmed that this was true and said Unreal Engine 5 is the specific one.

Grubb reported in September that BioWare was looking at its options for developing engines for Mass Effect’s next game. Unreal was also on the table. EA’s Frostbite game engine is what the game will run on, but Epic now has it. EA will charge Epic a licensing fee.

Frostbite was difficult to work within Mass Effect: Andromeda. Therefore, it is not surprising that BioWare may shift to Unreal Engine 5 for its next entry.

BioWare chose not to use Unreal Engine 4 in the re-releases of the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition games.

BioWare’s Mac Walters explained that BioWare decided to keep Unreal Engine 3 to maintain the “feel” of the original games.

“We talked to Epic early on to set the context. We asked them what it would look like if they brought it into Unreal 4. He said. “And it was very clear that this level of jump would change fundamentally how the trilogy was perceived, felt, and played.”–coins-generator-2022–coins-generator-working-hack-2022–coins-generator–minibeans-hack-generator-online-2022–minibeans-ios-2022

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