Horizon Forbidden West’s Latest Trailer Highlights Its New Machines

Sony has released a Horizon Forbidden West trailer. This time they are highlighting some of the game’s most recent mechanical monsters and a unique sci-fi ecosystem.

This video was posted on PlayStation’s official YouTube Channel and gave us a clear view of the game’s various areas and where some Forbidden West creatures and monsters could be found.

New Horizon Forbidden West Trailer Highlights Its Sci-Fi Ecosystem and New Machines

Three new machines were highlighted, including the “armored Rollerback,” the “graceful Sunwing,” and the “acid-spitting Slitherfang,” as described in the latest PlayStation Blog post.

The official overview of Forbidden West reads:

You can explore distant lands and fight larger and more powerful machines. Also, you will meet new tribes when you return to the post-apocalyptic, far-future world of Horizon. While the remnants of humanity are being ravaged by unstoppable plagues and violent storms, fearsome new machines continue to invade their borders. The Earth is on the brink of extinction and no one knows why. She must also reunite with her old friends and forge alliances among warring factions, as well as unravel the legacy from the ancient past, while still trying to keep one step ahead of an unstoppable enemy.

Horizon Forbidden West will launch for PS4/PS5. Keep following us to receive more gaming news and updates.

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